So I mentioned on Monday that I watched the French Open on Sunday. What you do not yet know is the role tennis has played in my life over the years.

You see, I come from a family of exceptional tennis players. Exceptionally competitive, that is. Remember the ping pong tournaments? Practice for the courts. Also remember how I mentioned that I do a lot of trash talking in ping pong? Well tennis is a whole ‘nother racket sport entirely, my friends. I don’t even try talking trash, because then you could retort with something like “oh yeah? I bet my baby sister could kick your butt” and you know what, that’s probably an accurate assessment.

I love tennis, but the sport does not come naturally to me. The concept of getting a furry neon ball into a very specific space that is 50 feet away from me and protected by a waist-high barrier, aka “the net” is like asking me to skydive and land on the Empire State Building’s observation deck. Depending on how the wind’s blowing- I’m just never going to hit it. If possible, I like to make sure I have two courts side by side to use, because the person playing against me will probably need to run onto the adjoining court in order to return my shot. I mean, you don’t have to play the “out” balls if you don’t want to, but we’re not going to have many rallies if you insist on being a stickler like that.

Growing up, every Thanksgiving and every Mothers Day weekend we would play a family game of tennis. I am not kidding when I say they had to draw straws to decide who got stuck with me on their team.

Like, just to paint you a mental picture here:

My mom- her net game is famous, her victory dance is legendary.

My dad- a year round tennis/paddle tennis player.

My brother- natural athlete, can pick up a piece of athletic equipment for a sport he’s never played before and dominate.

My sister- at 12 she was playing against boys on the varsity team at my high school.


queen tennis

Of course we’d just play for bragging rights, but bragging rights are a big thing in my family. I still haven’t lived down the paddle tournament of ’01 when my hands were too cold to hold the racket properly, which led to a loss of epic proportions for Team Charlotte. Using cold hands as an excuse around my fam is the equivalent of being the 1953 armistice in the eyes of North Korea. It’s invalid.

If you are cold, it simply means you’re not running around the court fast enough. Or so my mom says.

So on my side of the court there’s usually a lot of this:


And this:


Aaand this:


Meanwhile on the other side of the net, there’s this:


And occasionally this:

happy endings tennis 2

Therefore, I have nothing but total awe and respect for the pro tennis players of the world. It is very hard to do what they do. Unfortunately for all the regular tennis players, I LOVE to play. So you might meet me on a court one day. If that’s the case, I look forward to meting your baby sister.

How do you feel about tennis- yay or nay? Are you good?

Whats your favorite racket sport?

Random question- do you watch the Voice? Did you watch last night?? (I’m so psyched with the results!)


54 Thoughts on “Tennis Menace

  1. I haven’t played tennis in years, but I love to watch the big tournaments on TV. Definitely have a wee bit of a crush on Federer. So smooth & sophisticated. And that hair! My future hubby & I used to play raquetball in college. We weren’t entirely sure of the rules, but we had sure had fun! And it was quite the workout too!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Splish Spash: Outdoor Lap SwimmingMy Profile

  2. Oh gosh, I moved to Australia and was dismayed to realise that every single person here seems to be obsessed with tennis! I have no idea how to play the game, and I don’t even know the rules, so watching it on tv is less than enjoyable.

    I did have a good chuckle at that image of the queen :)
    Erin recently posted…Body Trim week one weight loss results and the Go Orange challengeMy Profile

    • Lol yeah I can imagine that’s not the only culture shock about moving to Australia! It’s actually really fun if you ever get the urge to give it a go:)

  3. Not a big Tennis person. I think the pro-athletes are amazing though. I used to play quite often in the summer at a local court with friends, but never played for our school team or after I got into high school. Love the photo of the queen = you. Too funny.
    Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle recently posted…Cinder-Block LegsMy Profile

    • Same! I play way less than I did when I was younger. Nowadays I just like watching the Opens. It’s probably my favorite sport to watch now that I think about it. ehh, I guess it depends.

  4. I know nothing about tennis! Have never played or even really watched a match. It looks so hard!

    My family was never really active when I was growing up (my parents are now starting to walk more), so family sports games weren’t a thing for me. Which is cool, because they sound stressful! The flipside is that I spent a looooot of time watching tv :-/

    • Lol, well it sounds like you were sparred from a lot of character building moments :) thats so cool your parents are starting to be more active! I always think it’s so awesome when people pick up new habits, especially when they’re older!

