So, a long, long time ago, back when the 1990’s was still a decade in it’s infancy, when nobody knew what the heck the internet was and the concept of partying like it’s 1999 still seemed like a futuristic science fiction event, my siblings and I were obsessed with the movie, Ladybugs.

ladybugs cover

Obsessed. It’s the story of one ragtag group of girls who went from zeros to heroes after, unbeknownst to them, a boy in a wig joined their soccer team and they all suddenly gained confidence and athleticism and (spoiler alert) won the championship.

ladybugs team

I have no idea why we were so obsessed never bought the movie because for about a year whenever my parents would take us to the video rental store, it was the only movie my sister, brother and I wanted to rent.

I remember one time my dad was so sick of this movie that he insisted we choose something else. I can’t remember what we ended up getting, but I remember we were back at the rental store a couple hours later to exchange it for Ladybugs.

ladybugs 1

Anyways I bring this up because my favorite show in the world, Happy Endings, had the most brilliant Ladybugs reference a couple weeks ago. My sister and I were so excited. I was not planning on dedicating an entire post to it, I simply felt that the reference should get the attention and accolades it deserves, but suddenly here we are, an entire post. You’re welcome?


Anyways, in the episode a couple weeks ago, Max (above), the lovable curmudgeon said something witty. And then Brad (the lovable upbeat guy) says:

“He’s not lying. He once Ladybugs’d himself into a junior high girls soccer tournament, bet against the team, and threw the game.”

Worlds best movie reference. Ever. Like every other line in that show, it’s delivered quickly and efficiently so the brilliance and wit of the sentence doesn’t even necessarily hit you in it’s entirety until a second later. (No, I can’t explain what I mean by an “efficient line delivery”… just watch the show, you’ll get it.)

My sister immediately texted me after the episode and said “I thought we were the only people who ever saw that movie, much less appreciated it.” Oh, Sister. Everybody appreciated Ladybugs. Rodney Dangerfield + Jackée Harry = cinematic gold.

ladybugs 2

Anyways the point is: everybody watch Happy Endings. ABC keeps moving it around in the schedule and I’m so worried it’s going to get cancelled. Seriously, watch it. Everybody watch it. It currently airs on Friday nights at 8 and again at 8:30. (Oh, you have a life? S’cool, just watch it later using the show recording device of your choosing. No excuses, just watch it.)

remember when Friends did the promo picture of the cast walking down the street in fancy clothes?? on happy endings they sit on the sidewalk in fancy clothes. ahh its so witty and now.

remember when Friends did the promo picture of the cast walking down the street in fancy clothes?? on happy endings they sit on the sidewalk in fancy clothes. ahh its so witty and now.

And you’ll get a great hour-long ab workout because you won’t stop laughing! (Aaand yes, with that sentence I’m considering my fitness words quota met for today.)

Do you watch Happy Endings?? Have you seen Ladybugs? What sort of nostalgia comes to mind when you think about the early 90s?


19 Thoughts on “Why Happy Endings is the Best Show on Television; And a Small Fitness Reference Since This is a Fitness Blog

  1. OMG I had completely forgotten all about “Ladybugs”! AND OMG I thought I was the only one on this universe that watched (loved) Happy Endings. I have been a closet watcher since the very first episode!

  2. I have never heard of that movie or that show but I think I have some new things to watch now. The movie sounds just like she’s the man!

  3. I loved Ladybugs!!! However, my favourite movie from the past would have to be Adventures in Babysitting!

  4. One of my favorite 90s movies also had Sir Rodney of Dangerfield! Lol. Back to School was a classic. Oh, and It Takes Two. And Dangerous Minds. Damn. Maybe its time for a 90s movie nostalgia day!

  5. Happy Endings is one of those shows that I’ve been meaning to watch because I think I’ll love it. Yet I keep missing it and I hear all about how its in danger. Ugh.

  6. Love your blog! I’m new to this, so this is my first time finding it. It’s so nice to be able to identify with so many other people on here, you especially. Looking forward to more posts!

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  8. I also loved the Lady Bugs movie! How funny, I had not thought about that movie forever!

  9. I LOVE this show and I’m so mad at ABC moving it around like crazy hoping it just falls off the calendar. Luckily USA has expressed interest in picking it up if ABC acts a fool so don’t worry it’ll probs still be around, just maybe on a new network!

  10. Happy Endings is me and my husband’s FAVORITE show! It is so funny. Every single second of it. I still laugh at Friend’s reruns and this is definitely the new Friends. I can rewatch episodes of Happy Endings and still think they are funny. I’m obsessed with Brad! No one else I know watches it so I’m glad to see you do :)

    • Isn’t it crazy that people don’t watch it?! It’s the best show- TOTALLY the new friends. My boyfriend loves it too, we literally don’t stop laughing the whole time!

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