It’s FRIDAY!!!

I was looking for something funny to insert above but I got distracted by how shiny this pic is. It’s so sparkly. I love it.

ANYWAYS my dears, it’s Friday. I am off work today for an amazing 4-day, yup not 3 but 4-day, weekend (don’t hate) and I’m in a fantastic mood about it.

So lets get right down to the subject at hand shall we- it’s smoothie time!! You may remember last week’s Downtown Mr Brown Smoothie. Well, meet his fancier cousin: the Uptown Dr Brown Smoothie.

Last week:                                   This week:

smoothie     smoothie egt

As you can see, they are both brown and they look amazingly similar to one another.

But the one on the right is ‘Uptown’ because it’s ingredients are quite a bit more decadent than it’s ‘Downtown’ relative. And it has been upgraded from ‘Mr’ to ‘Dr’ because Eric (who has his PhD) created this one entirely on his own. (Yup, smart, handsome, and good in the kitchen, swoon :) )

Me and Eric!  Halloween '12.We never remember to take pictures unless we look ridiculous. This is actually one of our best looks.

Me and Eric!
Halloween ’12. We never remember to take pictures unless we look ridiculous. This is actually one of our best looks.

NOTE: Other names for today’s smoothie include: The OranguTAN, the Wacky Khaki, and the Crazy Beigey.

Ingredients (good for 2 portions):

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 basket of strawberries
  • 2 scoops of chocolate or chocolate-coconut whey protein powder
  • 1 scoop of peanut butter
  • 2.5 cups of water OR coconut milk

Blend all that stuff together until smooth and you’ll have the tastiest cold concoction ever!

Alright, there you have it! Short-ish post today because I have already checked out mentally and I invite you to do the same.

What’s the first nonsensical word that pops into your head? Tell me in the comments! (“fugly” is mine)

Or if your head is still in the game and you have no time for nonsense til 5pm today then tell me your favorite SAT word (mine is “mellifluous”)

Have a happy and safe memorial day, y’all!!!

So I accidentally published a draft of this post for about 1.3 seconds yesterday, and I apologize to those who got that automatic email alert fake-out. There should really be an “are you sure?” button that pops up when you hit the Publish button. I meant to hit ‘Preview’, not ‘Publish’, c’mon WordPress, if you don’t have safeguards to save me from myself, how is this going to work? I hope you don’t expect me to take responsibility for my own actions, because lawsuits like the “McDonalds Hot Coffee” case tells me someone else is always to blame for my clumsiness.

Anyhoozle, this girl needs a long weekend like nobody’s business. When was the last time we had a long weekend? Does anyone remember? I don’t. I can’t wait!!

3 day weekend

What will you be doing this weekend? Like many people, you may be attending or hosting a BBQ at some point. Therefore your schedule might be a little nuts, and you may not have time to get to the gym, or wherever you normally exercise, with all the preparations and FUN going on.

But fear not- today we are taking a page from the Chris Traeger handbook, and the world is our gymnasium.

the world is my gym 1 the world is my gym 2

Read on.

8 Ways To Channel Chris Traeger at Your Memorial Day BBQ

8. Is there a pool? Jump in the pool. Pools are not just for kids.


7. Play yard games- badminton, frisbee, frisbee golf (sorry dudes, I meant disc) bocce ball, cornhole, pétanque (can I get a high five from my fellow French majors?? Anybody play pétanque at the french department picnics? No?)

Set up any or all of these games, get a competitive person to play you, and you’ll be sweating in no time.


6. Be the bartender. Mix those drinks, shake those shakers, toss those beers, work those arms.


5. Will there be kids at your BBQ? Give their parents a break and offer to chase after them for a while. Kids are fast.


4. Offer to help the host/ hostess with the food and trays. Run back and forth from the kitchen to the yard with heavy trays full of food in your arms. Your biceps and hosts will thank you. (Don’t forget to smile like Chris Traeger and thank your hosts for allowing you the pleasure of helping them)


3. With all those yard games involving balls, frisbees and shuttlecocks going on, there’s going to be a lot of balls, frisbees and shuttlecocks stuck in trees, flying over the neighbor’s fence, rolling down the street, etc.

