So, even though springtime in Boston is a little more The Day After Tomorrow type apocalyptic snow covered wasteland wintery than one might like, it’s a fact that summer is right around the corner. Aka bathing suit season.

Ughh jogging. Perhaps some people are lucky in the sense doing some toning work is all they need to stay fit, but I need the cardio aspect to actually lose weight. Over the winter I managed to get on the treadmill a hand-full of times.

And by a hand-full of times I mean it never happened. Well, it happened once but I was jogging so slowly I’m not sure it counts.  I could have walked at that speed to be honest. The thing with jogging- besides the inherent agony-  is that I am not a pretty jogger.

I sweat profusely from every pore of my body. I get ridiculously ugly when I run. My face turns neon red, sometimes purple, my hair gets drenched from full on head sweat and my face must wear a ghastly expression judging from the way people grimace when I shuffle whiz by them. Oh and this transformation takes all of a half mile, running at a 10 minute pace, to complete.

To all of you who manage to stay pretty while running: How??? Is there a secret I don’t know about? A breathing technique? A mind trick – Jedi or otherwise?

One time last summer while I was on a run, I literally had a woman ask me if I was ok as I jogged in place next to her waiting for the light to turn green. Yes, yes, I’m fine. Nothing to see here folks but a perfectly normal person out for a jog who just happens to be a color you have never before seen in nature. Nooo biggie.



2 Thoughts on “Pretty Ugly

  1. Hahahaha…!!!!!

  2. I totally get you Charlotte. I took a Cardio Bootcamp class yesterday because I need to get my bum in gear for my next make out session and the only thing I kept thinking about were the glory of naps and almond butter.
    I was sweating off my recently applied Henna tattoo within 30 seconds of stretching. At least 7 times during class I checked the clock and contemplated faking an ankle injury to get a sip of water and leaving forever. But man I finished that be-otch and felt like a MODERN WARRIOR!
    Until I went home and put almond butter in a pint of Rice Dream and fell asleep on my couch watching Family Guy. Whatever. A for effort.
    How about you with your 6am workouts! I’M IMPRESSED. I want to do that but I wind up hitting the snooze and deciding that my hair can be washed tomorrow.
    Commitness to Fitness is the best title ever BTW.

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