Hey guys! Lets talk about butts today.

Between you, me and the rest of the internet, my glutes are SO SORE today. I can’t sit down. Well, I can but then it’s hard to get up. And once I’m up it’s hard to walk. Stairs? Nope. I’m having a first-floor-only kind of day.

Bar Method on Sunday kicked my butt into next week. Literally. And now that I’m here I find myself in pain and unable to move without wincing.

Amazingly if you Google “kick your butt into next week” Bar Method comes up in the image search. I kid you not.

If I was Chris Traeger I’d be all: “My butt is LITERALLY so sore right now”


Chandler Bing: “Could my butt BE any more sore”


Karen Walker: “Honey, whats this? Whats going on here? Whats happening, why won’t my butt let me go up these stairs?”

karen walker honey

Jerry Seinfeld: “Whats the deal with butt exercises?”


Elle Woods: “You helped me go from a size 6 to a 4 with Brooke’s Butt-Buster workout.”


Ok that last one was just a slightly misquoted line from Legally Blonde, but it’s topical and it’s been in my head since I woke up this morning. Bar Method is a butt-buster workout. Y’all need to get in on this.

The exercise we did Sunday had us with our backs to the barre as we slid one foot along the wall behind us at a diagonal in small pulsing motions. It doesn’t sound hard when I type it out, but it’s SO HARD.

its so hard you guys

But it doesn’t stop there. Almost every exercise we do in that class works the glutes in one way or another. Your posture is the most important factor in making sure each exercise targets the muscle(s) it’s supposed to, and the teachers are amazing at making sure you’ve hit it.

But the reason to do glute work goes wayyyy beyond having a cute behind.

Since I know that if there’s one reason you come to this blog, it’s for all the cold hard facts and scientific information I throw at you, behold the following article. This is a really interesting read on the importance of strong glutes- especially for all you runners- in order to avoid injury in your hips, knees, ankles, calves, lower back, posture and basically all the muscles and joints in your body today as well as later in life:


Do you do butt exercises?

Which ones?

What was the last workout you did that made you painfully sore for a couple days?


61 Thoughts on “Butt Wait, There’s More!

  1. This makes me wanna sing ‘Baby Got Back’ something fierce! Lunges & squats never fail to set my glutes on fire, but, alas, I still cannot bounce a quarter off my butt! There’s still a little junk in this trunk, but according to Sir Mixalot, that’s alright. And who are we to question a knight’s authority?!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Help End Child HungerMy Profile

  2. I have Bar Method DVDs, because I’ve found that I have to do Bar Method solely in the privacy of my own home. Why is this the case, you ask? Because I grumble obnoxiously and groan — LOUDLY — about how much the exercises hurt. I’ll say things like “What are you, the glutes Stasi?” or “Did you learn these exercises while interning in Abu Ghraib?” while doing the pretzel…so I figure I should avoid social settings while getting my butt kicked. :)
    Lillian @ Seize the Latte recently posted…The Health Benefits of GratitudeMy Profile

    • omg i SHOULD do it in the privacy of my home- I’ve gotten the verbal “what the F”s under control but I’ve replaced them with loud heavy exhales. it sounds like im in lamaze. and when we’re lined up at the barre i usually end up blowing right into the back of the head of the girl ahead of me. i try to aim my exhales of pain and exhaustion upwards, but not always.

  3. I’d love to try a bar class, but I think I’ll hold off until after my races so I’m not too sore to do any other training!
    I try to do squats twice a week (at the urging of my physio due to knee injury). I haven’t done them for the last two weeks, and low and behold my hip is hurting. Gotta get back on them!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted…Happy birthday and life lessonsMy Profile

    • i was pretty amazed to learn that strong glutes are the key to avoiding lower body injuries. and yeah probably best not to try anything new before your races!!

  4. When I used to strength train (once upon a time, haha) I used to do hip bridges for my glutes a lot. One of the most awkward exercises to do in a public area, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…MIMM #8: A weekend of fantastic foodMy Profile

    • haha YUP- those are a part of every class at bar method. but we keep our rib cage pressed down in the mat though, so its not as in your face as regular bridges are. or at least thats what i tell myself :)

  5. Hahaha youre hilarious! Omgosh I miss bar method so much for this reason! I remember being so incredibly sore after most classes, but loving the soreness. I haven’t had a glute workout quite like that ever since! I was incredibly sore after a bootcamp a few weeks ago- hill sprints + burpees=no fun, I want bar method!
    Meredith recently posted…Never Too Old For Dress-UpMy Profile

    • they should really open a bar method in australia!! it makes no sense why they havent done that yet! but wow hill sprints + burpees sounds incredibly difficult and painful, way to be!

