It’s Monday, boys and girls. Which, as regular readers know, means it’s mixtape day!

AND as a cool twist this week, I’m taking part in Heather @ Fit Mama Real Food‘s Make It Monday link up. This is it’s inaugural week and I’m so psyched to be part of it! Heather does really cool crafts and DIY projects around her house and garden, and thought other bloggers might want to share the things that they made over the weekend too. And well, she hit the nail on the head as far as this blogger is concerned. Since I already make mixtapes every Monday, I thought it sounded like a perfect fit!


So thanks for hosting Heather! I love this idea! (ps- her MIM post is going up this afternoon)

So how were your weekends? I hope all you moms out there got pampered and appreciated like you deserve :)

My weekend was good. I didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom because she lives a couple states away, but she’s coming to visit me in a couple weeks and I can’t wait! What I did do this weekend was errands.

Lots and lots of errands. I did not make it to Bar Method on Saturday morning like I planned, but that’s okay because errands can be a workout in themselves- especially when you don’t have a car- and especially when you insist on going to the CVS/grocery store located a mile from your apartment (because they’re the best) and for some ridiculous reason also insist on buying the heaviest items they have in stock.

I then planned to go for a run on Saturday afternoon after all the errands and all the cleaning of my apartment with all the aforementioned CVS supplies, but I got distracted. Distracted by what, you wonder? By my personal time-blackhole, aka that thing that you always manage to get sucked into and can’t pull yourself out of for hours. Everybody has one. (At least one.) For me that blackhole is not facebook, nor pinterest, nor reddit, nor video games (I don’t even know what the cool ones are called) but no it’s none of those, for me it’s ABC Family.

Anyone else? Anyone at all?

That channel plays some great movies. And it just so happened they were playing a Harry Potter marathon all afternoon.

So, no, I did not get out for a run. I watched Harry Potters 4 through 6. (Well, I caught the very end of 4, and I turned it off about 10 minutes into 6 because enough is enough, but still. And it was kinda rainy at that point. I just thought you all should know that too.)

On Sunday I went to Bar Method and I did more errands, thus, more strength training. I’m sorry, Carrie Bradshaw, but shopping is not cardio, it’s anaerobic.

Anyways, ever since my afternoon o’ Harry Potter, I’ve had the song “do you believe in magic” in my head (for no particular reason, I just started humming it as I was watching) so I decided to make this week’s mixtape theme: MAGIC.

Spotify: Magic Mixtape

  1. magic – b.o.b feat rivers cuomo
  2. do you believe in magic – aly & aj
  3. every little thing she does is magic- the police
  4. abracadabra- jessie J
  5. magic stick – lil kim
  6. moves like magic – adam trent
  7. magic carpet ride- steppenwolf
  8. i follow rivers – the magician remix – lykke li
  9. magic – pilot
  10. poof! – merryman
  11. bonus track: pinball wizard- the who


How were your weekends??

What’s your time-blackhole?

What magic power do you wish you had? (I would want to read minds)


32 Thoughts on “Make It Monday / Mixtape Monday : Magic!

  1. Love # 3 & 7 on mix tape! Had a great weekend & enjoyed low key Mother’s Day with my girls. Needed it after an absolutely insane dinner out on Saturday. We met some friends & Monkey was out-of-control the entire time. Pretty comical but totally exhausting! Love ABC Family b/c they play Gilmore Girl re-runs. One of my fav shows ever!

    • Hahaha aww monkey, it must be so funny to see the difference between bean and monkey, because bean is pretty much never out of control, correct? Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I LOVE gilmore girls. abc family just plays those shows that are so easy to spend an afternoon watching :)

  2. Love your music list this morning!…AND my black hole is called February!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I know how errands go…especially walking errands. And anything with CVS in the equation makes my errands even longer! I think lately my black hole is real housewives shows. I could watch 10 in a row and all of a sudden 8 hours has passed! whoops :)

    • Yep, cvs sucks me in every time. I try to order most of the heavy stuff online but I just didnt plan ahead this month and suddenly ran out of everything at the same time. oh well, it happens! And i had to cut myself off from housewives cold turkey one time because it was seriously taking up too much of my weekends. now i can watch 1 or 2 episodes and me ok but yeah they’re all so addicting :) my personal favorite was nyc.

  4. Oh geez. Now I have “do you believe in magic” stuck in my head. Hopefully it only plays on repeat for a few rounds before fading out 😯

    I’d have to say that my blackhole is video games. It’s not so bad on the weekdays, but on the weekends when I know that I don’t -have- to get anything done? Yeaaahhh. I sit down and suddenly it’s two hours later without me even realizing it. Ahh well. Everyone needs a blackhole, I say.

    And I couldn’t help but giggle-snort at the grocery lifting gif. Totally me. No matter how heavy something is, I’ll insist on carrying it. Probably not always the smartest idea, but I’m stubborn.

    Happy Monday, girlie!

