I’m resuming the regularly scheduled blog posting today because although my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the bombings, life must continue. Otherwise the bombers win. And that is not an option.

So, even though it has technically been spring for nearly a month, now that it is actually starting to feel like spring, I feel compelled to wish everyone a happy spring (again).

I have to be honest, it’s been a little hard to stay motivated morning after morning heading to Bar Method in 29 degree weather in April. However, I was just on the phone with my mother…

me and my mom!

me and my mom!

and she was talking about how she just bought herself some new vibrantly colored workout clothes for spring…


and suggested I do the same to help with my outlook.

I instantly realized she was RIGHT. As simple as it may sound, it’s a brilliant thing to do and I’ll tell you why in numerical format complete with comparison images after each point, all before tying it together with a big vibrant springy bow. Here we go:

First of all, wearing a pop of color can brighten your mood. It is especially helpful during inclimate weather/chilly springs as you’re trying to give your workout that extra oomph while it’s cold and rainy outside.

Example 1:

Bright colors:

med balls


Blah colors:


Second of all, EVERYBODY looks good in color. Put on a pretty coral colored tank or a light blue T and it will instantly bring color to your face. Feeling good about how you look is a huge motivator. I’m not talking about vanity or primping or putting on make up before a workout. No. I’m talking about how feeling great in your workout clothes will make you want to get out there and exercise like the athletic force of nature you are.

Example 2:

Bright colors:



Blah colors:


Thirdly and lastly, workout clothes wear out. They just do. The underarms get gross, the butt wears thin, the elastic- wherever it may be- loses its elasticity. Get some new workout clothes and get some bright ones, perhaps in a color that you don’t already have. You’ll feel like a brand new you! Maybe it will even inspire you to try a new type of exercise you’ve been curious about.

Example 3:

Bright colors:



Blah colors:


It’s not exactly science, but the basic principles are correct. Also I have to admit, most of my exercise clothes are black, white or green (I’m not sure why green, but yes green) so as I was writing this post I was simultaneously talking to myself as well as to you.

It’s just a great way to increase motivation and pull yourself out of that late winter/early spring funk. And you can all thank my mom for that kick in the behind. The newly inspired you will be conquering the gym/track/neighborhood in no time!


Ok well, it’s not a big vibrant springy bow, it’s Bill Murray. Which is better :)

Question for you- do you have a favorite workout outfit?


24 Thoughts on “Color Me Clad

  1. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!! Color me HAPPY and ENERGIZED!!!!

  2. Most workout clothes are just so expensive! It makes me so sad. :(

    Speaking of outrageously expensive, I LOVE my Lululemon shorts. I don’t have very many and I typically don’t buy them for myself (that’s what birthdays are for, right?), but they’re definitely my favorite workout clothing!

    • Giiiirl, I have one word for you: Target. And actually I’ve also TJ Maxx’ed it up a few times when it’s come to workout gear and it’s been totally a respectable experience. Love lululemon too, but you’re right its super pricey, lol thank goodness for birthdays :)

  3. You are so right. I put on a hot orange spandexy top and all of a sudden I hear LMAO sing “I work out” in my head. Why is it HARDER to work out in the warm weather? I thought it would be easier! But I’m starting to want to exercise my way to the closest outdoor cafe for a glass of rose. Motivational advice please!

  4. I totally agree that life must go on or it would be letting them win. And there’s nothing to brighten up the day like some colorful workout gear! :) I have way too much black and need to get some more color up in my drawers.

  5. I love getting new workout clothes. I’m definitely proud of the ones I own. My regular clothes aren’t really cute but my workout clothes- those I take the time to buy and make sure they’re obnoxious looking.

  6. I absolutely love getting new workout clothes! It always makes working out just a little bit easier :)

  7. New workout clothes makes me believe in untapped fitness possibilities!…

  8. What a great recommendation, Charlotte! You’re totally right, a new workout top or outfit totally energizes my willingness to go to the gym. I love wearing new things so if it is as simple as buying a new hot pink top for motivation, I think I am willing to make the sacrifice 😉

  9. Love this!! I subscribe to a similar color philosophy in all life! Nothing makes a blah day at work less blah than a new, bright cami or pair if earrings or what not! And I’ve no shame hit up Costco and Walmart for workout clothes. Balling on a budget 😉

  10. Happy Spring to you, too! Knock on wood, but I’d like to think spring finally arrived this week here…still below freezing in the mornings, but it has been above freezing every day!
    I love colours, but most of my winter stuff is dark. I love finding any excuse to buy new workout gear!

  11. Haha thanks Abby! I agree, any excuse to buy new colorful workout stuff is a good excuse:)

  12. Is it cool that I laughed out loud at almost every one of your media inserts?? Except for the medicine ball push ups… my mouth dropped on that one. INCREDIBLE!

  13. wow…loved these videos and post …I m into fitness so love this blog and your post dear

  14. Thanks Kavita! Have a great weekend :)

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