Be the one who chases down the balls before they roll into the sewer at the end of the driveway. Shimmy up those trees to retrieve the shuttlecocks. Everybody will applaud.

happy gilmore

2. Now that it’s getting late, how are you feeling? A few too many wine coolers? Awesome, walk home! The weather is beautiful, you’re drunk, leave the car where it is and walk your tipsy butt home, you party animal!




Just dance y’all.

traeger dancing

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Remember the sunscreen!!

What do you all have planned?

What’s your favorite yard game?

So, yesterday we talked about cravings. More specifically we talked about what those cravings mean emotionally, and our responsibility to ourselves to tackle those issues. Today I’d like to talk about food!

I think it’s important to have a healthy guilt-free relationship with food, even in blog form. So, let’s talk about how awesome eating is, shall we?


When you think of snacking, what’s the overall feeling that accompanies it? I think for a lot of us there’s usually a not-so-good connotation associated with it.

Bored? There’s a snack for that.

Stressed/anxious/worried? There’s a snack for that

Procrastinating? Celebrating? Just went grocery shopping?

There’s a snack for all that, too.

But snacking is not all bad. Yesterday I may have seemed a little anti-eating in my quest to combat emotional snacking, but I am in no way anti-eating. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I am pro-eating.

Like if Eating had a Facebook page, I would Like it. (Actually I’m new to this form of social media, does Eating have a FB page?) If Eating was competing on Dancing With The Stars, I would vote for it (although not if it came down to Eating vs Aly Reisman. I’m obsessed with Aly Reisman) If they ever make an award for Excellence in the field of Ridiculous Blogging, and I win it, I want Obama (because he’d be the presenter obviously) to say “Charlotte, due to the absurdity of the things you publish on the internets and your unwavering support of Eating, we honor you with this edible award aka cookie.”

Imagine the text is frosting

Imagine the text is frosting

And I would say “Thank You, Mr President,” as one does when the President awards you with a cookie :)  (Aaand this post has officially veered off course. I normally try to edit out these tangents when they happen, but today I’m too tickled at the thought of a cookie award to delete it.) What were we talking about again? Ah yes, SNACKS.


I am a snacker… a big one. I love snack foods. Both healthy and unhealthy snack foods. I love a piece of toast with almond butter or peanut butter and banana slices on top. I love popcorn. I love pop-tarts. I love froyo. I love regular non-frozen “yo”. I love chocolate. I love fruit. In fact sometimes my meals are even composed of a few different healthy snack foods like yogurt, fruit, turkey slices, a granola/protein bar etc. Especially for breakfast on weekdays. And sometimes even for lunch. I tend enjoy snack-meals a lot.

Why do I love snacks? I will tell you in numeric list format:

  1. It’s fabulous not feeling STARVING by mealtime.
  2. It’s divine not slipping into the grumpy rage that accompanies low blood sugar… snacks have a way of warding off that little anxiety monster that creeps up and grabs me by the brain when I haven’t eaten in a while, and makes me freak out over my next meal.
  3. Ir’s tremendous having energy when I work out, write, work, you name it- I heart energy.
  4. It’s wonderful that the point of snacking is not to eat enough to last you the next 4, 5 or 6 hours but just enough so that you’re satisfied for the time being. And if you’re still a little bit hungry after, i’ts okay because the next snack is probably coming your way before you know it anyways.

So there you have it. 4 reasons. Call me Glen Coco because I got 4.

I’ve tried changing my eating habits in the past, like when trendy diet guru’s told me snacks are bad, but I’ve learned that I’m happiest when the meals are smaller and the snacks stay in. I used to feel quite a bit of guilt over snacking, but that guilt is pointless. Some people are happiest with 3 square meals, and similarly those people shouldn’t force themselves to eat small amounts throughout the day. It’s about finding what helps you function at your peak.

