Heyyy youuuu guyyysss! (Name that movie)

So, hello hello. I’m back. I missed you yesterday. I really did. I took the day off, because, well, I was really busy. Busy with work, busy with my weekend, and busy wondering if I should cut down to a 4-day a week blogging schedule. I’m not sure yet.

Anyways, I’ve noticed recently that I talk and even think differently now than I did during the period of my life I will herein refer to as: Before The Blog (BTB). That’s right, that’s an acronym. Why is it there? Because the fitness world loves their acronyms as much as- if not more so than- government agencies.

To illustrate this, I have made a couple graphs to conveniently show the difference between the way a Normal Person (NP) thinks versus that which goes on inside the mind of a Fitness Blogger (FB).


acronymn graph1

Word Associations:

when i say graph


identify graph1

So, let’s discuss. Do you talk, think and/or act differently now than you did BTB?

66 Thoughts on “How To Be A Fitness Blogger Part I: Lexicon

  1. You nailed it perfectly…especially with “Do you have the time”….That is exactly what I’m hearing back….Pace or Speed…Loved it!
    carlotta recently posted…The Meanest MotherMy Profile

  2. Hahahha these are all so great… And true! Welcome back! I always feel out of sorts even missing one day of blogging. So sad but so true.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…My first PRO giveaway!My Profile

  3. Don’t forget about ‘plank.’ NP: Walk the plank. FP: I just rocked a 5-minute plank. And you could dedicate a whole post on all of the made-up words in the fitness industry, like burpee. Fun to say, not so fun to do! P.S. You know I’ll fully support ya if you cut down to blogging four days/week. Cutting back has made a huge difference for me!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Sharing The Joy of RunningMy Profile

    • Ohh plank! thats a good one! and lol burpee, yeah that one isnt exactly self explicit either. and thank you for your support! that means a lot- there’s just more I want to do writing-wise, and I’m just not sure there are enough hours in the day (or creativity in my head) to add to my schedule without cutting back somehow.

  4. hahahahahaahahaha

    TBH, blogging has actually made me a little more tolerant of SNAFUs. It sounds weird, but anytime something gets totally effed up, I think, “At least I’ll have a story for the blog.” Extra points if it’s something visually effed up (a broken bottle of oil on the kitchen floor, ex) and I can take a photo.

    I actually started blogging at 3x per week (MWF) and then cut it down to 2x (TF). I don’t know how you M-F gals do it!
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…17 Kitty Butts, Bird Food, WholeheartednessMy Profile

    • Lol, i never thought about it like that but you’re right- if there’s something that goes wrong I’m TOTALLY cool with it- it makes a great story, and if there are pictures to take, even better. Yeah I’ve felt compelled to keep up my M-F blogging schedule, but I’m not sure it’s sustainable. I think you’re doing it right.

  5. Hahaha, they are def cookie dough balls, NOT no bake heathy protein bites!
    Christine recently posted…“Pink-a-Colada”My Profile

  6. haha this was awesome. I have noticed some differences since I started blogging…mostly involving the crazy amount of pictures I take lol
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats recently posted…Dance inspired playlist and eating the rainbowMy Profile

    • same!! and i really wasnt a picture taker – like at all- before this. now im making people stop in the middle of ANYTHING interesting so I can get “a pic for the blog” :)

  7. Lol at the non-dairy, gluten-free, two-ingredient ice cream… looks like regular old ice cream to me 😛 Blogging has definitely had an influence on the way I think and act, with the most notable influence probably being the fact that… it’s kind of hard to imagine a day without blogging. The weekends are always slow, and while the time off is nice, I can’t deny that it feels like something is missing… That’s probably not a good thing 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. i wanted to be a professional race car driver .My Profile

    • I know what you mean- it felt soo odd not posting yesterday! like, i felt like i just didnt show up to work or something. but yeah, 4 days a week sounds nice in theory, but i might miss posting on mondays! sounds ridiculous, but true. we shall see.

