Welcome to Mixtape Monday! Where every week Commitness to Fitness makes a brand spankin’ new workout themed playlist for your listening enjoyment.

In my opinion, having good music is 90% of the motivation battle. If the music is bad or overplayed, my workout is painful. Yet if there is no music at all, that, my friend, is my workout’s death sentence. In other words, whatever exercise I’m doing will literally come to a screeching halt if my electronic music device dies. If I have weights in my hands, I will put them down and promptly exit the gym. If I’m on a run, I will stop dead in my tracks and start walking home like Forrest Gump when he decided he didn’t feel like running anymore. The music is just that important, you know what I mean?

Today’s mixtape theme is: MOVE

move mixtape  

1.break my stride-matthew wilder

2. move like you stole it – zz ward

3. bust a move – young mc

4. i feel the earth move- carole king

5. movin out – billy joel

6. move that body -nelly

7. move this- technotronic

8. the way you move – outkast

9. moves like jagger- maroon 5

10. watch me move- fefe dobson

Spotify: Move Mixtape

One Thought on “Mixtape Monday!

  1. Great mov’in music!

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