Happy Monday, all!

How were your weekends?? Mine FLEW by. Like it started with a ‘yay it’s finally friday!’ then POOF! Sunday night. On Saturday Eric and I went to dinner at a restaurant called Oleana, and it was tremendous. We had quail, pig belly and a few other things because the portions are small, and it made my belly very happy. I also did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time- I fiiinally bought new sneakers! Yay!

They are called the Saucony Kinvara 4. They are coral colored and I am obsessed. They are SO lightweight and so pretty and they make my feet so happy.

They look like this:

kinvara 4

And this what they look like on my feet:


And this is what they look like on the sidewalk:


And this is what they look like in Starbucks:


And this is how happy and snazzy I feel in them:


I literally feel like I’m running on clouds. It’s amazing. Did I mentioned I’m obsessed? Because I am ob-sessed. They’re my air force ones. They’re my pumped up kicks. Every night is sneakernight with these.

Are you noticing a theme?

Yes, I think in songs when I’m happy, and this week’s mixtape theme is: Cool Kicks!

Spotify: Cool Kicks Mixtape

  1. you belong with me- taylor swift
  2. air force ones- nelly
  3. thrift shop – macklemore
  4. my adidas- run dmc
  5. its still rock and roll to me- billy joel
  6. low- flo rida / t pain
  7. pumped up kicks- foster the people
  8. vans- the pack
  9. sneakernight- vanessa hudgens
  10. cooler than me- mike posner


What kind of running shoes do you have? What color are they?

How was your weekend?

What was the best workout you did this weekend?


Remember when Friday used to mean:

Ahh good times. I could not be happier it’s the weekend. I say that every week, but every week it’s true.

Kinda like when I run, my body turns off around mile 3, when I work my brain turns off around Thursday. So the fact that there are Friday posts on this blog is really quite remarkable to it’s blogger. (And yes, I’m congratulating myself for a 5-day work week, around here we celebrate mediocrity with gusto)

So today on Foodstuff Friday, I’m featuring a smoothie concocted by amateur smoothie makers- me and Eric! While I do feature smoothies all the time on this blog, they are usually created by somebody else, namely my mom or Bevan. And while I’m very good at following smoothie recipes, Eric and I decided it was time to make one up ourselves.


First we went to the grocery store to get the stuff. And, you know how when you embark on a task with the goal of making it the best thing ever it suddenly makes you forget how to do everything related to that task?? Like when you want to write the best post ever and suddenly you forget how to string words together into sentences? Well, Eric and I walked into the produce section of Whole Foods like we had never picked out fruit before.

“What should we get?” We kept asking each other quietly as we strolled slowly and wide eyed around the citrus fruits.

Mangoes? Mangoes! We both narrowed our eyes on the mango display and darted over. The only problem was, there were so many different kinds. We normally get the pre-cut mangoes for the ease and accessibility factors but when we saw that something called CHAMPAGNE MANGOES were on sale and sounded fancy we were intrigued. So we got both.

Then we got some kale- once again we stood staring at the kales trying to think of what the best one might be. I actually don’t remember which one we got. And then we also picked up some pineapple, berries and plain greek yogurt. In list form that looks like:

  • Mangos
  • Champagne Mangos
  • Kale
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Plain Greek Yogurt

So then we got home, put the stuff away and went for a hike around the pond, which if you forget what that looks like, I’ll remind you:


And after the hike, we were so thirsty/hungry we were so excited to make the smoothie. We plopped all the ingredients into the blender,  added some ice and a little bit of water and voila!


Brown! (thus the name: ‘Downtown Mr Brown Smoothie’)

It doesn’t look pretty but mark my words it was sensational. We didn’t blend it into oblivion because I personally love a really thick smoothie  (and yes I like to chew my beverages- I like my orange juice in the form of pulp with a splash of juice) so this was really really good. Eric and I credit the 2 types of mangoes  for making it so delicious.

And there you have it. I hope you all have absolutely fantastic weekends. The weather is getting gorgeous in Boston so I’m very excited to get outside.

What are you up to this weekend?

What’s your favorite smoothie ingredient?

What’s your favorite summer cooler-downer: ice cream, froyo, sorbet, sherbert, smoothies or other? (I have to say in the summer, its a very close race between froyo and sorbet)

Good day blogosphere! How is everyone today? Only one more day until the weekend! Yay!

So, most of you fitness bloggers out there are amazingly athletic. You guys can run far, you can run fast, you can do awesome things while lifting heavy things- and I am so in awe of all of you. You truly inspire me everyday.

However, for people just starting their fitness journey, it can be very intimidating. You’re probably wondering ‘What do I do? Where do I go? What’s the proper workout routine for me?’ And as a fitness blogger, I am here to tell you that if you are searching for the answers to these questions, well, you have come to the wrong blog. HOWEVER, if you want to know how to LOOK the part of an athletic person who knows what they’re doing, that, I can help you with :)

Do read on.

