Happy Tuesday everyone!!

How was your Memorial Weekend??  As you may or may not have noticed, I checked out mentally last Friday and I am only returning today. I completely neglected the blog yesterday.

And I gotta say it felt great to not think for an entire weekend :)

ANYWAYS though, this morning it’s back to the grind and I feel great.

How I knew I needed a break was because last week at Bar Method neither my mind nor my body wanted anything to do with anything. They quit on me like Chandler Bing quit the gym (ie. in a long drawn out overly dramatic way.)

Most fitness bloggers will give you a peak into their internal monologues because they sound something like: “you can do it! you’re an animal!” But this blog don’t play like that. This blog gives you a peak into the inner monologue that you should train yourself not to have. A motivational how-to in reverse, if you will.

To be more specific, this is what happens when my mind and body team up against me at the 6:00am (aka zero-six-hundred) Bar Method class. And keep in mind I normally LOVE this class:

BRAIN: This sucks.

Me: Shhh no it doesn’t.

BRAIN: How much do we pay in monthly membership fees to have this torture inflicted upon us?

Me: You’re not helping. We need to focus.

BRAIN: Ok, ok let’s focus. Oh here’s a question- how cute were those pictures of Kate Middleton aka the Duchess the other day? How cute is her pregnancy style? And more importantly how cute was her hat?! Why hasn’t the big hat trend caught on in America? I would love to wear fancy hats to fancy events.

Me: oh. em. gee. I totally agree. Hats are so great. And you know while we’re on the subject of things on our head, what do you think we’d look like as a blonde?

BRAIN: Terrible. Also why don’t people call her the Duchess with the Muchest?

(Barre teacher- “Charlotte, tuck under.”)

Me- Ah see! I need to focus!

BRAIN- Hahaha that was just a nice way of telling you to quit sticking your booty out.

Me: Shh.

BOOTY: My bad.

BELLY: Hey you guys, not to interrupt, but I have a question- why don’t people eat froyo for breakfast? They drink iced coffee. They drink smoothies. What’s the difference? And by the way, I’m starving and I am going to make audible noises for the rest of class.

Me: I would really rather you didn’t do that.

(Teacher- “Lift your leg to its highest point and then pulse up. Up. Up”)

LEGS: She wants one of us where?

Me: Up. She said up. What are you waiting for- get on up there.

LEGS: Not happening. You’re lucky you’re even standing this morning.

BRAIN: Yeah I’m done too.

BELLY: Ditto. I’m really not feeling ab work today.

Me: Oh c’mon guys! Belly, you don’t have a choice- the gut blasting ab work portion of class is coming up in 3 minutes so you better start feeling it.

BELLY: Sorry, not feeling it. I think I’m going to let the neck take most of the tension today.

Me: Noooo

NECK: Noooo


Me: Ughhhguhg

BRAIN: So how do you feel about the blog post you published this morning?

Me: Eh

BRAIN: Yeah, remember how you spent all day yesterday thinking about how to phrase the last paragraph? Well, you should have written it like this: ____. That would have actually been funny.

Me: Where were you yesterday with that surge of comedic gold?!

BRAIN: Thinking about big hats.

Me: Right.

BRAIN and BELLY: Hey after this let’s get some froyo for breakfast!

Me: I should have stayed in bed today.


So there you go folks. Get your brains and bodies under control lest you wind up lying flat on your back during the ab portion of class, arms and legs sprawled out in various directions.

How was your weekend?? Any particularly great workouts you’d like to brag out??

How do you stay motivated during a workout you don’t feel like doing?

Do you ever have surges of brilliance while you’re working out? Do you ever have a surge of brilliance in regards to a post once it’s too late to change it? (for me that happens all. the. time.)

50 Thoughts on “I Wish Americans Wore Fancier Hats And Other Things I Think About While Working Out

  1. There was no long weekend here, but it was still a good one. Nice conversation between your body parts :) haha, that happens to me too, as does the “ooo should have put that on the blog today…” thing – so annoying.
    Emma @ Culturecopia recently posted…I’m making this week a great one, are you? [weekend recap]My Profile

    • It happens to me almost every time. Sometimes it will literally be within like 30 seconds- i’ll hit publish and then like magic I’ll get that surge of “ah I should have written it like ___” . haha oh well :)

  2. This made me laugh out loud, per the usual — because omigod, does it ever sound exactly like my inner monologue. (Besides, I can’t stand people whose inner monologues involve no mercy/no excuses/crushing workouts with their 10 tons of uber-motivated muscle. I cannot relate to those people. Working out with them would be like asking me to hang out with members of one of those isolated Amazon tribes who’ve had no contact with the outside world.)

