So, it was really windy during my walk to work this morning. Don’t worry, my hair still looks great.

tommy boy

As most of you know, I live in Boston (Go Sox!). And I love living in Boston (Go Pats!) for several reasons, one of them being that I don’t need a car. First of all, when I’m behind the wheel I’m a menace to the road and will freely admit that. Second of all, I LOVE walking everywhere. Walking is sort of my work-out-without-actually-working-out workout.

lion king

For example, I walk to and from work every day (unless it’s apocolypting outside, which happened a few times this winter). It’s a mile each way, so even if I do absolutely nothing else that day, at least I have 2 miles under my belt. Plus the Whole Foods I go to is located a mile from my work and a mile from my home (literally forming a triangle between the three) so if I go there after work- bam- that’s 3 miles that day. I love it. I pop my ear buds in, whip on some shades, turn up the cool jams and I’m on my way.


Confession: I have been known to start strutting when a song I like comes on, but INEVITABLY I will trip. I will trip over an uneven sidewalk, a curb, my own feet, whatever. Seriously. I can not strut to music without tripping. Is there a support group for this? Maybe I need to start lifting my knees higher or something.


I’ll work on it.

The other great thing about Boston (Go Bruins!) is the wind factor. Whomever dubbed Chicago the windy city, obviously never visited Boston (Go Celtics!). Granted, it is not that favorable of a quality in the winter, nor on days like today when my hair looks like someone took a vacuum to the top of my head, but in the warmer months that breeze is divine.

Without it, after walking everywhere I would be a sweaty mess, especially when I’m doing that fast walk/jog thing that I do when I’m running late (or being followed by the Boston Common landscaping truck). And nobody likes to be a sweaty mess when they roll into the office.


Anyhoozle, my point is: walking is good. If you don’t live in a location where walking as a means of transportation is logical, go for a walk around the block. People tend to overlook walks because our mentality seems to be, ‘well, if I’m not in the mood to run then I’m not going to do anything.’ However, a walk can be just as beneficial – and God knows more enjoyable- as a run for relieving stress, trimming down, giving your joints a break, lowering cholesterol/blood pressure and releasing all those happy endorphins we love so much.

I’m not advocating replacing jogging with walking. Not at all. In fact quite the opposite. Keep running, Forrest, keep running. I’m just saying, finding a way to work in a low impact workout is a great habit to get into.


6 Thoughts on “Walking: The Best Thing Since Running

  1. Hahaha I love the high stepping idea!

  2. Chelsea on April 10, 2013 at 3:23 pm said:

    “flip flops were a bad choice” – me, any time I wear flip flops out of the house and I’m doing, well, anything involving movement. Not that it keeps me from wearing them, but still. Beside the point.

    PS; Here’s a fun fact: Chicago was named “the windy city” NOT for it’s wind, but because of all the “hot air” journalism that came out of the city at the time of the World’s Fair!

    The more you know! 😉

    • Charlotte on April 10, 2013 at 3:29 pm said:

      LOL- glad I’m not the only who cant walk in flip-flops but refuses to stop wearing them. OMG- I had NO idea about that windy city factoid- the more you know!

  3. Susie on April 16, 2013 at 8:14 pm said:

    Can I say that we are instant bffs because you are they ly other person in the world who also uses “apocalypse” as a verb.
    That + Lion King ref and bridesmaids? Done and done.
    I hope thatthecityis beginning to recover from a non natural apocalypse. You all are in our thoughts, and you can bet that I wore a race day shirt, ran outside, and have worn yellow and blue for Boston today.
    Have a good night!

    • Thank you!! That’s awesome you’re wearing yellow and blue. You know, I’ve seen such an outpouring of love in the past 2 days that it makes me realize the good guys by far outnumber the bad ones! have a great night!

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