  8. Love this and just SO true! And to answer your question…yes! I’m fairly new to blogging and I notice a difference already. Scary!!!! Oh jeez…what am I going to be like in a year from now!?! 😉
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…A Hungry DayMy Profile

  9. AHH! These are SO spot on! And I never realized it until I was talking to people with that terminology and they looked at me like I was crazy! I said something like PR and negative splits, and they dropped their mouths like I was speaking in Spanish. I learned it all once I started reading other blogs and it took me a while to learn them all – but you’ve put them all down in here and they are perfect! I had to explain HIIT to someone the other day… Awesome! :)
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…FrenemiesMy Profile

    • I know! i feel like i pick up new terms every day on people’s blogs and you dont notice that it adds up to a whole new vocabulary until you’re talking to other people who have no idea what you’re talking about. lol i’m loving it :)

  10. Non-dairy, gluten-free, 2-ingredient “ice cream!” –> Hahahahaha. I don’t know if I think differently in terms of what I say, but blogging has definitely changed the way I see the world and even in some ways, how I interact with it. I think it’s made me see what’s important and what’s not–which is a little ironic, considering half my posts are about food, hah. But when I’m thinking about what I want to post about, a lot of it is what I value and what I’ve been able to gain from my various experiences, and that’s something that I wouldn’t have otherwise reflected on without blogging.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…Lessons from a surgeon: what surgery can teach you about lifeMy Profile

    • i love this comment – you get a gold star for this comment. its very introspective and VERY spot on. its amazing what you learn about yourself and your values through blogging. its an incredible way to learn and grow in the direction you want to go.

  11. Bahaha this is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    ps. I missed you girl! Won’t lie, I was looking forward to your Monday music playlists :( It’s okay though, I understand sometimes you just need to take a day off. Let’s just not let it happen again okay? Ha Ha kidding!
    jessielovestorun recently posted…Delicious, Refreshing and HealthyMy Profile

  12. Haha I love this! While I think I did focus a lot of fitness and fitness-isms before I started blogging, but it’s definitely increased tenfold since. Although, that is definitely regular ice cream to me 😉
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…I Don’t Eat As Much Junk As You Think I Do.My Profile

    • lol, yeah thats regular ice cream to me too :) i feel like everyday im reading a new word or acronym on someones blog- i think i’ve built up a whole new vocabulary at this point :)

  13. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, fitness bloggers are kind of crazy. For me, PB will always mean peanut butter, splits will always be associated with bananas (or my dancing years, when I was crazy flexible), and bananas pulverized in a Vitamix will NEVER be ice cream. I just can’t get on board.
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Sink Showers & SnacksMy Profile

  14. I was wondering where you were! I can totally relate to life getting too busy! And I’ve had to cut back to 4 days myself so if that’s what works then I say go for it.
    Love these charts, they’re hilarious! Brandon always makes fun of me for saying ” I posted a post!” 😉
    makingthymeforhealth recently posted…Travel Tuesdays: LondonMy Profile

    • yeah i’ve been feeling compelled to keep up the 5 day a week schedule which I’m just not sure is sustainable. the 4 day a week schedule might be perfect. and LOL- “i posted a post” – theres just no better way to say that!

  15. Haha I was with the blog world for almost all of these, except PB still means peanut butter to me!
    Alyssa @ Road to RD recently posted…Letting Yourself Go or Finding Inner PeaceMy Profile

  16. Girl, you are hysterical! I especially like the “HIIT” is just “Hit” spelled wrong part haha. I love me some Hiit workouts 😉 And yes, I act very differently than BTB. Now I take a bunch of random photos ALL the time. I also get lots of random texts and emails from people I rarely talked to BTB asking me fitness questions or suggesting I go to events so I can blog about them. It’s like…wait, we talk now? Oh, okay, cool!
    Her Happy Balance recently posted…Roasting Beets & Awesome Tortilla ChipsMy Profile

    • Lol, omg- that happened to me the other day- people assume because you have a fitness blog you’re qualified to answer fitness questions. ha ha not entirely true :) and i take wayyy more photos than i used to also.

  17. This is so true! And I love it – the focus on fitness is so awesome! Hope you had an awesome day off – it’s totally needed sometimes!
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Target Practice – Marathon EditionMy Profile

    • it really is! i wish i could say it was a real vacation day, but it was packed full of my real work. I’m realizing 5 days a week is a litttttle bit unsustainable for me. eh, maybe not. we’ll see.

