So, when I woke up yesterday morning for Bar Method I was SO SORE.

I don’t even know how it happened. I haven’t exerted myself in some new way recently, nor have I neglected stretching after my workouts, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe I slept funny.

My whole body hurt as I brushed my teeth. The dread of lifting free weights heavier than my toothbrush started to build in my stomach.


Whenever anything is wrong with me, I instantly assume its dehydration because for the most part, I’m usually right. Headache? Dehydrated. Sleepy? Dehydrated. Sore from head to toe? Dehydrated. So I chugged 2 glasses of water and I was out the door. Unfortunately, hydrating did not solve my issue this time.

In retrospect, had I just taken some Tylenol with the water, my problem would have been solved. But alas, I do not have actual thoughts or ideas at 5:30 in the morning. I am simply an animated sleeping person programmed to do one thing- get her butt to Bar Method. Like a Bar Method zombie, if you will.


So, that is precisely what I did. I left my apartment and stumbled like an extra from The Walking Dead to the studio.

Once class started and I was warmed up, everything was fine. Although stretching is a big part of Bar Method, and my body was just not having it. I hung in there though with one of my signature self-motivational pep talks.

And I made it through alive.

Also awesome- sunrise is getting earlier and earlier, which is tremendous for all us morning worker-outers. No longer having to walk both to and from class under the cover of darkness does wonders for one’s motivation levels. Plus watching the sunrise every morning is pretty great. Watching the sunrise and knowing you’re nearly done with your workout for the day is even better.




4 Thoughts on “Sore

  1. I love that quote….yes! yes! yes! “Sunrise, when the world is full of promise.”!

  2. I used to LOVE getting up early. And then Mark started working nights :/ But I love that quote. And I do the morning zombie thing too. Only grumpy.and without the exercising.

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