So, as you guys already know yesterday was my sister’s birthday, but what you don’t yet know is that today is my mom’s birthday!! Hooray!

(Actually, if you read the title you already knew that too. Which you did, because my readers are the smartest on the internets)

My Mom!

My Mom!

And yes, that means another ode is below! (I wasn’t kidding yesterday about how it’s a tradition to mark milestones with a few rhyming verses. Up until now though those odes have been emailed or recited aloud rather than posted on a blog, but change is good.)

So anyways, as I was saying, today is my mom’s birthday.  As you’ve probably already noticed (due to you being among the smartest on the interwebs, which we just established) today is very close to Mother’s Day.

Therefore, in my family, Mothers Day is not just a mere 24 hours of tribute, it is an event. It is a holiday that rivals Christmas. It starts on May 9 and lasts until Mothers Day. Some years that’s a weekend, while other years it’s nearly a week. It even has it’s own name: Mothers/Birth Day (I guess we could have gotten a little more creative, but there you have it)

So today I would like not only to pay tribute to my mom, but to YOU if you are a mom and to your mom as well.

And here we go with round 2 of odes! This one is for you, Mom:

Birthday/Mothers’ Day Ode

To my freakishly young looking mother,

Never would I want the genes of any other.

But I’m still not sure how the entire month of May,

Has somehow managed to become “your day.”


Even though we sometimes fight,

I always know deep down, you’re right.

You’re so good at car dancing while driving down highways,

And so thin I can’t see you when you turn sideways.


Thank you for always keeping me in line,

And thanks for always being a really fun time.

Thank you for loving me no matter what,

And thanks for telling me when you can see my butt.


Thanks for letting me know when my skirts are too short,

And thanks for telling me which friends are the shady sort.

Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face,

And thanks for handling everything with wit and grace.


It’s true you cheat when we play Gin Rummy,

But you pick me up when I feel crumby.

We always have the best time together,

Thank you for being the best mother ever :)


Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you!

me and my mom!

me and my mom!

What do you guys have planned for Mothers Day?

Do you still make gifts for your mom or do you buy them?

If you are a mom, what is your ideal way to spend Mother’s Day? What’s your favorite gift you’ve received?





32 Thoughts on “Happy Birthday / Mother’s Day, Mom!

  1. Bhahahahaha, I love these odes! I think I’m going to have to take a page out of your family’s book and start writing these too. :) Happy birthday to your mama!

  2. Happy Bday to your mom! Love the ode & collage of moms! I could watch Gilmore Girls re-runs every day. Actually, I have watched them every day. Got hooked while on maternity leave with Bean & continued tradition with Monkey. I’m kicking off Mother’s Day early & taking Bean to see Disney Princesses on Ice tonight. Can’t wait to watch her reactions!

  3. Aw happy birthday to your mom! It’s my best friends birthday today too. I love that your mothers day celebration rivals christmas haha that’s awesome!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! The ode made me lawlz. We have an extended event in our house too–my mom, my dad, and I all have birthdays within a month of each other, so the end of July to the end of August is just constant presents and special dinners and people coming over and lots and lots of cake!

    We don’t really plan much for Mother’s Day. A card, some flowers and/or a gift, and a special breakfast is typically what happens. :)

  5. aww, love this! happy birthday to your mama!

  6. Ha Ha Ha, i loved this ode!! You are too funny, and boy is your mom lucky to have such an awesome daughter!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  7. 😆 Your odes are fabulous. the short skirt and shady friend thing? I can definitely relate to that 😉 And I love how you included Marge and Sophia in your collage. Childhood shows, right there.

    I’m not entirely sure what I have planned for Mother’s Day yet. I’m thinking that it’ll involve brunch and -hopefully- a trip to the park to do some BBQing, weather permitting.

    • Ah i love that its finally bbq season – sounds like a perfect mothers day! I also love brunch (probably my favorite meal) so it sounds like a totally ideal day to me :)

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you sweetheart for my beautiful and loving tribute! A day does not go by without me giving thanks God that you are in my life, that you are my daughter. I am the luckest Mother in the world because you, Anthony and Gioia! XoXo
    p.s. I do NOT cheat at Gin Rummy!!!!!!!

  9. Chelsea on May 9, 2013 at 10:56 am said:

    Happy birthday to your very lovely momma! I tell you, the women of your family sure did claim a significant amount of the beauty in the world! :) my mom is basically my best friend/the coolest person I know, but she’s not big on being the center of attention, so I try to spoil her in little ways for her birthday/mother’s day/any day because she’s rad. But I’ve never written her an ode…hmm… 😉

    • Aw you are the sweetest!! Haha write an ode! they’re actually really fun to write and people love to be talked about in rhyming form, so it’s really a win/win :)

  10. Happy birthday and mothers day to your mom!! :)

  11. Happy Mother’s/Birth Day to your mama! :) May 9th was a great day to be born. I love your ode to her too, you’re a fantastic rhymer! I actually haven’t made my mom anything for Mother’s Day in a while but now I feel like I should! I usually send her whatever beauty products I’m into at the time, we are always chatting about hair together.

    • oh what a fun present! my mom and i talk about beauty products too, although its usually her giving me advice and sending them to me… she’s very up on the latest advancements in skin care, while i tend to be a lost cause :)

  12. So sweet! Happy birthday to your Mama!!!
    I have no idea what we’re doing for Mother’s Day this year! Unfortunately I won’t be home until about 7:30 since I have teacher training from 7-7 on Sunday. Afterwards hopefully I’ll be able to celebrate though!
    Have a great day!

    • happy mothers day to your mom!! your dedication to teacher training is so awesome, i’m so psyched for you for when you finally complete it and get in there with your own class!

  13. Holy moly! Your mom does look really young – like you two could be sisters!! :) Have fun celebrating all of the birthdays in your life right now!

  14. This is adorable! Such a sweet daughter. Your mom looks great, too! She definitely looks young in that pic! I’m super lame and always buy something generic for Mother’s Day. I’m a disgrace. Happy birthday to your Mamaaaaa!

  15. hehehe love this! Happy mothers day and birthday to your beautiful mom! I unfortunately can’t be with my Mom (darn long distance!) but I have sent flowers for the day-after mother’s day so she can enjoy them all week :)

  16. Love the ode, and your mom really does look super young!
    My mom always says for Mother’s Day she just wants to spend time with me. Other years I’ve taken her golfing in summer, but that’s torturous for me! This year I took her for lunch today and gave her a gift card to a greenhouse. I usually don’t like giving gift cards, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy going there and picking out nice stuff for her garden!

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