Hey everybody, it’s Tuesday! People tend to dislike Tuesdays, but I disagree with that sentiment, I rather like them. It means I survived Monday.

Anyways kids, today I would like to talk about what happens when you step away from your laptop and go outside.


Yep. Outside. Apparently there is a whole world out there called “nature” (pronounced like nay-churr, for those of you like me, who haven’t really been immersed in it since last fall and forget what it’s like) Boy, is it spectacular.

Eric and I can be workaholics laptop-aholics. Wait, let me rephrase. Every weekend there comes a point when we belly up to our laptops because we say we have work to do. Which we do. But with the internet just sitting there practically begging us to watch funny dog videos on youtube or look at stuff judgmentally on reddit, it’s not always work that takes priority.

Anyways, on Sunday the weather was gorgeous so we decided to pull our noses away from our computer screens and go for a hike in the great outdoors.

(Btw, we didn’t take a single picture while we were out there, which I’m now kicking myself over, so please be aware that the following photos, gifs and diagrams are improvised.)

Don’t get me wrong, we love hiking, but this first nature walk of the year was a little outside our comfort zone.

First, before we even got outside it took about an hour to figure out how to dress for this activity. I’m still not even sure how that was possible considering this was sort of a last minute idea while we were at his house and the only clothes I had were the ones I was wearing. Jeans and flats. Totally appropriate apparel for a city hike, 110% inappropriate for a nature hike. But that didn’t stop us. Eric was going to change into normal athletic clothes, but in a show of solidarity, he too stayed in jeans.

The next question was coat or no coat? This turned out to be a lengthier decision process than one might think. I believe this sentence came out of my mouth at one point: “I mean, I kinda want my coat because it’s cool in the shade but then again it’s nice in the sun and I guess when we’re hiking we’re going to get hot, but what if all the trees provide too much shade and we get too cold?”  Eric responded with “Yeah, how long is this going to take? Is it going to be dark by the time we get back?” We both paused and thought about that for a second.

Keep in mind it was 2 in the afternoon, and the trail is a little over 3 miles long.

Yeah. We were acting like aliens who had never before walked on planet Earth.

So, how did we end up settling the coat matter you wonder? Answer- we were both so hot from all that discussion and pacing around the room we decided on no coats.

Finally, we embarked on this hike simultaneously over-excited and under-prepared.


Right away, the steepness of the hill we encountered just to get to the trail posed a greater threat than we anticipated. We turned back to get Gatorade.

Ok, now we were ready.

Once we got to the trail it was great. The path is technically around a “pond” as it’s officially called, but as we hiked around the circumference Eric and I both agreed a more accurate term would be “lake”. “Pond” really doesn’t do justice to this immense body of water.


You get the idea.

There were a couple times we came to a fork in the path. Inevitably, there was a sunny route and a shady route. Our motto was “follow the water” so we tended to stick to the route that more closely wove around the “lake” which was usually the shadier of the two paths. Next time we’ll take the sunny route. New rule is always take the sunny route. There was nothing wrong with the shady routes per se, but they certainly weren’t the pretty routes. And they certainly weren’t the easy terrain routes either.

All good though. We had the best time once we got going. We were talking and laughing and taking in fresh air the whole way. Once we were almost 3 miles in, Eric even proclaimed that he was down for another couple loops around the lake.


However, when we arrived back at our starting point a few minutes later and we had to choose between going around again or going back to his place and make smoothies, the latter beat the former by a unanimous vote of 2-0. Smoothies it was.


The smoothies we made actually turned out super good so I’ll have to post the recipe one Friday in the future. (Not this Friday, because we have a very special guest smoothie-maker this week: my mother!)

Anyways, all in all, Eric and I had a blast. We saw butterflies and birds and we were one with nature and all that awesome stuff. If only we were wearing proper footwear we may have even gotten around the lake more than once. (Seriously, we called it quits after one lap because of the footwear, not because we were both sweaty and tired and hungry.)

So there you have it, friends. That’s what happens when you’re not at your laptop.


Are you a city, suburb, or country person?? Do you ever feel like a fish out of water when you’re not in your element?