    • Hahaha sorry, that song is soo catchy isnt it?! Yeah the one time i really played video games, i played shrek on xbox and i think i sat there for maybe a day and a half straight til i beat the game. I TOTALLY understand how easy it is to get sucked in to video games! i no longer have an xbox (it was my roommates) which is probably good bc i obviously already have enough time blackholes to keep me occupied :) happy monday to you too my dear!

  5. I wish I could snap my fingers so that I could just appear wherever I want to be! My black-hole is definitely reading blogs. I actively follow maybe 10, but once and a while I like to catch up on others too. That takes a lot of time! I celebrated mother’s day with my mom and the hub’s mom, spent time with my little guy, ran 7 miles on Saturday to help the bestie out with her long run, and ran a 5k for mother’s day :)

  6. Hahahahahaha Harry Potter movie marathon FTW, right? :) I feel the same way about walking to get groceries – that is DEFINITELY exercise, you’re good on that one lady! I follow Rivers is the BEST BEST best song ever omg I love it! :) I’m going to go listen to it right now. My weekend was fabulous and busy, per the usual. I think that I would like to fly. There’s just something so desirable about flying. Hm.

    • Yayyy i’m so glad you’re an I follow rivers fan!! I LOVE that song, and when I saw that there was a “magicians remix” i couldnt help myself but add it to the playlist. to be honest, i still like the original much better, but as far as remixes go, i kinda love this one too :) Flying is an awesome power, i almost put that one instead of reading minds. enjoy the rest of your monday ladies!

  7. Best mix tape yet :) ABC family is absolutely my time suck. They just play such good stuff!! And cleaning the closet. That turns into drawers which leads to the bathroom caninets and before I know it I’m vacuuming behind the sofa and donating 86 bags to goodwill.

    • hahaha yay another abc family watcher! and i know exactly what you mean with the cleaning! isnt cleaning and getting rid of stuff so therapeutic? i swear sometimes it helps me think clearer :)

  8. I love this mixtape! The inclusion of The Police and The Who makes me all kinds of happy. :) And holy crap, I love the grocery lift gif — I feel like that most weekends, actually.

    As for time black holes, I could easily read for hours and hours and hours without noticing the passage of time. It’s a problem.

    • Ah i love that you appreciate the who!! i wasn’t sure what to do with it because I feel like most people would bypass pinball wizard on a workout mix, but i HAD to include it. i love that song :) and of all the time blackholes, i think reading is without a doubt the best one to have.

  9. My time black hole is def. TV – especially if there’s a Friends marathon on! Lol! If I had a magic power it would be to be able to get my work done in excellent form (whether its work work, or school work, or house work) in a blink of an eye! Ya know so I could get back to my “black hole.” 😉 That would be awesome!

    • Hahaha ah I love friends marathons! yeah i almost didnt get a tv for my apartment because i thought it would do me good not to have one, but that was probably one of my worst ideas. i dont know how i would have survived :)

  10. There is no shame in watching excessive amounts of Harry Potter movies all in one sitting! Over winter break, my sister and I had an extended-edition Lord of the Rings marathon and the only thing we did for two days was watch, eat, and sleep. :)

    My time-blackhole is probably discovering addicting TV shows. White Collar? Blew through the first 3.5 seasons in like 4 days. Vampire Diaries? Did not move from the couch for 2 days to watch the first 3 seasons. I always discover really good shows late and then of course I have to watch all of the seasons…

  11. All of your GIFs make me so happy. Seriously. You managed to include Harry Potter AND Sex and the City in one post. A girl after my own heart.

    My desired superpower is the ability to stop time around me. So, I could stop time, go take a nap, and get back to where I left off. Or, stop time and be able to actually study for my midterms. Ah, if only.

    • thats a good one! There was a show in the 80s or 90s called ‘out of this world’ about a girl who had the power to stop time (bc her dad was alien) it was my favorite show when i was little and i always wanted to be able to stop time :)

  12. Chelsea on May 13, 2013 at 4:06 pm said:

    Sometimes I put all the Gilmore Girls I have on my computer on one giant playlist and just let it keep me company all day…sad? Probably. But I don’t even care. And this is because I don’t have cable, or I’d let ABC do the work for me (weekdays from 4:00-5:00 in my neck of the woods, which of course I know off the top of my head).

    Sometimes, when I’m walking out to the car and get that brilliant surge of confidence in my physical ability, I’ll try and grab ALL the bags in both hands (which I always forget means I still don’t have my keys…) and then I feel like Macauly Caulkin when he’s walking home in Home Alone and all his bags break. Only, you know, I’d love to have a snarky Joe Pesci in my life. 😉

    • hahaha grab ALL the bags! yup. even when i do have access to a car, there is no such thing as “two trips”. and i lovvvve gilmore girls- isnt the best feel good show?

      and oh how i LOVE a home alone reference, that made my day :)

  13. I love finding new music! Thanks for sharing and including it in my first Make it Monday link up! I just got my post up, so you can add your link near the bottom. For the name, put what you made (as opposed to Charlotte) so people know what it is they’ll be clicking to. Thanks girl!

  14. I totally wish we lived near each other so we could go to CVS and stock up on some goodies and then watch ABC family all day together!!

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