I’m pronouncing the title in my head like “wor-KOUT-fit”. I think its catchy. ANYWAYS, lets talk about workout outfits for a moment.  The workoutfit has experienced a remarkable evolution in a very short time span.




It doesnt look like anyone worked out in the 60s. See kids, drugs are bad.








Aaand the aughts/teens :


Today it’s allll about the yoga pants. Which I love, by the way. They’re flattering to just about any body shape, as long as you wear the right size. The problem is- no matter how curvy or how skinny you are-  when you wear yoga pants that are too small, we can see your butt through your pants.


Yup. We can all see your butt.

I’m not trying to shame anyone, because I have totally been guilty of this in the past. You probably don’t even realize its happening. I certainly didn’t, until my mother pointed it out one day when we were on vacation together.

But, that’s just what moms and blogs are for. Which is why I’m reminding everyone that its important to do a quick check in a full length mirror -in natural light -before you go out into the world. The world does not want to see your booty. I’m sorry. And you’re welcome.



2 Thoughts on “Bad Workout Outfit (“Workoutfit”?)

  1. I love today’s posting! LOL!!!!!!!

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