  5. Tennis was something that I could never get in to. Why? Because my upper arm strength has always been laughable and the tennis rackets were far too heavy 😆 That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I really love badminton, though… and I’ve got a pretty sweet victory dance for that one. Yes, I’m just that good :mrgreen:
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … meals? what are them? .My Profile

    • LOL- I love a good victory dance :) and ahh i always thought the rackets were really heavy too! i finally got a light weight one, which helped, but, still heavy. i totally get it. my upper body strength leaves much to be desired.

  6. I absolutely love tennis! I wish I could play. I took tennis in college as a leisure skills course, and I had a blast. Sadly, I haven’t played since and don’t even remember how to score correctly!
    Tiff recently posted…WIAW: Cereal MonsterMy Profile

    • A quick refresher game and it would probably all come rushing back to you in no time! I wish my college offered it as a class, I would have been all about it!

  7. Tennis is ok … I’m not great at it. I normally watch the voice, but I missed it last night!
    Liz @ The Girl on Fire Now recently posted…Day in ReviewMy Profile

  8. Amazing historical reference – well done. I’ve never been a tennis player, but I think it looks really hard and I like the idea of wearing a skirt and getting sun while also burning calories. Maybe I should give it a try! recently posted…Target PracticeMy Profile

  9. Love this and love that your family is so active and competitive at tennis! It would be fun to watch these family tournaments!
    I always wanted to learn and be good at tennis but never did other than playing a bit in school. I think part of the allure are the Nike tennis dresses and skirts!
    I must nerdily admit that I love ping pong! We had a table growing up and then Kelly and I bought one a few years ago. We’ve had some epic matches!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted…Catch upMy Profile

    • YAY another ping pong fan!! I love it, its so much fun. and depending how competitive the game gets, its possible to get a good sweat going :) and i know- i love the tennis athletic gear, those skirts are so much more flattering than running shorts in my opinion.

  10. So I absolutely fail with basically any sort of racket sport. Tennis, badminton…I’m terrible at all of it. I think I’m lacking in the hand-eye coordination for that one!

  11. I played tennis when I was HS and I haven’t played since then. I wouldn’t say I was any good at it, but I thought it was fun. I live in a townhouse complex now with tennis courts and my husband has been saying that we should go play, so maybe I’ll start up again.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…WIAWMy Profile

    • Oh thats awesome! there’s a park with a couple courts across the street from me, and I keep saying I’m going to play. It always sounds like a good idea in theory, but I havent gotten out there yet. this is the summer! :)

  12. Oh man – you poor thing! The most important part is that you TRY :). I’m notsomuch into tennis. My grandparents would always try to get me to take lessons and it just never interested me. I want to hit the ball as hard as possible and unfortunately that’s just not the object of the game (DARN!).
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Target PracticeMy Profile

  13. Lol, I love the picture of the queen that’s supposed to be you! I’m not very good at tennis either but Brandon is. We had to stop playing together because I suck so bad and would start whining. And no, I don’t watch the Voice but I feel like I’m missing out, maybe I’ll start watching now. Is this the last show?
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Chocolate Chip Yogurt Donuts (Gluten-free)My Profile

    • Oh now is a great time to start watching the voice- its down to the final 3! i actually didnt start from the beginning, and i just got into it this season but it gets pretty addicting pretty quickly. and lol- i would always whine on the court too :)

  14. Um, nay! I’m sorry, but I just CANNOT do tennis! The idea of having the force contact with a tiny ball with a tiny racket, then hope it goes within the allowable bounds and that the other person is even worse than I am…plus, there’s all the grunting. I just can’t do the grunting. But my family is highly competitive in sarcasm and wit, and I’ll NEVER forget the epic ‘I ran out of come-back time’ debacle in the Christmas of 2003. My sister still uses it as her trump card :/ so I feel you, man 😉 lol. Loved this, dear, and, as always, love hearing about your adorable family!
    Chelsea recently posted…WIAW #2My Profile

    • Lol, i love stories of other competitive families!! i bet the “i ran out of comeback time” was one hilarious incident! and yeah tennis players wow me. i dont get how they make the ball do what it does. i hope your computer gets fixed soon my dear!!

  15. Ah!!! Haha! I don’t have a family full of tennis lovers, but all my friends LOVE tennis and I am SO $hi**y at it!! It’s like, my least favorite thing. I am scared of the tennis ball. I even try and kick it sometimes because it’s so scary to me. Or I’ll throw my hands up over my face and hit the ground for cover. It’s not an earthquake, but you might think it was based on my behavior during tennis. Everyone tries to teach me but I’m too belligerent and stubborn to care/learn. I used to watch the Voice and I haven’t had time this season! But I do love it (if nothing else, BLAKE SHELTON #yum).
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…Cycling is…My Profile

    • Hahahaha as per usual your comment made me laugh out loud- you should write a tennis post! Im just picturing someone trying to kick the tennis ball as it comes at them, that is amazingly awesome chica :) and yeah i JUST got into the voice this season, like a couple shows ago. its so compelling!

