It’s Friday!! Fii-hiiii-hiiii-nally. (Ha actually what am I talking about- it was only a 4-day week. I’m not even that tired. )

So, what are you getting into this weekend?

My mama is flying in for my birthday and we’re going to dinner with my great aunt and Eric and my best bud, Christine (who, by the way, after putting up with me nagging her for MONTHS about starting her own blog, finally did it yesterday!! Stop by and say hello!  She is the best cook ever, hosts the best parties, travels to the coolest places, and she is a riot- essentially perfect blog fodder)

Now, on to today’s topic: FOOD!

So, I love minimal ingredient concoctions. I love Larabars for their use of what- like 3 or 4 ingredients- tops? It blows my mind how they mix cashews and dates and suddenly they taste exactly like cookie dough. How? It makes no sense! Wild stuff.

Needless to say, I always perk up when bloggers post about 2-ingredient or 3-ingredient creations. It seems so easy, so healthy, so wonderful and I’m always like “whaaat how did you get ice cream out of nothing but a banana and peanut butter?!” Like, how do you take pecans and flax seeds, mix them together with honey and BAM! something that tastes like peach cobbler? I don’t get it! But ever since I started this blog I’ve been wanting to experiment with minimal ingredient recipes and post something awesome like a 3-ingredient cobbler or a 2-ingredient baklava or something equally impressive.

But alas life has gotten in the way. Up until now.

You know how they say “God works in mysterious ways”? In other words, you might just get what you wish for, but it’s delivered in a way you weren’t necessarily expecting nor wanting?

Well, my dears, today I finally get to do my post on 2- to 4-ingredient creations. Here you go:

First up: 4-ingredient* late lunch**


Ingredients: original flavored froyo, mangoes, mochi, coconut

Procedure: Combine original froyo with mangoes, mochi and coconut. You don’t even have to stir. And definitely don’t let it sit. Eat immediately. (And eat quickly) It helps if you’re running late to a dermatologist appointment which is all the way across town and you’re shoveling it into your mouth in 90 degree heat.

Next up: 2-ingredient* dinner***

mint froyo1

Ingredients: mint froyo, chocolate sprinkles

Procedure: Combine mint froyo and chocolate sprinkles in a cup. Eat it. (Fast) It helps if by dinner time it’s still 95 degrees in the shade, and after your dermatologist appointment ran late by 2 hours and then you ran a bunch of errands, you find yourself too hungry to wait until you get home to eat.


You guys, not to toot my horn, but I think I’m getting prett-ayyy good at this healthy recipe blogging stuff.

*Note: In no way does the combination of ingredients combine to form a completely different food.

**Note: I know I’m doing it wrong.

***Disclaimer: Neither I, nor any medical professionals, nor anyone in their right mind, recommend consuming this much froyo in one day.

SO, what do you have planned this weekend??

Whats the most froyo you’ve had in one day?

What are your favorite toppings?

True or False: the toppings are the best part.


45 Thoughts on “Foodstuff Friday: Ta Da!

  1. You’re my new favorite HLB. Froyo for two meals is TOTALLY acceptable in my mind. The best is if you layer the ice cream and ice cream. You can cook for me any day 😉
    pickyrunner recently posted…Hello, SummertimeMy Profile

  2. FroYo twice in one day? Sounds like the perfect way to kick off extended bday celebration. Minus the long wait & doc appt. But otherwise, perfect! Enjoy your bday weekend & celebrate every chance you get! Preferably with FroYo. With lots of toppings. And don’t forget the cake! With a side of FroYo!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Girls on the Run is So Much Fun!My Profile

  3. Fro yo always wins! Hell, if I were a medical professional, I’d totally advise patients to eat fro yo on days like the one you had. 😉

    There’s a fro yo shop in my building (!!!!!!!), which means I should probably just set up direct deposit and have my paychecks go straight to them instead of into my bank account. They have flavors like salted caramel, Nutella, and strawberry cheesecake, sooo…imma be there often.

