It’s Friday!! Fii-hiiii-hiiii-nally. (Ha actually what am I talking about- it was only a 4-day week. I’m not even that tired. )

So, what are you getting into this weekend?

My mama is flying in for my birthday and we’re going to dinner with my great aunt and Eric and my best bud, Christine (who, by the way, after putting up with me nagging her for MONTHS about starting her own blog, finally did it yesterday!! Stop by and say hello!  She is the best cook ever, hosts the best parties, travels to the coolest places, and she is a riot- essentially perfect blog fodder)

Now, on to today’s topic: FOOD!

So, I love minimal ingredient concoctions. I love Larabars for their use of what- like 3 or 4 ingredients- tops? It blows my mind how they mix cashews and dates and suddenly they taste exactly like cookie dough. How? It makes no sense! Wild stuff.

Needless to say, I always perk up when bloggers post about 2-ingredient or 3-ingredient creations. It seems so easy, so healthy, so wonderful and I’m always like “whaaat how did you get ice cream out of nothing but a banana and peanut butter?!” Like, how do you take pecans and flax seeds, mix them together with honey and BAM! something that tastes like peach cobbler? I don’t get it! But ever since I started this blog I’ve been wanting to experiment with minimal ingredient recipes and post something awesome like a 3-ingredient cobbler or a 2-ingredient baklava or something equally impressive.

But alas life has gotten in the way. Up until now.

You know how they say “God works in mysterious ways”? In other words, you might just get what you wish for, but it’s delivered in a way you weren’t necessarily expecting nor wanting?

Well, my dears, today I finally get to do my post on 2- to 4-ingredient creations. Here you go:

First up: 4-ingredient* late lunch**


Ingredients: original flavored froyo, mangoes, mochi, coconut

Procedure: Combine original froyo with mangoes, mochi and coconut. You don’t even have to stir. And definitely don’t let it sit. Eat immediately. (And eat quickly) It helps if you’re running late to a dermatologist appointment which is all the way across town and you’re shoveling it into your mouth in 90 degree heat.

Next up: 2-ingredient* dinner***

mint froyo1

Ingredients: mint froyo, chocolate sprinkles

Procedure: Combine mint froyo and chocolate sprinkles in a cup. Eat it. (Fast) It helps if by dinner time it’s still 95 degrees in the shade, and after your dermatologist appointment ran late by 2 hours and then you ran a bunch of errands, you find yourself too hungry to wait until you get home to eat.


You guys, not to toot my horn, but I think I’m getting prett-ayyy good at this healthy recipe blogging stuff.

*Note: In no way does the combination of ingredients combine to form a completely different food.

**Note: I know I’m doing it wrong.

***Disclaimer: Neither I, nor any medical professionals, nor anyone in their right mind, recommend consuming this much froyo in one day.

SO, what do you have planned this weekend??

Whats the most froyo you’ve had in one day?

What are your favorite toppings?

True or False: the toppings are the best part.


Happy Thursday all!! Thursday means one thing in this corner of the interwebs: it’s time for the Great 8 list.

So, this Sunday is my birthday. I’m turning thir- ahem, sorry there must be something in my throat. I’m turning thir- ahem! one more time, here we go, I’m turning thir- nope. Sorry. It’s the 1st anniversary of my 29th birthday. Rhymes with flirty, nerdy and wordy.


Ohh I’m being dramatic. It’s cool. I’m actually really psyched about entering this new decade, as long as I’m not expected to give up my propensity for immature jokes and bathroom humor, I’m ready to kick off the thirties with aplomb.

I was trying to figure out how to make a Great 8 list out of turning 30, and you guys, Buzzfeed has pretty much beat me to almost every one of them.

Top movies turning 30 this year? Done.
Top reasons turning 30 is awesome? Done.
Top list of random things also turning 30 this year? Done. (Although that one is
Top reasons Taylor Swift’s epic twenties anthem, “22” is funnier when redone for the thirties? (Done on youtube in song form)

BUT top reasons I’m ready to be 30 based on my responses to the lyrics in “22”?? NOT DONE!

Until now…

(If you’re not familiar with Taylor Swift’s song “22” you can go here, but essentially it talks about the things you do and think about when you’re 22 years of age.)

Top 8 Reasons I’m Ready to Turn 30, Taylor Swift

8. Lyric about being 22: “It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight”

  • My response: I beg to differ. No matter what night of the week it is I tend to be asleep by 10.

7. Lyric about being 22: “To fall in love with strangers uh uh uh uh”

  • Huh, perhaps you have never heard of a little thing called stranger danger?

6. Lyric about being 22: “It’s miserable and magical oh yeah”

  • I mean, sure, although wouldn’t it just be easier not to make everything so dramatic and extreme, can’t we just describe it as “okay”? But brava for the alliteration.

5. Lyric about being 22: “Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines”

  • I know, don’t you love buckling down and getting all your work done early? Oh that’s not what you meant? Oh, well, in that case forgetting about deadlines is really irresponsible and we are going to be kicking ourselves later for that decision.

4. Lyric about being 22: “And end up dreaming, instead of sleeping”

  • You would never suggest that if you knew how much I loved sleeping.

3. Lyric about being 22: “You don’t know about me, but I bet you want to”

  • You’re wondering why I’m wearing yoga pants and sneakers at a bar. And the reason is- because they are comfortable.

2. Lyric about being 22: “This place is too crowded, too many cool kids”

  • Wait, where are we again? We must be in the wrong place. Are you sure we got the address right?

1. Lyric about being 22: “It feels like one of those nights we won’t be sleeping”

  • Oh no, why not? Did we drink caffeine too late in the afternoon? Take a Melatonin, if we fall asleep right now we can still get a couple hours in before the alarm goes off at 5:30.