  6. My butt is SO sore too from yesterday’s barre class. Holy soreness. It’s such a good kind of sore though. I didn’t know that about the glutes for running though! I should go more often…
    pickyrunner recently posted…Lifeguard ChroniclesMy Profile

    • yay im glad you’re liking it!! And yeah i was surprised too, apparently strong glutes are the best line of defense against lower body injuries, especially for runners. who knew.

  7. Ahhh! All of those shows are my absolute favorites – Will and Grace and Parks and Recreation will always have my heart (and probably my soul, too). My butt is sore too, but it’s from riding a bike, not actually working it out. Maybe I should give my glutes (AKA fata$$) some more attention. Have a fantastic day!!
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…Caution: High Activity LevelsMy Profile

  8. I don’t do butt exercise, but I do a lot of core work; I am going to start doing some bum exercises
    I played in a soccer game … goodness gracious I could barely move!
    Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now recently posted…MIMMMy Profile

  9. Girl, I feel your pain. I essentially refuse to even look at a stair after doing a leg day at the gym (AKA a day of entirely too many squats and lunges). I don’t know if I have actually taken a class that focuses just on my bum though. Mountain biking also gets my booty sore. Due to this crappy wisdom teeth thing, I have taken a hiatus from the gym, but I’m getting back into it Wednesday or Thursday. Can’t wait!
    Her Happy Balance recently posted…What Does She Even Do All Day?!My Profile

    • Oh wow mountain biking is HARD. way to be girl. and yeah i hope you’re back 100% soon!! sometimes a little time off from the gym is a good thing anyways.

  10. Ah, you’re reminding me of my bridal body scultping classes that I took last year… nothing had me more sore than an hour of strength training & cardio from our female Body Builder trainer! I don’t even remember half of the stuff she had all the soon-to-be brides (who signed up) do… we were all just sooo sore after every training session. In retrospect, I miss it though. :) I’ve been enjoying running every morning, and strength training has taken a backseat. Oops! That Bar Method class sounds painful but great – would def. try it if I’m able to find one! :)
    Koryn @ High Heels & Healthy Alternatives recently posted…My Top 5 Healthy Alternatives…when you’re on-the-go!My Profile

    • If you can find one near you I highly recommend it! And I am so in awe of people who can run in the morning. I can do strength work at 6am but not cardio. that body sculpting class sounds awesome!

  11. ahhhh I signed up for my first Barre class this Saturday and I’m so nervous! My butt gets sore from squats and things, but this sounds like a whole new level of torture!
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…Impressions From My CrossFit ClassMy Profile

  12. Two words: explosive lunges. Oh man did those things ever make me regret the day I was born. That being said… it’s been a good long while since I’ve been sore from a workout. I’ve really been taking things easy lately, but I have to admit that a part of me is definitely craving some good old DOMS. Might be time to start looking into things that will kick my butt a bit… literally.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. when only chocolate will do .My Profile

    • Lol, a good literal butt kicking session is good every now and then. I had to take the day off from working out today because I just needed stretching more than anything else. And by the way- I’m living my life in 30 minute increments now as I wait for my new life in candy crush. its already getting ridiculous and i love it :)

  13. Good morning! Right now I’m really worried because my butt does not hurt! After my knee surgery last year, physical therapy was all about strengthening my butt to support the muscles to keep my knee in alignment…So Charlotte…YOU are CORRECT!
    carlotta recently posted…True BelieverMy Profile

  14. lol! this is great! I heart Chandler! I don’t do much butt work, but lots of squats with free weights…love them for some reason.
    Dana recently posted…Chocolate Chip Twix CookiesMy Profile

  15. I love this seat work and it’s SO hard, but Pretzel kills me every single time. I really like being sore, though, because I know how good Bar is for me and my running and my self-confidence :) Go you for pushing through! I’ve got to get Sara to a Bar class!
    Natalie@fit.fun.femme. recently posted…Target PracticeMy Profile

  16. Lol, is it weird that I like when my butt is sore? I actually did Tone It Up Girls bikini booty workout last night so mines currently slightly sore. I really need to try a barre class though, they look pretty hardcore.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Roasted Corn & Tomato Summer Salad with Lemon- Basil Yogurt DressingMy Profile

    • Lol, I like it too! Granted, I would probably prefer a slightly lower soreness level, but its already much better. I’m going back to class tomorrow morning. But yeah I like feeling like my workout actually paid off!

