Oh my gosh you guys, I have amazing news- Commitness to Fitness is on Facebook!!!

Why is that amazing news considering a billion people are already on The Facebook? Because I have never had a Facebook account In. My. Life.

“Why? Who? What the?” Is normally how people react when they find that out.


Actually it’s more like, “Are you a hermit?” “Are you a spy?” “Are you on the run?” “You know they say sociopaths don’t like Facebook, are you one of them?” Fun stuff like that. To which I used to reply, “Ha ha no, I simply like my privacy and see no reason to join.” But after hundreds of blank stares, I changed my response to “Ha ha yeah it’s weird, I’ll sign up at some point” but I never really meant it.

Truthfully, when I was in college and everyone else was signing up for Facebook when it was first invented, I thought it was just the next myspace, or AIM profile thing. It didn’t interest me. Plus I’ve always been big on talking to all my real friends on the phone, on email or IN PERSON so why would I need to be on Facebook?

And the answer is: BECAUSE.

Because you do. Because that’s just what people do now. So, I’m on. And I’m LOVING IT. And I have to give the BIGGEST thanks to Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama who was my crutch during this process.

She was also a Facebook newbie up until recently, and she literally talked me through the process step by step by step.  For those of you who have been on Facebook for forever, let me tell you about the emotions that signing up after holding out for so long can evoke:

First there are doubts.

Then there is dread.


And then there are panic attacks.

And then there are tears. Or perhaps the tears get scattered throughout the process, depends on the person.

And then suddenly it’s done, you’re signed up. Do you feel happy? NOPE you feel totally exposed.


Because everybody is already so cool with their awesome Facebook skills and all their millions of Facebook ‘likes’ and you’re like: “great, I have 1 like, aaaand it’s from myself”.

But then a minute later you get another like and suddenly you relax and you’re all, “Friends! This is great!”


So, if you wouldn’t mind liking me on Facebook, I promise to return the favor. And if you don’t, s’cool, I’ll just like you first :) And don’t forget to check out Nicole’s blog because it is amazing and she’s amazing and you’ll thank me. And then, like her on Facebook because her Facebook page is so rad too.

So, the Facebook fiasco took up all my allotted blog time yesterday, and I had plans last night, so I had about 40 minutes to prepare this post. That might sound like a long time, but it normally takes me a lot longer than that. A lot longer. (And right now it’s 5:30am on Friday morning and I’m editing for typos/grammar- I’m not lying when I say my first drafts look like something a 1st grader wrote) SO, even though Eric and I made a really delicious smoothie last week that I was so excited to post today, I’m going to save that for next week and instead let some of you guys take center stage. Below are some of my FAVORITE recipes from some of my favorite bloggers. I love round-up posts, don’t you :)

1. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health: Roasted Asparagus Lemon Cream Pasta

Sarah posts some of the most delicious recipes I’ve ever seen and her pictures are sensational. This is one of my favorite dishes that she has posted.


2. Amanda @ Running with Spoons: Blueberry Banana Breakfast Muffins

Amanda talks about awesome food-related topics as well as her personal thoughts surrounding them and, while she’s at it, shares some absolutely mouth-watering recipes. This one happens to combine four of my favorite things: blueberries, bananas, breakfast and muffins. ’nuff said.


3. Meredith @ What Merry Makes: Crock-Pot Fruit & Pork

For all you crock-pot fans (and I know that’s exactly all of you) this recipe is sure to please. I personally love anything with apricots and pork tenderloin so this one is right up my alley. Absolutely scrumptious!


4. Chelsea @ The Outlaw Life: Because it’s Friday!

This post deserves honorable mention because even though there is no recipe, it incorporates my favorite snack foods. (Note: If you’re ever trying to bribe me, use some sort of sour gummy candy.) So yeah, no recipe, no prep required, just good ol’ step 1: open the bag, step 2: enjoy. Because it’s Friday and gosh darn it, we deserve it!

sour worms

So there you have it friends!  Boy, am I glad it’s Friday.

What are your plans this weekend?

What are your thoughts on social media? Love it? Like it? Loath it?




28 Thoughts on “Foodstuff Friday/ Facebook: Sh*t Just Got Real

  1. Thanks for the shout out Charlotte! Glad we can cling to each other now that we’ve been pulled over to the dark side! And, sour gummies are the best ever!! Are we long lost sisters?! Have a great weekend!

    • Lol, yep i’m pretty sure we were separated at birth. Thanks soo much for your help this past week, and thank you in advance for freaking out with me as we continue to navigate the dark side together :) happy mothers day have a great weekend!!

  2. Yay for Facebook! You should be getting a notification in a few minutes that you just got another “like” on your page — that’d be me. :) Welcome to the best time-suck on the interwebz!

    • Thanks Lillian!! in some ways im completely scared of it, and in other ways im wondering why i waited so long. ive promised myself not to get caught in the time-suck but we shall see… i have a lot of free time this weekend, so it’s already not looking like thats a promise ill be able to keep…

  3. tinazab on May 10, 2013 at 7:46 am said:

    I just friend requested you. I don’t post a lot on Facebook, but every once in a while you might see a picture of 1 or all of your Z cousins.