    And, um, yes and yes to Kate’s fabulous preggers fashion. It looks awesome!
    Lillian @ Seize the Latte recently posted…Currently SurveyMy Profile

  3. haha! Love this.

    My best ideas come to me in the shower, lol.
    Nichole recently posted…Three Day Weekend DetoxMy Profile

  4. Hah, love your inner monologue! I always have random thoughts to myself as I’m running or working out that I think, “Oh, this would make a good blog post!” And then by the time I’m done, I completely forget about it. Until like a week later, when it’s not really relevant.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…Never ForgetMy Profile

    • Lol, dont you hate that- when you think of something so witty and culturally relevant and then boom, you forget about it until that window has passed. happens to me more often than I’d like to admit :)

  5. HAHAHHAHAHAHA I literally just started laughing out loud. I always think about so many random things while working out, usually food or blog related. I’m not quite as comedic as you are though… I want to try another barre class. I’ve only gone once before at this women’s only gym in Boston and it was really cool.
    pickyrunner recently posted…Best and the worstMy Profile

    • Oh you definitely have to try another barre class! I got so hooked on bar method like 8 months ago and I’m still loving it. and lol, yeah most of my inner monologue somehow revolves around food :)

  6. 😆 Oh girl, have I told you lately that I freaking adore you? Thank you for the glimpse into the brilliant workings of your mind 😉 And you know what’s kind of creepy? I was just thinking about fancy hats the other day and wondering why we don’t have them over here either. I was watching the Gossip Girl episode where Blair marries Louis, and everyone had fancy hats. True, they look kind of ridiculous, but it makes life more interesting, no?

    Happy Tuesday!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. has anyone seen my appetite? .My Profile

    • Lol great minds :) and that’s a great episode- i loved their hats! I really dont understand why that trend hasn’t made its way over to the north americas :) maybe one day. they would definitely make life more interesting. enjoy your tuesday chica!

  7. Bahaha – yes! I’m right there with ya girl. :) Oh, and yes – Kate’s fashion is soooooo lovely!
    Tiff recently posted…17 Weeks & Memorial Day FunMy Profile

    • Lol, glad I’m not alone on this :) and yep how awesome is she? I’ve been loving her style over the course of her pregnancy, especially any time she wears a hat :)

  8. OH MY GOD. I totally hear this. Sometimes, during a workout, I’ll suddenly have a revelation – “This is awful! Why am I doing this? How much longer? Oh my god. Kill me now!”

    When that happens, I usually just quit and call it a day 😛

    The US has the Kentucky Derby with big fancy hats at a sort of fancy event? Other than that, yeah, we don’t really have anything. Such a shame!
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…“Savor” Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Hahaha yep sometimes that inner monologue just takes control and yeah it really is usually smarter to just call it a day! :) Thats true – we do have the kentucky derby… alright, its settled, we need more derbys :)

  9. You absolutely kill me. I can’t even handle you and I LOVE IT. My brain has crazy conversations with me sometimes. Mostly super inappropriate and/or non-PC conversations during very inopportune times. But, shit happens. What can ya do?
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Ten Snacks + My Evil PlanMy Profile

  10. HahahahaHA!Sooooo funny this morning! Thanks for the belly laugh!
    carlotta recently posted…Monday’s Honor!My Profile

  11. It’s taken me several hours to comment, but reading your post earlier was the perfect way to start my morning. You are so witty!

    Yes, we need more crazy hats in the U.S. The Kentucky Derby shouldn’t be the only day of the year we indulge! My mom, sister, and I have been going to this awesome tea room for years, and every time we go, we try on all of the funny hats. My mom seriously looks great in every single hat she tries on. It’s a gift! I’m glad that Bean has inherited her grandmother’s ability to wear hats. There is nothing cuter than a little girl trying on huge, ridiculous hats!

    And I could spend all day editing and tweaking my writing!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Weekend in PicturesMy Profile

    • If given the opportunity I can sit in front of a draft and make little one-word tweaks for hours. i think it borders on compulsive at times. but then as soon as i walk away from it completely that’s when i start thinking clearly about it. vicious cycle. and aww omg there is nothing cuter than tiny girls in huge hats. nothing.

  12. tinazab on May 28, 2013 at 10:50 am said:

    Haha! I thought I was the only one who thought about what I wanted to eat during workouts. I think thinking about hats would be a step up for me.

  13. Bahahaha – LOVE this!! And I agree on the fancy hats. Maybe I’ll start wearing my Derby hats on a daily basis and the trend will catch on. What do ya think?
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…Flourless Chocolate CakeMy Profile

  14. You are absolutely hilarious!!! Seriously Charlotte – so funny!

    Here’s how I stay motivated when I’m working out and want to quit. I give myself smaller goals. “Just run to that light post and then see how you feel” or “10 more crunches and then you can decide to quit or keep going”. And if that doesn’t help a little guilt never hurts!

