Welcome back to the Great 8 List, all!

Why 8 you ask? Well, in addition to rhyming so well with the word “great” (thus providing a catchy title for my countdown) the number 8 is also my lucky number. (The number 2 is my other lucky number, but two items does not a countdown make).

Also, studies prove that absolutely everybody is a little more ADD today than they were yesterday, and a little less ADD than they will be tomorrow. So a Great 8 List has all the benefits of a Top 10, without those last two things that nobody has time for anyways.

I'm too busy to tell people how busy I am

You’re welcome, blogosphere.

So, sometimes finding the motivation to exercise feels impossible, amirite? Maybe you’ve been in a rut for a little while now or maybe you’re just feeling tired today. Whatever it may be, sometimes the energy just isn’t there when we need it to be.

BUT! Think back to when you were little… remember how easy it was to find inspiration in the simplest things?

With that in mind, today’s Great 8 List is intended to remind us to keep that childlike enthusiasm throughout our adult lives in order to find inspiration in the ordinary.

So without further ado, I present:

8 Examples of Awesome People Doing Life Right:

8. Music! Forget Jagger, he’s got the moves like Mozart:

7. Bubbles! I know this is a fairly old gif, but this kid still cracks me up:


6. Siblings! (well, at least 3 out of the 4 are having a great time together:)


5. Photos! I bet their family reunions are a hoot:

awk fam photo

4. Birthdays! Remember how exciting your birthday used to be? It was the best day ever:


3. Rain! And, in this case, rolling with the punches and making the best out of a seemingly unfortunate situation:


2. Roller Coasters! I want to be friends with these ladies:

roller coaster

1. Aaaand finally, THIS. This girl is feeling the music and the sunshine and just loving life. I absolutely love this picture:

girl in sunlight

Question for you: What did you used to get excited about when you were a kid?


13 Thoughts on “8 Examples of Awesome People Doing Life Right

  1. Haha I love that picture of the family sitting. Makes me want to do that at my next family get together.

  2. Kids are so cute with bubbles! And I love the wedding picture-so sweet! I miss feeling bored as a kid. 😉

  3. Chinese jump-rope….I would do it for hours (excitedly) at home, on the playground at school…just couldn’t get enough. In fact, if I could find two friends today to hold the rope at their ankles, I would definitely jump up and do it!

  4. Haha I had to LOL at the picture of the little boy running away. That would totally have been me, hands down. Poor guy.

  5. Field trips used to get me PUMPED UP as a kid. I love that roller coaster picture. So much happiness!

  6. That last pic is absolutely precious. Love it.

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