Basically it’s simple:

Snacks are good when used correctly to refuel, re-hydrate, and all that good stuff.

Snacks are not good when used as numbing devices for your emotions. I speak from experience on this one, and judging from all the amazing and wonderful comments on yesterdays post, you beauties can sympathize.

So today I raise my coconut Larabar to you all in a giant cheers to healthy snacking and the sanity it helps maintain.

Are you a snacker?

What’s your favorite go-to snack?

Do you ever have snack-meals?


Lets talk about cravings.

When it comes to cravings there seem to be two camps that attempt to explain the “I NEED ALL THE BROWNIES NOW” phenomenon. These camps, while they have some similarities, are operating from two different points of view. They are the physiological camp and the psychological camp.


The physiological camp posits that when you’re craving things like sweets it really means you’re low on specific nutrients like chromium or carbon phosphorus and to eat nuts, broccoli, cheese or meat.

The psychological camp blames your sweet cravings on your emotions and tells you to get your sh*t together.


If you read material written by the physiological camp, it can pretty much be summed up as such: whenever you crave sweets, soda, chips or basically anything other than nuts, broccoli, cheese or meats, what your body actually needs is: nuts, broccoli, cheese or meats.

Not to brag, but my body has never once craved Sour Patch Kids accidentally in it’s pursuit of a burger. Sorry, hasn’t happened. I have craved Sour Patch Kids on enough occasions to know that it’s because something is going on emotionally or hormonally and a little thing called stress is F-ing with me.

If you read material on the psychological camp, it breaks it down like this:

  • Carbs – you’re feeling deprived, stressed, or over-worked.
  • Caffeine- you’re lacking motivation in your daily activities, tired/dehydrated.
  • Creamy – you’re in need of a feel-good food to quell your worrisome thoughts.
  • Crunchy- you’re frustrated.
  • Sweets- you’re tired, stressed and/or sad.

This is me. Like, I take vitamins, I eat a lot of food on a daily basis, I don’t have problems getting my nutrients. For me, cravings are so much more about emotions than they are about nutritional deficiencies. And I think, to an extent, a lot of people are the same way.

If we weren’t all at least somewhat wired like this the Food Network would not exist. Cooking shows, food and fitness blogs, the culinary industry would not exist in the forms that they do if we weren’t all wooed by the emotional aspect of food.

For example: what do I always NEED when I’m trying to write a post and I’ve been staring at a blank page for what feels like forever? Something crunchy. I’m frustrated and getting anxious as the minutes tick by. The post isn’t writing itself and I find myself browsing the app store for technology that will write posts for me. Give me that salty crunch of a chip or popcorn or a crunchy granola bar or what have you. However as soon as I start writing I realize that I’m not hungry at all. Thanks for nothing, emotions!

Where am I going with this? Well, if you’re like me you see this emotion-craving link to be your Achilles’ heel, but what if we turn it into a strength…


What if every time one of those cravings hit, we actually knuckled down and confronted the source of our stress rather than trying to numb ourselves to it?  Do you even realize how productive and successful and mentally healthy we’d be if we confronted everything head on?

This is my summer goal. Want to join? I was going to call it a nutritional goal but that loses the point entirely.

The point is to get the focus away from food and onto life. Onto the things you want to make happen. Onto the things that scare you. To give it a topical analogy, it’s the anti-Merida makeover. This makeover isn’t about getting “pretty” and forfeiting your bow and arrow- aka the symbol of your strength- in the process, this makeover is about getting dirty in order to find your personal bow and arrow. (For an awesome perspective on the Merida makeover controversy, go to Nicole’s blog).

What are your thoughts on the physiological vs psychological theories?

Do you agree with one side more than the other?

Do you crave certain foods in times of stress?

What are your summer goals?