    Hope you had a great long weekend!
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Monday: Say It, Do It! + Memorial DayMy Profile

    • Ohh omg i LOVE that- telling yourself to keep going in little increments so it doesnt seem like a huge undertaking. thats brilliant. i’ve heard it used for running, but I never even considered it for crunches. i love it. i’m going to use it at bar class tomorrow :)

  15. OMG…this was so funny! Awesome read! Though, I have to say, I too have conversations with myself when working out. So weird! Glad I’m not the only one though. I guess whatever gets you through, right? :-)
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Weekend Eats RecapMy Profile

  16. Oh Charlotte – you kill me! I went to Bar yesterday and had a very similar conversation with myself. I got “corrected” all through fold-over, could not for the life of me get my heels up high and basically just belly flopped instead of doing a proper L position. Thank you for the BM humor :)

    • Yayyy I love that you do bar method and know what im referring to!! i think fold over is absolutely the hardest “seat” exercise. i always pray for pretzel or that water ski one. and for abs when we’re doing low curl, my neck loves taking all the strain in that position. doesnt matter if i have small mats under my shoulders or not. i love high curl though.

  17. Love this inner monologue, especially when your stomach starts in on the conversation, too!
    Ha ha- I completely ‘aww’ed when I saw the pictures of Kate. So darn cute.
    I sometimes feel like I have a surge of brilliance when I’m working out, but it generally disappears as quickly as it came!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted…Four week itchMy Profile

    • Haha don’t you love kate’s pregnancy style? it’s so pretty. and that happens to me a lot too- those brilliant ideas disappear as quickly as they come.

  18. I wish that “like” button was a “love” button. I wish it was an “I’m now completely obsessed with this and will be imaging my internal organs speaking to each other comedically for the rest of the day” button, because this is just pure comic gold. Perhaps the funniest thing I’ve read to date on your blog!

    I know what you mean about the whole not-paying-attention-so-it’s-time-to-take-a-break thing. That was my go-to indicator while studying that it was time to mix it up a bit. But I’m glad you took some downtime this weekend, and I hope that the Memorial Day was full of good BBQ (or whatever you guys have that passes for BBQ in Boston ;D ) and an overly-large hat or two!
    Chelsea recently posted…Things I KnowMy Profile

    • Hahaha thank you!! and yeah – its really important to know when its time for a break. i think that inability to focus on something you are normally able to focus on- whether its during a workout or studying or wherever- is a pretty good sign its time to take a little downtime.

  19. Haha this post made me laugh! I feel like if I saw someone with a hat like that here, they would just get a bunch of weird looks.
    Alyssa @ Road to RD recently posted…Hiking to HollywoodMy Profile

  20. ahahahha ahhh this was too great!! i love checking out for extended periods of time – you ain’t alone sistah! i’m glad you had a chill weekend! haha i hate when my stomach growls loudly for all to hear in group exercise classes. seriously body, pull it together! Fro yo for breakfast – you should set that trend woman. I must say that I need tons of different kinds of motivation on off days, things from upbeat and happy to mean and nasty (like hey, you don’t want to miss a day of running or else…) haha! have a great rest of your day beautiful!
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…Moving SlowlyMy Profile

    • oh its the worst- my stomach literally only growls when there are enough people around for it to border on embarrassing. its like it knows there are people around and its calling out for help for someone to feed it. lol get it together stomach. enjoy the rest of your tuesday pretty lady!

  21. You are too funny! Why don’t we wear big hats. Only derbies and Easter Sunday. psh
    Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle recently posted…#RunFree4Me & Memorial DayMy Profile

  22. Hahahaha! This is great read this morning! I couldn’t stop laughing while reading it! :)
    You are funny Charlotte, but I like how you presented it! Love the monologue! :) Haha.
    Ja @ Ja on the RUN recently posted…More Love from Ellie!My Profile

  23. Well I have to say that I am ALWAYS BRILLIANT – Ah ha ha ha! But the BRILLIANCE JUST OOOOZES OUT OF MY BRAIN when I am getting my sweat on! 😉 You don’t even want to get in my head when I am working out. Oh good god. I even wrote a comedy sketch about it but I decided not to perform it because….. It was FAR TOO NUTS. The LOONEY BIN would have probably been called and I probably would have had to stay there for at least 6 months and then be released only if I were heavily medicated! lol
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Snack SwaparoosMy Profile

  24. LOL you had me laughing! My brain and belly do that all the time at boot camp
    : -) Gosh I miss bar method! That has not yet caught on in Australia, and I sure hope it does soon!
    Meredith recently posted…thankfulMy Profile

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