You know the expression, fake it ’til you make it? Well my dears, I’m a big proponent of that phrase. Sometimes feeling like you look the part is all it takes to give you enough confidence to actually BE the part. Trust me, as a person who has had their ups and downs with exercise, and has had to climb the proverbial gym class rope of humiliation on several occasions over the course of my fitness journey, I understand how intimidating it can be to join in with all the super fit kids. It doesn’t come naturally to me either. But with this list, you too will have the confidence to get out there with the athletes in no time.

So, without further ado today’s Great 8 list is:

8 Ways to Trick People into Thinking You’re Athletic

8. Wear sneakers in public. (Add a gym- appropriate outfit complete with spandex and/or drawstring to complete the look, and you’re good to go)

7. Stretch near a track like this:

And like this. It looks like you just finished something pretty epic, workout wise:

6. When you talk, use fitness jargon like “reps”, “quads” and the occasional “I think I pulled a hammy”. If you’re unsure of what the proper lexicon is, just think of the actual term of something, then shorten it. Also, talk in acronyms and use verbs you may have recently heard in a Pitbull song.

5. Carry a yoga mat as you walk around. Are you going to yoga? Coming from yoga? Just carrying it around for fun? Nobody knows! But you look athletic.

4.  I would say wear sweat bands, but hipsters kinda took those and made them their own thing, so instead I’m going with headbands. Whenever I see a person with their hair up and a headband, I assume they just had, or are about to have, a really intense workout and have no time for hair flying in their face.

3. Wear a garmin watch. This is what runners use to keep track of their time and distance. Not for amateurs or slow pokes.

2. Wear a tennis skirt. A tennis skirt is something that nobody in a million years would think you are wearing for fun. It’s too niche. Yoga pants? Sure, everybody wears those. But a tennis skirt? You MUST be athletic. Bonus points for carrying the racket too.

1. And finally, compression socks. Think about every person you have ever seen wearing these- isn’t your first impression always: ‘look out, bad ass athletic person coming through!’ Even if they’re walking, you’re still like, ‘wow I bet that guy just ran a marathon for fun, that involved a mountain, and now he’s just cooling off before doing it again.’ Yup. Compression socks.

Athletes- am I forgetting anything?

If you’re new to working out, what made you start?

Have you been athletic since childhood, or did you have to work at it as a teen/adult?


So, as I mentioned in Monday’s post, I did a lot of errands this weekend. One of the things I bought at CVS was a new face cream called L’Oreal BB Cream Youth Code. (Well, it’s new to me, at least) I bought it because I needed a new face cream and also because I am a marketing team’s dream.

It comes in a shiny bottle. I’ve been hearing all this stuff about “bb cream” for forever and even though I have NO idea what is, I knew I wanted it. And the coup d’etat- it says “YOUTH CODE”. That happens to be my favorite code!

So I bought it and I’m wearing it and I’m happy to report it makes my face feel smoother than a baby’s bottom, which is exactly how I like my face to feel. The only down side is that I usually buy fragrance free products, and this product has a slight fragrance. It’s honestly not that bad, I’m just not used to it yet. I mean, I probably would have wiped the stuff off my face by now if it wasn’t for the baby bottom effect mentioned above, but eh I’ll get used to it. The things we do for beauty.

ladies am i right

And what I also touched upon in Mondays post, but didn’t dwell on, is the fact I ran my errands AFTER going to Bar Method. In other words, I ran errands without showering first, without changing shirts, I just went. And now we’re going to dwell on it.

Because here’s the thing- I do that allll the time. To the dismay of everyone in whatever stores I’m going to, I shop in the very same workout clothes that I worked out in just moments before.

And you know what, I’m not even ashamed of it. It’s my favorite time to do errands.

The above gif is how I look and feel on my way to do errands after a workout, minus the car and minus the blonde hair. Awesome dance moves? Check. Excitement over the mundane? Double check.

After I exercise I have energy, I’m thinking clearer, I’m already out and about… Does anyone else prefer to do errands after the workout portion of their day is complete?


Granted, Bar Method doesn’t usually turn me into a sweaty beast, so it’s not that noticeable when I run errands after class. However, I DO become a sweaty beast after a run, and no that still doesn’t stop me for the most part.

If I run at the gym and therefore have access to a locker room, I’ll change my shirt like a civilized person. But if I’m just running outside, I’ll just stop by my local Whole Foods as is. (Sorry Whole Foods staff and shoppers!)


But I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes I’ll spot another girl in workout clothes, with sweat soaked hair in a headband, cheeks still ruddy from the aerobic activity, and we’ll exchange a little nod. A little recognition that you, too, are in the club of super efficient people who run their errands in a super efficient manner.


(Britney is not only a member, she’s also our spokesperson.)

I can understand how it may look like the refusal to shower before being active in a public arena stems from laziness,  but it’s actually all about efficiency. I’m a morning worker-outer, so it makes so much more sense to go to Bar Method at 8am on the weekend and then head directly to the stores or the nail salon when they open at 9. THEN I come home, shower, and continue with the rest of my day.

What are your thoughts? Is this acceptable? Do you ever run errands directly after working out?

If not, does it bug you when you see sweaty people next to you in the super market?

Have you ever tried BB Cream??