It’s Monday! (Yay?) Yay!

Hope you had fantastic weekends! What did you do? My weekend was pretty darn great. On Saturday Eric and I went to a restaurant in Cambridge called Craigie on Main which is known for, well, pretty much everything that comes out of their kitchen, but especially their burgers.

There’s actually a youtube of how these burgers are made in-house and the chef includes bone marrow and other hearty parts of the cow, and ahh they’re just so good. We both ordered fried eggs on top, which is normally my favorite thing to put on a burger, but in this case it may have been too rich. Yeah. This burger was that rich.

They only make a limited number of the burgers per night and we arrived somewhat late on Saturday night so we were terrified a little nervous they would run out by the time we sat down. Turns out we got the last two.

high five

However, we were both STARVING when we got to the restaurant because it was about 9pm and we had had lunch at about 11:30. So before we even chowed down on the most decadent burgers ever, we had an appetizer of pig’s tails. Yup. Pig’s tails. (Don’t google it because it will just make you sad looking at all the adorable curly tails on pigs)

But I have to say their tails are DELICIOUS. In fact, I’d like to just state for the record that I have officially found my new favorite thing. This was my first time having this part of the pig and it’s seriously out of this world good. If you ever see them on a menu, get them. They’re my new favorite pork product beating both bacon and sausage, previously my number 2 and number 1 favorite pork products, respectively.


Eric still says bacon is his number 1, but for me, it will now and forever be pig’s tails.

So, as you can tell, food was a pretty exciting part of the weekend. As I’m writing this post it’s nearly 6pm on Sunday, and I’m starving again. Starving for sweets, that is. Do you ever get a massive sweet craving after a day or two of salty foods?

It’s probably because I’m thirsty, but still.

Another example of things I do out of hunger, besides order things like pig’s tails on menus, is make playlists called FOOD that I then publish on the internet. Actually the original title was FOOD and then the second title was SUGAR but I have since changed it to Seis de Mayo because I’m cultural like that.

So, in honor of all the overindulgent deliciousness this past weekend and the craving for sweet foods that all the salty foods have left me with, this week’s mixtape is all about sweets and called: Seis de Mayo!

Spotify: Seis de Mayo Mixtape

  1. lolli lolli (pop that body)- three 6 mafia
  2. cherry pie- warrant
  3. pour some sugar on me- def leppard
  4. milkshake- kelis
  5. sugar, sugar – the archies
  6. i want candy- bow wow wow
  7. laffy taffy- d4l
  8. lollipop- lil wayne
  9. hollaback girl (this sh*t is bananas) – gwen stefani
  10. coconut- harry nilsson


What did you do this weekend? Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? (I have to admit, after all the talk on Friday’s post, there was no guacamole for me and Eric on Sunday. We had a Sol- because our neighborhood bar doesn’t carry Corona- and then went to hang out in the park because the weather was so nice)

What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?

What do you usually crave-  salty foods or sweets??





30 Thoughts on “Mixtape Monday: Seis de Mayo!

  1. I/We (Husband) had the most wonderful weekend…filled with beautiful weather, exercise, great food and delicious friends that had us laughing for hours!

  2. Salty or sweet? Both please! We had a pretty low key weekend b/c it rained and then rained some more. Still raining today. Bleh.

    • Lol, “both” would have been my answer too. and yeah rain can be such a downer when it lasts for days on end. i’m sure the sun will come out soon :)

  3. I have only heard good things about Craigie on Main…I need to go there when I’m home this summer :) I always used to crave sweet…but lately the sweet/salty combinations always scream my name. Pretzel m&ms are my #1 obsession!

    • Yes you must check it out while you’re back in town! I also love the ambiance there, i’ve been twice- once we were seated in the main area, and this time we just sat at the bar. I might even like the bar area best. It just had a great vibe.

  4. I don’t know if I could stomach the pig tails…my mom occasionally orders chicken feet at Chinese restaurants and I’ve never been able to bring myself to try them. I like my meat when it’s semi-unrecognizable. 😛

    I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, but I do have times where I crave salty. The best is a mix of both! Chocolate covered pretzels, whaddup? :)

  5. Love the playlist!! And a good cheeseburger too :)

  6. We have a place like that in Atlanta too – a limited number of burgers that are super indulgent and decadent! Glad you snagged the last two! I love hollaback girl! Going to listen to that right now. I always crave sweets no matter what! I’m all about it.

    • Sweets are soo good. For the main portion of my life I’ve been all about sweets but lately salt cravings have been taking over. Actually, i think a more accurate description would be “both”. it’s not like sweet cravings have gone anywhere:)

  7. Pig tails? I don’t think I could do it! In order to eat meat, I have to pretend that it never came from an actual animal. If my meat has any blood vessels, chewy bits of fat, or icky bloody spots, I can’t eat it. I’m so annoyingly picky with meat. It’s bad.

    • Haha ahh then don’t try pig tails! You definitely can’t escape the fact that you’re eating an animal and a very weird part of the animal at that. I wasn’t always so adventurous, I was never a full on vegetarian but there was a point I wouldn’t even chicken because I got grossed out by it.

  8. I had a burger at a local burger joint, L&H Burgers that was to die for – The Rajun Cajun. So good! It’s blackened with smoked bacon, haystack onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and buttermilk ranch. It’s super spicy and savory. mmmm :) We did not celebrate cinco de mayo… but we had a great weekend!

  9. Chelsea on May 6, 2013 at 11:19 am said:

    There’s a local burger place in my area called The Burger Bar, and OH. MY. GOODNESS. They make these bison burgers stuffed with, well, a variety of things. And they have sweet potato fries. Sweet potato TRUFFLE fries, sprinkled with parmesan and made with truffle oil, which makes them taste like regular french fries bathed in fairy dust and everything amazing in the world.

    Another great Monday Mixtape! Although I have to ask – did you pick that Gwen Stefani song because she talks about bananas, which are sweet? If so – double points for great musical logic. :)

    • Haha yup b-a-n-a-n-a-s :) I’m taking them in their literal form rather than the “crazy” they are supposed to stand for. a banana is a banana is a banana after all. wow sweet potato truffle fries sound absolutely delicious!!

  10. Aaaaah, I love the mixtape list! I have this secret love (ok, it’s obviously not really secret, since I’m putting it on the Internets for all the world to see) of 80’s big hair bands, so the inclusion of both Warrant and Def Leppard totally rocked my world. :)

    Have an awesome Monday — and, um, HOORAY FOR PORK PRODUCTS! :)

  11. I have to say I have never had pig tails before! How did they prepare them, fried? We did have a little Cinco de Mayo get-together with friends this weekend. I made mini (no-fry) fried ice cream bites… I’m sure it would fix your sweet tooth right up! (Ha! Just what we all need after a weekend of eating!):)Happy Monday!

  12. This playlist is amaze. Loving all the sugary themed beats!

  13. The way you just described how incredible pig tails are has me so intrigued. I’m not quite sure I’ve actually ever heard of them to be honest. Will have to look for a restaurant in PA for when we visit in September!

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