Happy Monday! Hope you all had great weekends! What did you do? I can’t believe it’s Monday already, my weekend flew by.

So, on Saturday I went to an 8am Bar Method class and afterwards I ran a mile to my gym, ran for another 35 minutes on the treadmill and hobbled ran another mile home.

Needless to say, by lunchtime I was STARVING. My boyfriend Eric- who I usually hang out with all weekend- had to do some work for a couple hours, so I was left to my own devices for lunch. I ended up making a turkey and swiss sandwich with sprouts and honey mustard on an everything bagel. So good.

Just when I was thinking lunch just doesn’t get any better than a turkey/swiss bagel, I turned on the TV and Clueless was on Comedy Central.


clueless gum

Best movie ever.

I was so utterly psyched with this fitness-lunch-movie trifecta that I found myself at a rare loss for words. And that, my friends, is the story behind why this week’s theme is: Say What??

In other words, songs with gibberish, la la la’s, and made up words in the lyrics.

Spotify: Say What?? Mixtape

  1. waka waka – shakira
  2. black betty- ram jam
  3. crocodile rock – elton john
  4. shoop – salt n pepa
  5. louie louie – the kingsmen
  6. dragostea din tei (numa numa song) – ozone
  7. obla di obla da – the beatles
  8. mm bop – hanson
  9. do wah diddy diddy – manfred mann
  10. brown eyed girl – van morrison

(I actually thought of enough songs for nearly two mixtapes, so there will have to be a Say What Part 2 at some point in the future.)


This is what I looked like as I chair-danced while I ate my sandwich, watched Clueless, and made this playlist.

Actually, the fact that I was chair dancing and not actually dancing on my feet speaks to how tired I was after my morning o’fitness. I normally dance around the room as I make these mixes. It’s how I test for quality. If a song comes on that makes me want to stop dancing, it gets the boot.

not in my house

How was your weekend??

Did you have any good workouts?

Do you ever chair dance? Perhaps in the car, at work, while having lunch, other??


31 Thoughts on “Mixtape Monday!

  1. You make nothing sound soooooo fun!

  2. I have Pandora streaming while I work, so I’m a big fan of chair dancing! Did a strengtg workout yesterday with lots of squats & lunges. Feeling it today!

  3. I feel like I must have chair danced in the car at some point, but I can’t recall a time that I ever have!

    This weekend was both brutal and completely not in terms of workouts…I did my long 12 mile run on Saturday, and that killed me so much that on Sunday I did absolutely nothing. :3 sometimes you just need those days!

  4. I actually ended up walking a lot in addition to my runs. I had two charity walks, the MS Walk on Saturday and the Walk for Autism on Sunday. I do chair dance in my car :)

  5. Clueless is always a good idea. As are bagel sandwiches. Weekend win!

  6. i love clueless so much. it’s perfect. also, will “mmbop” ever not be appreciated?!

  7. Chelsea on April 29, 2013 at 11:25 am said:

    “And let me remind you it does NOT say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!” That movie is a classic of our generation.

    This weekend was one of lots of work, some crummy sickness, and a deep stretching yoga class or two, which made my hips and calves feel aha-mazing. :) And my husband and I may or may not have a specific car-dancing mix available at all times!

  8. Haha, I’m totally jealous of your workout on Saturday! That sounds perfect for a Saturday morning. And, of course, Clueless is THE BEST ever!!! Perfect! Chair dancing is the only thing I know how to do. Real dancing escapes me, sadly.

  9. tinazab on April 29, 2013 at 12:47 pm said:

    Clueless is a classic, but I reccomend Pitch Perfect for next Saurdays lunch time entertainment.

  10. 1) Charlotte, I am the queen of car dancing! haha! I used to commute about 90 miles to work each day – to and from – so I had to find ways to entertain myself (which I’m weirdly good at, haha!)
    2) Clueless is one of my fav. oldies! I still wish I had her virtual closet to plan my outfits.
    3) Love the “not in my house” commercials – had me cracking up!
    P.S. I loved this post by the way, had me laughing out loud for sure!

    • Hahaha i love that you commented in numerical list format!! i though i was the only one that did that. Wow 90 miles is soo long- chair dancing is so great for staying sane on long drives :)

  11. That sounds like a lot of working out on Saturday! Nice work. I love the playlist – very eclectic!

  12. I absolutely LOVE clueless! If it’s on, I’m watching it :)

  13. A bagel sandwich would make my day, anyday. Add in Clueless and it’s even better! Sounds like a great weekend :) My weekend consisted of rest, and when I felt better, a good hike on Sunday!

  14. Wow- look at your workout- amazing! And that bagelwich sounds fantastic.
    I actually love Clueless and know 90% of the words!
    I had a great trainer ride on Saturday, then a run and swim on Sunday. It felt good to run; hopefully I can slowly increase my mileage!

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