  16. Thanks for the laughs Charlotte! I really have not played tennis but maybe a handful of times. I don’t really think I would be great at it either! I love ping pong but I can’t say I’m good at that either! haha! I’m really competitive so I totally understand the bragging rights thing! Your family sounds so entertaining! :)

    P.S. I missed the voice but I heard the results on the radio this morning. Can’t wait to watch the finals! There were so many good people this year! Have a good one!
    Rustic Honey recently posted…A Summer Poem Of SortsMy Profile

    • Yay I’m so excited for the finals too! My two favorites- michelle and the swan bros made it so i’m psyched (i wish they both could win haha) I know, so many of the sports i really enjoy, im totally horrible at. oh well, having fun is what counts!

  17. Oh my goodness, the pics in this post had me laughing! Tennis was always hard for me whenever played… at least you didn’t play at some random public court and knock the ball into the wrong tennis court. And if you did…. you’re not alone. :)
    Ari @ The Pace of it All recently posted…What’s in your gym bag?My Profile

  18. Im not very good at tennis either. But these photos had me dying! I have actually thrown the racket instead of hitting the ball before, true story.
    breanna recently posted…I cheated.My Profile

  19. You chose the best pictures for this post! I am so not a tennis player.. I had to play it in gym in high school and it was just awful. I’d prefer to play badminton. That’s not to say I’m any good at it.. it just doesn’t hurt as much to get hit with the birdie as it does a tennis ball.
    Taryn recently posted…Currently…My Profile

    • Lol, very true! badminton is so much fun, I havent played in for-ev-er though. I need to get a game of badminton going this summer! all are welcome, the worse you are, the better :)

  20. OMGoodness…This posting had me on the floor laughing so hard! Especially the picture of the Queen in her purple coat looking at the tennis racquet as if she had no idea what it was!…So funny! I just love a good family fun game that is enjoyed by all!!!!!!!!!
    carlotta recently posted…True BelieverMy Profile

  21. OMG, the pic of “you” as the queen, dying! LOVE it!
    Christine recently posted…“That Salad Thing”My Profile

  22. LOVE these pictures!! i played varsity tennis all four years of high school, but i definitely wasn’t awesome at it. i love backhand strokes, but my forehands were always lob-y… honestly, i think i won a few games because my opponents would get frustrated with my lobs. oops.
    nicole recently posted…have you heard of swagbucks?My Profile

    • haha hey whatever works, right? but yeah i remember lobs being soo hard to return, because they’d normally just lob over even higher and farther and go over the fence (or at least that was my experience with them)

  23. I’m terrible at playing tennis. I lack coordination. LOL! It would be a disaster to play with me.
    Ja @ Ja on the RUN recently posted…Banana Split, Running in the Heat …and Going Vegetarian (say wha?!)My Profile

  24. Bahaha. I feel the same way about tennis as I do about golf. Or maybe it’s how the sport feels about ME. Either way, we’re not a happy match, and never have been! Despite many sad attempts!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…what am I thinking???My Profile

    • ohh my gosh – yes- golf is the same type of thing! both are great sports you can play for life, but both are sports where my talent is severely lacking :)

  25. I played tennis through most of middle school and all of high school! …when I was on our high school varsity team, my sister (who is 7.5 years younger than I am) was just as good as me, so I’m with you on the whole not-naturally-athletic thing. :)
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…WIAW #5: I take a stab at the whole cooking thingMy Profile

  26. I’m terrible at tennis! I took a class my freshman year of college and got a C!
    Alyssa @ Road to RD recently posted…WIA…the Past Few DaysMy Profile

  27. So neat that tennis runs in your family, I love tennis too but I’m no good at it! I have taken lessons multiple times, but I’d really like to get good. I feel like it’s a life-long sport you can play anywhere which makes it that much more appealing!
    Meredith recently posted…Muffins Make It BetterMy Profile

    • Exactly! Tennis and golf are those sports you can play at any age, which I love about them. I really want to get back into tennis (and actually get somewhat decent) and I NEED to start taking golf lessons. i keep telling myself “this is the summer for golf” but it never happens. maybe this summer!

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