Welcome back to Mixtape Monday, all!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. As I’m sure many of you already know, today is Marathon Monday!

Today is the day thousands of admirably fit people with great legs gather in Boston to run 26.2 miles while hoards of spectators hold posters and cheer and basically have a grand old time. Today is also Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts holiday, so a lot of people have the day off from work/school and choose to spend their time supporting the runners. All in all, it’s an awesome day. bostonmarathonfinishline

In honor of all the people running today’s race, all the people supporting those runners,  and all the people who work to make the Boston Marathon such an epic event year after year, today’s Mixtape Theme is: BOSTON!

(You thought I was going to say run, didn’t you? I’d hate to become too predictable)

SpotifyBoston Mixtape

1. shipping up to boston – dropkick murphys

2. dirty water- the standells

3. charlie on the MTA- kingston trio

4. more than a feeling – boston

5. riot on broad street- mighty mighty bosstones

6. roadrunner- jonathan richman

7. tessie- dropkick murphys

8. ladies of cambridge – vampire weekend

9. so good (the boston song) – dis vincent

10. boston-augustana


Question- have any of you guys ever ran a marathon? how was it? What’s the longest race you’ve completed?

13 Thoughts on “Mixtape Monday!

  1. Love the mixtape monday idea!!
    I have ran 3 marathons and there is NOTHING like that experience! I hope some day I’ll be crossing that BIG finish line!

  2. Chelsea on April 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm said:

    Still no marathon here! Which is not surprising. Lol. But I’ve got MAD love for everyone kicking ass and running Boston today :) yet another awesome mix tape! I haven’t heard any Augustana since approximately high school, so double thumbs up for that bit of nostalgia :)

  3. No marathon for me! The longest race I’ve ever run was a half marathon and THAT was hard for me :) Love the songs you included in the mix – I’m sure the runners today would appreciate the music selection!

  4. I just LOVE Patriot’s Day…Just the name makes me want to jump up and into my sneakers!

  5. Chelsea on April 15, 2013 at 5:57 pm said:

    Hey girl. Just making sure you’re alright. Praying for you and yours.

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