Are you glued to your computers as much as Eric and I? (please say yes…)




29 Thoughts on “I Love This Stinking Fresh Air

  1. I love being outside. I’m totally glued to my computer but in the summer, I’ll be outside ON my computer, or just outside in general. My entire being improves and I feel better about myself. I’m a city girl but I also love my suburbs where I grew up, and the secluded island I live on during the summers. Nothing will replace my love for boston though!

    • Yeah growing up in the suburbs I got outside a LOT more than I do now that I live in the city. And by outside I don’t mean walking to work everyday, I mean a more natural environment. Your summers sound fantastic!!

  2. I love hiking, backpacking, running, cycling, pretty much everything outdoors! We live in the foothills of Appalachia, and I love that we can be on the AT in less than 30 minutes. Our hikes are a little different right now because the girls are so little, but I’m looking forward to lots of great family trips to national parks in a few years.

  3. AH! YES, I am constantly in front of a laptop so I know the feeling! Can’t wait to get outside today… even if only for lunch :)

  4. Haha this made me laugh aloud this morning! It is like a whole new world outside when the weather starts to change! My man and I encountered a similar situation on our first nature walk last week and I’m glad to get that awkward first hike of the season out of the way! Luckily I prefer running outdoors, so I’ve been outside all year long, just not in nice weather. Let me put the following in all caps to emphasize: I LOVE THE CITY. Don’t ever take me away from it. :)

    • Hahaha I know I love the city too! It’s amazing how awkward it is to step back into nature for the first time in the spring. I felt like we were crawling out from under our rock into the sunshine:)

  5. I’m a suburb girl (love the quiet mornings and seeing so many nearby trails), but I’ll always be a city girl, at heart. I was born in the tri-state area and love NYC, but I agree – I love getting back into nature too. I so prefer to run outdoors. Can’t wait ’til the temps warm up a bit more so I can kiss the treadmill goodbye. Lol!

  6. I’m always amazed how much I can actually get accomplished if I put my computer/phone AWAY!!

  7. So cute! Glad you guys got outdoors to enjoy the weather!
    I love the outdoors and hiking! (But with proper shoes on!)
    We’re hopefully heading to Jasper National Park this weekend to hike!

  8. Well done. After just reading the blog on not watching TV (that you posted on, hence how I found this blog), this was a great follow-up. Now if only i can combine not watching TV with hiking…hmmm.

  9. Chelsea on April 30, 2013 at 2:42 pm said:

    Yeah, Mark and I do a lot off “work” that involves Pinterest (me), Reddit (him) or Guild Wars (both of us, shamefully enough) but I’m one of those suburbanites who likes too consider herself a country girl, so I try to maker it a point to at least take my laptop outside 😉 I’m also a huge camping fan, as long as what you really mean by camping is sitting around a fire drinking and eating marshmallows!

    • Yep eric’s reddit habit has rubbed off on me too. and heck yeah- sitting around a fire drinking and eating marshmallows is my kind of camping!!

      • Chelsea on April 30, 2013 at 10:18 pm said:

        I’m trying really hard to think of another kind of camping, in fact, and I’m having a hard time. Apparently there are other reasons to do it, but none that come to mind 😉

  10. Love being outdoors on beautiful (thank God I’m alive) days! I bet your Mother’s smoothie is sooooo delicious and FUN!

  11. This entire post cracked me up so much. I’m glad you had a decent hiking experience!

    I think I’m definitely a suburb kind of person. I hate the isolation of being in the country, but a city’s constant hustle-and-bustle environment would stress me out so much. A place where I can get to both in reasonable amounts of time is perfect for me. :)

    • Yeah the suburbs are a really nice mix of city and country. I’ve been in living cities since graduation and now the suburbs are starting to feel like the country. However, I do prefer boston over nyc because the pace is much more manageable.

  12. I need to do a better job at getting outside more often too. I am glad you both had a fun time together! I would say I am more of a suburbs kind of girl. I like the city in small doses because it is exciting with so much to do but it feels polluted and unhealthy at the same time.

  13. I love the city, but I sure love the suburbs/rural areas/ocean front too. After living in the city for over 4 years, I was itching to get out of it. And my boyfriend and I are on our laptops way to much too, so don’ t feel bad!

  14. Ha Ha Ha, I absolutely loved reading this post. You and Eric are too adorable and funny. Glad you finally got out to the trails though.

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