    Have a wonderful Friday!
    Lillian @ Seize the Latte recently posted…Adventures in Blending: Chocolate-Raspberry SmoothieMy Profile

    • hahaha if there was a froyo place in my building, it would def be easier to just have direct deposit wired into their account. thats amazing. it sounds so delicious too! there was one that was similar to pinkberry by me that closed, i was so bummed. well, not thaaaat bummed because theres still pinkberry :)

  4. Hahaha loved this! Sounds like the perfect start to your birthday weekend! I once had fro-yo 3 times in one day…I still remember it, so it was definitley one of my favorite days ever :) True: toppings are the BEST part. Sprinkles, m&ms, oreos, yogurt chips, I can keep going… 😉
    have a great friday hun!
    Meredith recently posted…For my DadMy Profile

    • ah 3 in one day!! i bow down to your froyo dedication :) thats so awesome. i lovvve toppings, especially on soft serve. if its hard froyo, i dont NEEED toppings, but they’re always preferred, but on soft serve i can’t eat it without toppings.

  5. Too funny! Maybe this isn’t the cookie cutter three ingredient meal, but you sure as heck gave some good fro yo combos :)
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Friday FavesMy Profile

  6. I don’t do much froyo; I can’t say I’m really a fan. I’m a huuuuuge ice cream fan though. I could easily eat that brekkie lunch dinner! haha
    Tiff recently posted…Fit { And Not So Fit } FavoritesMy Profile

    • hahaha soo good. i love ice cream, but i find it hurts my stomach a little bit. its certainly not enough to keep me from eating the stuff, but when there’s froyo around ill go for that.

  7. I’m going to have to argue with you on this one and say you’re doing it -right-. I may be slightly jaded because of the constant bombardment of clean eating from around the blog world, but multiple froyo meals is definitely a nice change from kale and egg whites… You’re definitely my kind of healthy blogger 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #33 .My Profile

  8. hahahahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOU. You are my new favorite person.

    I have never eaten froyo twice in one day, BUT I have eaten froyo that was so big it could have easily been split into two trips.

    Toppings are absolutely, without a doubt the best part. Froyo is essentially an excuse to eat crunched up Oreos and peanut butter cups.

    I just recently tried the “plain” froyo and I’m a huge fan. So tangy! So delicious! Plus, every single topping tastes amazing on it.

    95 degrees! holy shit! where in the world do you live???
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…Relinquishing Control is Scary ShitMy Profile

    • hahaha YES- froyo is alll about the toppings! i used to not be able to finish the fro yo if the toppings ran out too soon. now i dont really have that problem, but still, i try to strategically eat it so that the toppings last throughout. not always easy, but necessary :) and this crazy weather is in boston!! it went from 45 to 95 in one freaking week. its ok though, i love it hot :)

  9. Two froyos in one day? I like how you think :)
    Running In Heels recently posted…5 Things FridayMy Profile

  10. Nom nom nom, I looove nuts on my froyo. I also like fruit and some chocolate, as long as it’s not overwhelmingly sweet!
    Tara recently posted…Out-Of-TownersMy Profile

  11. I think this much fro yo is allowed, I’m not sure why there’s a disclaimer there! If I could, I would eat that stuff for all three meals, every darn day!!! This weekend, I’m’ doing a 5K and just relaxing. Also going to the Braves game on Saturday! woooooo!
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…Working Out…Outside?My Profile

  12. I am dying, you are the best!

    Btw, all I want for lunch now is Froyo!! Weekend plans? Seeing the great gatsby! A run, and visiting my parents!
    breanna recently posted…I have been m.i.a!My Profile

  13. Man I love me some chocolate sprinkles! Rainbow ones too!
    Chels recently posted…TGIFriday Faves.My Profile

    • between you, me and the internet, it took me wayy too long to decide whether to get the chocolate or rainbow sprinkles last night. if there wasnt a huge line behind me, it would have taken even longer :)

  14. I would have to agree with the vast majority here and say heck yes to froyo twice a day being perfectly acceptable. I am no Betty Crocker, or Suzy Homemaker, so any “recipe” where you “combine” things together sounds A-OK in my book! Especially if it means taking one semi-healthy thing and making it even “healthier” by “combining” it with something else! I.E. asparagus & brown sugar, green beans wrapped in bacon, fro-yo with every topping possible. It all evens out right??
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…truckee & a tornadoMy Profile