To everybody currently in the vicinity of 22 years- enjoy it :)  I totally would have understood the meaning of those lyrics if that song had come out when I was that age, and so should you.

To everybody else who’s closer to 32 than 22 (or if you’re one of those old soul’ed young’uns)- amirite?

When is your birthday? What’s your sign? How old are you turning? Do you like your birthday or does it give you a little anxiety?


Happy hump day everyone :)

camel on hump day

Alrighty, so, let’s just jump right in today’s topic shall we?

Yesterday I was thinking about how badly I needed the long weekend that just passed, and I was thinking that needing a break so badly isn’t exactly a good thing. It’s one thing to be excited about a long weekend, it’s another thing entirely to feel like you “NEED” it. I was thinking about why I needed it and I realized that I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself of late. More pressure than is necessary. More pressure than is helpful or motivating. In fact it’s enough pressure to drive anyone a little batty if left unchecked and allowed to spiral.

So today I’ve decided to take a look at the top 10 bad mental habits I tend to fall into. Even though it’s not technically Thursday aka “list day” I’m doing a list. Because you know, I’m breezy!

im breezy

So for the second time in as many days, I present a how-to in reverse:

How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Ways:

10. Procrastinate. (It seems so great in the moment, but the only thing worse than dealing with that annoying thing right now is the dread and anxiety that build from that annoying thing looming over your head and then having to do that annoying thing later.)


9. Compare yourself/ your life to others.

the race is long

8. Stay up too late.


7. Worry about the “what ifs”. (Ex. What if I try and fail? What if I make a fool out of myself?)

what if

6. Lose sight of the bigger picture. (It’s the fastest way to freak the F out)

freaking out over nothing

5. Don’t heed #6 and freak the F out over the momentary uncertainty of your career path.

glass case of emotion

4. Be critical of others.


3. Stay angry at yourself about things in the past you can’t change.


2. Take yourself too seriously.

dont take yourself too seriously

1. Let the fear in your head be the only voice you hear.


What’s one scary thing you’ve been putting off? Do it today!

What is your biggest mental bad habit?


Happy Tuesday everyone!!

How was your Memorial Weekend??  As you may or may not have noticed, I checked out mentally last Friday and I am only returning today. I completely neglected the blog yesterday.

And I gotta say it felt great to not think for an entire weekend :)

ANYWAYS though, this morning it’s back to the grind and I feel great.

How I knew I needed a break was because last week at Bar Method neither my mind nor my body wanted anything to do with anything. They quit on me like Chandler Bing quit the gym (ie. in a long drawn out overly dramatic way.)

Most fitness bloggers will give you a peak into their internal monologues because they sound something like: “you can do it! you’re an animal!” But this blog don’t play like that. This blog gives you a peak into the inner monologue that you should train yourself not to have. A motivational how-to in reverse, if you will.

To be more specific, this is what happens when my mind and body team up against me at the 6:00am (aka zero-six-hundred) Bar Method class. And keep in mind I normally LOVE this class:

BRAIN: This sucks.

Me: Shhh no it doesn’t.

BRAIN: How much do we pay in monthly membership fees to have this torture inflicted upon us?

Me: You’re not helping. We need to focus.

BRAIN: Ok, ok let’s focus. Oh here’s a question- how cute were those pictures of Kate Middleton aka the Duchess the other day? How cute is her pregnancy style? And more importantly how cute was her hat?! Why hasn’t the big hat trend caught on in America? I would love to wear fancy hats to fancy events.

Me: oh. em. gee. I totally agree. Hats are so great. And you know while we’re on the subject of things on our head, what do you think we’d look like as a blonde?

BRAIN: Terrible. Also why don’t people call her the Duchess with the Muchest?

(Barre teacher- “Charlotte, tuck under.”)

Me- Ah see! I need to focus!

BRAIN- Hahaha that was just a nice way of telling you to quit sticking your booty out.

Me: Shh.

BOOTY: My bad.

BELLY: Hey you guys, not to interrupt, but I have a question- why don’t people eat froyo for breakfast? They drink iced coffee. They drink smoothies. What’s the difference? And by the way, I’m starving and I am going to make audible noises for the rest of class.

Me: I would really rather you didn’t do that.

(Teacher- “Lift your leg to its highest point and then pulse up. Up. Up”)

LEGS: She wants one of us where?

Me: Up. She said up. What are you waiting for- get on up there.

LEGS: Not happening. You’re lucky you’re even standing this morning.

BRAIN: Yeah I’m done too.

BELLY: Ditto. I’m really not feeling ab work today.

Me: Oh c’mon guys! Belly, you don’t have a choice- the gut blasting ab work portion of class is coming up in 3 minutes so you better start feeling it.

BELLY: Sorry, not feeling it. I think I’m going to let the neck take most of the tension today.

Me: Noooo

NECK: Noooo


Me: Ughhhguhg

BRAIN: So how do you feel about the blog post you published this morning?

Me: Eh

BRAIN: Yeah, remember how you spent all day yesterday thinking about how to phrase the last paragraph? Well, you should have written it like this: ____. That would have actually been funny.

Me: Where were you yesterday with that surge of comedic gold?!

BRAIN: Thinking about big hats.

Me: Right.

BRAIN and BELLY: Hey after this let’s get some froyo for breakfast!

Me: I should have stayed in bed today.


So there you go folks. Get your brains and bodies under control lest you wind up lying flat on your back during the ab portion of class, arms and legs sprawled out in various directions.

How was your weekend?? Any particularly great workouts you’d like to brag out??

How do you stay motivated during a workout you don’t feel like doing?

Do you ever have surges of brilliance while you’re working out? Do you ever have a surge of brilliance in regards to a post once it’s too late to change it? (for me that happens all. the. time.)