  17. I’ve never tried the bar method, but have heard a lot of good things about it. I really need to give it a try. It sounds like an awesome workout!

    I love butt exercises! I did some at my zumba sculpting class on Saturday (a ton of squats) and I’m still sore today, but at least I know I got a good workout!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Calorie ExplosionMy Profile

  18. Oh man! I love butt exercises! Mostly because my hubby loves my butt, total overshare, but also because of all I’ve read about how important it is to have a strong butt. Apparently you can lift cars and leap tall buildings if you have a strong butt. 😉 also, every time I typed butt I giggled, so thanks for that amazing opportunity this morning :)

    PS: could I BE anymore in love with Chandler Bing?
    Chelsea recently posted…Things I KnowMy Profile

    • Hahaha your comments always make me crack up! you and mark are so adorable. and yeah you can totally leap tall buildings with right butt exercises! (haha “butt” i giggled throughout the writing of this entire post too:) )

  19. I do straight leg deadlifts for my butt and quadruped donkey kicks. The deadlifts really work them out!
    Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle recently posted…Cinder-Block LegsMy Profile

  20. I WISH my butt was sore. Go girl go…work that booty! I never target the butt but maybe I should?
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Target PracticeMy Profile

  21. Lol these cracked me up! And I had no idea doing glutes exercises were so important. I feel like such a slacker. That said, I think I got a bit of it at BodyPump last night so maybe I’m ok. :)
    Ari @ The Pace of it All recently posted…Handana review… and giveaway!My Profile

  22. I’m a heavy weights sort of person, but I’m definitely interested in taking a barre class sometime…I don’t think there’s anyplace around here that offers them though!
    Sore butt – weighted hip thrusts and lunges. Those usually leave me pretty sore the next day!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…I Bet You Didn’t Know This, But…My Profile

  23. Bahaha. Sometimes I like to pretend that running is a one stop shop for all things my body needs and I ignore the fact that I need to do other exercises as well. When I’m feeling that urge though, lunges and donkey kicks are where it’s at. No doubt!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…national running day…yesterday…My Profile

    • I know- its so easy to think of running as a total body workout- and it totally is!! But those common injuries can be prevented by a little butt strengthening. I was surprised when I read it too!

  24. I for real have a huge ass (pun hahaahah) blog crush on you. Legally Blonde AND Parks and Rec AND Friends AND Will and Grace AND Seinfeld? I’m dying over here.

    Squats are my go-to exercise for a good butt-busting workout. Regular squats, jump squats, wide-leg squats… Love it all!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Boys Go To Jupiter…My Profile

  25. I am still sore from yesterday morning’s bodypump class…so ask me how excited I am to go going back tomorrow morning…
    Michelle @ 3cheaprunners recently posted…Time For a Road TripMy Profile

    • Lol, you’re better than me- I took 2 days off (which i don’t normally do during the week) I’m going back tomorrow morning though, and I assume I’m about as “excited” as you are.

  26. Squats are my favorite ! after those, I can barely walk!!!
    breanna recently posted…I cheated.My Profile

  27. just imagine, sore = tight bum! my bum exercises consist of squats… when i actually do them. don’t forget to stretch out your glutes, it’ll feel so much better!
    nicole recently posted…don’t look back….My Profile

    • It’s soo true. We stretch after every exercise in Bar Method, I guess I either didnt stretch thoroughly enough or the workout was just that good (maybe a combination?) but yeah, i like neeeed to stretch, its my favorite part of working out :)

  28. I love everything a BUTT this 😉 My booty hurts from doing three days of bodypump in a row. I felt those hills on my run today I’ll tell ya that!
    olivetorun recently posted…Good Ole Fashion EducationMy Profile

    • 3 days of bodypump?! way to be chica!! I normally cut off Bar Method after 2 days then skip a day and go 2 more days, but I’m liking this 3 day concept. I think you just inspired me :)

  29. Weighted Squats and lunges always kick my ass! Since I really can’t do any real workouts, I turn to those two moves a lot just to make sure my ass doesn’t go all grandma saggy on me! My butt is actually quite sure as I type this! Boo!! (in a good way.. if that makes sense? lol)
    jessielovestorun recently posted…I’VE MOVED!My Profile

    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Two Girls, One SmoothieMy Profile

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