  15. Wow! You’re so talented! Such a healthy-food expert ;).
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Sweet Potato Breakfast HashMy Profile

  16. Toppings are the best part? True!! SO true! But when you’re like me, and brownies and whole mini candy bars are your favorite toppings, its also the most expensive! But that its ever kept me from fro-yo 😉 hope you and your momma have a great time this weekend!
    Chelsea recently posted…Friday Favorites #5My Profile

    • gosh arent brownies the best thing ever? i love toppings. ive been obsessed with mochi as a topping for a very long time now, coconut of course, mango because its delicious and healthy? its like talking about making a hot fudge sundae healthy by adding a cherry. oh well :) have a great weekend my dear!

  17. You’re hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Googling closest fro yo place right now, so I can stop after my run!

  18. I’ve been dying for fro yo lately! Now you’ve made me want it even more!
    Alyssa @ Road to RD recently posted…On the Road AgainMy Profile

  19. SaltySecrets is officially followed – thanks for the tip!

    I think I’m the only blogger to every say this – I don’t love froyo! Please don’t hate me! I’d just much rather a simple piece of dark chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth. BUT – if I’m going to Cold Stones you had better believe I want the colored sprinkles and gummy bears up in my stuff.

    This weekend is filled with Yoga Teacher Training and catching up on So You Think You Can Dance and Smash + a long run. HAPPY FRIDAY!
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Queens & Snails: My Trip to London & Paris – Part 2My Profile

  20. So if this is how you cook, I’m going to have to insist you cook for me 😉
    And toppings are always the best part. Whenever a new awesome-sounding flavour pops up at my usual fro-yo place, I get all excited like I’m after the froyo, but really…I’m loading up on toppings. It’s slowly becoming like a 30/70 yogurt-to-toppings ratio.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 05/31/13.My Profile

  21. Hopefully getting froyo tonight (yum!) and then tomorrow running 3.5 miles and babysitting afterwards

    Um like 6 oz

    Cookie Dough Bites/frozen strawberries!
    false: the toppings are the best part.
    Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now recently posted…Connecting to myselfMy Profile

  22. In my book there can NEVER be enough Froyo!!! :) I think two times in one day (or 3 or 4) is totally and completely acceptable! But seriously, I have a real Froyo addiction problem. TWO new froyo places just went in within 2 minutes of my work – talk about a problem. :) Love the blog!
    kelly @ racesrepsramblings recently posted…Final P90X Results and ReviewMy Profile

  23. seems like healthy food for the soul 😉 one time, my friend brought me to a college event that was giving away free 16-oz froyo coupons. i think we collected like 3 each… good times, gooooood times
    nicole recently posted…foam roll lovin’My Profile

  24. This post makes me sad… yet happy! Happy that you got to enjoy froyo twice in one day, but sad that I no longer live within 5 minutes of 4+ different froyo places. Oh & the fact that I haven’t had froyo in MONTHS! I mean yeah they have froyo here, but only have the plain flavors (choc, strawberry, vanilla, and plain.. BORING!!).. oh & it’s not self serve so you pay a shit load for nothing! :( :(
    jessielovestorun recently posted…Believe in yourselfMy Profile

  25. I just fell in love with you because you used the word “fodder.” Even after reading this entire post I still can’t get over that, haha.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Froyo has protein and probiotics, both of which are good for you. Which means that you can never have too much of it, obviously. 😉 Loving the froyo day, though. I’m about to get some after my workout today!
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…May Reflections and June GoalsMy Profile

  26. HAHAHA, loveee the post! I 100% agree that fro-yo is a meal. I think you’re “cooking” skills are really expanding. Thanks for the shout out!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!
    Christine recently posted…Happy Friday!My Profile

  27. Depends on the topping. Brownie bites, yes. Menchi, no. Salted caramel froyo, yes. Grapefruit froyo, no.

  28. Can’t believe I’ve never thought of these meals before!!! I haven’t had any froyo in a very long time… it basically doesn’t exist here :(
    Emma @ Culturecopia recently posted…My last [weekend recap] in MaastrichtMy Profile

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