So, I’m doing 2 posts in one day today because a blog with only one post seems wonky to me. Last night the mighty weather authority predicted Boston could expect 1-3 inches of snow overnight.  Apparently this is what 1-3 inches of snow looks like:


I know, I know. I nearly drowned on my way to Bar Method. It was about a foot deep and what you see in the photo was literally the only section of sidewalk that had been cleared. Plus, it was still snowing and really windy. Just getting to class was a challenge in itself.

Once I arrived I was still really sleepy though.

Me post-Thanksgiving.

Which, is common. But for whatever reason, maybe due to the adrenaline it takes to get oneself to class in noreaster-like conditions, everyone else was totally ON.

I was hoping their enthusiasm would rub off on me, but no. I felt like all the muscles in my body were made of jelly and my mind suddenly went into emergency evacuation mode.  Just when I needed my brain to be all “You got this, Charlotte, you’re an animal!” It was all “Say you have the flu and leave! Say you have to be at work super early and stop the torturrre!”

In the end I pulled through though. I’ll be honest, it was about 50% due to “digging deep” and 50% really not wanting to go back outside before I had to.

And finally, I made my way back home.


So, for the past 6 months I’ve been obsessed with Bar Method. It combines ballet, pilates, yoga and weights. Its awesome. The fact I’ve stuck with it for 6 months says a lot. Normally, I try out a form of exercise for a month or two before losing interest in it faster than McKayla Maroney lost interest in silver.

But not this time. Anyways, a few months ago I was getting into a nice rhythm by going after work a few days a week, but then: winter happened.

It started getting dark at 4:30pm. It started getting cold. Really really cold. I realized I was losing my will to live workout after work. I decided to start going to the studio before work (6am) so I wouldn’t even have to think about it. It would just be done. Yeah. Awesome in theory, difficult in practice because I LOVE sleeping. Like, sometimes when I get into bed I’m shamefully excited to be there.

So getting up at such an ungodly hour was hard, but after doing the 6am class for a few weeks, it started getting easier. Dare I say it, I was becoming a morning person.

Besides, sunrise was getting earlier and earlier, things were looking up.  Then March 10th happened and daylight savings time reared its dark, ugly head.

So I’m currently in the process of getting used to morning classes again. Whatever, it’s 1 freaking hour and spring is right around the corner. Its not that bad. I’m done complaining.