  4. Woah just started a Facebook?! Crazy! I’m addicted to it- sometimes I think about how I should delete it and then I’m like “no I could never do that” but why not? Anyways, I think you’ll grow to like it- just hopefully won’t be as addicted as I am 😉

    • I know, its beyond crazy. perhaps one of the other reasons i held out for so long was because i knew once i DID sign up i would be completely addicted. its very possible. thanks for the warning :) have a great weekend!

  5. Lady! I seriously thought that -I- was the last person on earth to join Facebook. I made one for Spoons maybe like… a few months ago?… and even that was a struggle to commit to. I’ve never been able to understand the hype surrounding it, which is why I never bothered to create a personal page, but yeah… social media is a pretty big part of blogging, so I bit the bullet on that one. I’m still a complete noob when it comes to doing social media “right” though. Sigh. So much to learn.

    Thanks for the shoutout, hun! And happy Friday!!

    • Yay another holder-outer!! Isn’t it scary when you sign up? I really wasnt kidding about the panic attacks, i suddenly found it a little hard to breathe. its all just so overwhelming at first. i think its so interesting that so many bloggers (well 3 including you, me and nicole) only signed up bc we had to given that its a necessary evil for blogging. there must be some psychology behind that. I’m not going to be maintaining my personal page either. anyways, next up: twitter. (ugh.) happy friday!

  6. Yay I just liked your facebook page! I’m TERRIBLE at updating my blog’s facebook page. Actually, I’m pretty terrible with updating my personal facebook page.

    Scratch that, I’m pretty terrible with social media in general. I’m still trying to work my way around Twitter and I get annoyed daily with Instagram. The only social media I don’t have issues with is Pinterest…and that’s only because all you have to do is press a little button and then you’re set. :)

    • Thanks darlin!! All my friends and family were literally so shocked when I started a blog because I am literally the worst at social media. i do technically have a twitter account, but i havent looked at it since signing up. (i think i’ve sent 1 tweet) so once i get used to fb, ill have to get into that realm as well. le sigh…

      have an awesome weekend!!

  7. Aw, thanks for the compliment Charlotte, you are too sweet! Blogging has definitely opened me up to social media more than I ever could have imagined as well. I’ll be sure to like your new page! Are you on Twitter and Instagram too?

    • Ha, no not yet. Well, technically i do have a twitter account but i havent looked at it since signing up. i’ve sent 1 tweet. but, that’s next, once i get used to fb i’m going to put a commitness to fitness account on twitter. im accepting the fact that its just a necessary evil nowadays to having a blog.

  8. We went through a very similar experience together it seems! I too had never had a facebook account until YESTERDAY. I feel like a piece of my soul is now gone, haha. I’ve had all the same reactions when telling people I’ve never had it, so I feel ya. I can BARELY keep up with blogging. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do both. And I only created an account so I could be an administrator for a work related facebook page, so a bit different for sure, but the same in that we’re no longer facebook virgins.

    • I’d like to point out that was Rebekah. I, Meghan, have and love FB so very much. :)

      • hahahaha meghan i laughed out loud at that follow up. and rebekah ahhh we literally had the exact same day yesterday!! thats so crazy. did you find it hard to breathe at any point? bc im not trying to be dramatic, that literally happened to me. i totally feel like i just gave away a bit of my soul too :)

  9. Gah, I love all of those recipes you shared!! :-) And YAY for Facebook! I do love social media but it DEF. can get a little overwhelming at times. :-p I didn’t hold out on FB but I def. held out…for as long as possible…on Twitter AND Instagram. And now, I love them both. Weird – haha! In other words, I’m sure you’ll love FB! 😉

    • haha thanks! yeah im simultaneously overwhelmed and loving it. next step- twitter! i avoided social media for forever, and then i started this blog and realized its time to join the rest of the world :) ah better late than never!

  10. Yay, Charlotte!! Welcome to the 21st century Web! Lol. Social media is a big ole’ playground, and once you get your footing, it’s a total blast! Let me know if, I dunno, you every need help or something :)

    And lookie there! A mention! Lol, I adore you, and it couldn’t be more true to form to feature me for candy buying instead of cooking, lol :) glad you made it to the weekend

    • I can use all the help i can get- its been a humbling experience to say the least- i do NOT know what im doing. all the buttons and likes and terminology and i dont know whats posting where and i feel like a 90 yr old like “whats this new fangled thingamahoozie myface whadayacall it”

  11. Ooooooh my gosh, those muffins!

    I always tease my husband that he is the last person on Earth to abstain from Facebook. His reasoning and your reasoning are pretty similar.

    My rebuttal is that you actually have MORE control over your privacy with a FB. When you have a profile, you generally know what people are saying about you and what photos are posted of you. You can request objectionable things to be removed. When you don’t have the FB, that shit just sorta lingers around and you never know…dun dun dun!

    • it is SO true. ugh im now kicking myself for holding out so long!! i have no idea what im doing and i feel like a caveman who was just un-frozen in the 21st century and has no idea what to do. i think i started talking to my computer screen at one point. humbling experience to say the least :)

  12. So excited for you Charlotte. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even have a facebook anymore if it weren’t for living on a completely different continent from our family & friends in the states.

  13. I’ve been on Fb forever it seems but every now and then it creeps me out. I don’t do the constant check ins or post all my info but its a nice way to stay connected to far away friends :)

  14. Yay for being on facebook! I have a personal account, but I still have yet to make a blog account for myself, so you are a step ahead of me! Thanks for the shout-out link hun! :)

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