  18. hahaha the no bake chocolate peanut butter energy bites made me laugh out loud. So true!!!!! And I will gladly name that movie…The Goonies. Obvs!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…#bootcutMy Profile

    • YES the goonies!! yay!! you’re the first person to call it :) also somewhat random but I went to your blog earlier and it wouldnt let me comment- i’m not sure if the problem was on my end, or if your comments are giving you technical difficulties, but I just thought you’d want to know if its something that needs to be fixed!

  19. Hahahahahaha! These are all SO true! Judging by your list, I’m still more of a normal person than a Fitness Blogger. I’m so ok with that. 😉 However, I def. have more of an awareness of the FB acronyms so I can get along fine, in both worlds. Lol! :)

    And re: name that movie – The Goonies!!! Am I right??
    Koryn @ High Heels & Healthy Alternatives recently posted…Monday ABC’s…My Profile

  20. Love this post, it’s so true! Especially the Garmin one, and PB/PR. Great post. :)
    Ari @ The Pace of it All recently posted…Not easier, but better…My Profile

  21. Haha so true. Loved this. I definitely believe I’ve changed a lot since I started reading blogs. Not in a bad way, but more in a healthy way since I had a really bad ED before I started blogging, and the fact that I love it so much and can’t really imagine going without it. It’s funny when friends read my blog though and they get so confused why people read blogs haha.
    It’s always a mystery to others!
    Lisa recently posted…Summer LovingMy Profile

    • its so true about non-bloggers. i mean, i didnt get it until i started. its almost impossible to get a sense of the community until you have your own. I’ve learned SO much from people since i started- words and new vocab yes- but mainly just about the way different people live, what they value, etc. it’s been a great ride so far.

  22. Love this! I find it so funny when someone ask me what PR means.

  23. Haha these are so funny! I like the HIIT reference. I definitely think peanut butter when I see PB, however!
    Kelly @ KellyRunsforFood recently posted…Zip-lining and Tarzan SwingsMy Profile

  24. HAHAHA. Oh my gosh this is so true. I’m pretty sure this just made my entire day. Sometimes I wonder about how much blogging has affected the way I think about things especially when I talk to my friends have no idea what a blog is… They would probably think I spelled or said, “bog” wrong and would go about how much they hate the water…

  25. hahahahaha! I never considered myself a fitness blogger until I realized I fall under the fitness blog category! Except with PB being personal best. I like peanut butter way too much, so I think it’s peanut butter for me!
    Katherine recently posted…Blog Talk Tuesday: Make Your Blog Printer Friendly!My Profile

  26. OMG – HAHAHHAH!!! I am dying laughing over here in my cube :) Love this!! And yes, after reading lots of healthy living blogs, I am all over the acronyms and everyone thinks I’m cray-cray!!

    • Right?! I feel like i learn a new word or acronym just about every day, so I’ve built up a nice little vocabulary that tends to slip out in everyday life and people have no idea what i’m talking about :)

  27. Ha! I love this post. It’s also funny how fast you catch on to all the acronyms. Sometimes I wonder to myself if my friends understand some of the things I’m talking about. They haven’t said anything so I’ll just let it slide!
    Tara recently posted…Farewell And KudosMy Profile

    • I know!! i used to just skip over the terms and acronyms i didnt know in blogs until i kept seeing them over and over again and had to start googling them :)

  28. Hilarious – I find myself taking copious amounts of pictures b/c now I’m looking for ways to spice up the blog. I am also definitely always thinking about what to write…and wondering what new gadgets I should buy to be in the cool-kids-club.
    Natalie@fit.fun.femme. recently posted…Target Practice – Marathon EditionMy Profile

    • I know- I am constantly trying to think of what to write about and taking pictures of everything in case “I can get a post out of this”. and there is so much swag that i now covet that i didnt a few months ago. i read one positive review about a product and suddenly i want/need it. if it appears in more than one post, thats it i’m sold.

  29. Ha- so great! I laughed out loud at a few of these for sure!
    Fitness and blogging lingo is totally different than ‘normal people’!
    I definitely get workout envy by reading other people’s blogs- I want to try new classes, I want to run X race, etc.
    Change of Pace recently posted…Ironman Coeur d’Alene complete!My Profile

  30. Great Post! I laughed so hard. I totally agree with having “blogger brain”…It’s almost like talking to other people as you think…and I’ve only had my blog for a month and I already have blogger brain! (BB? to everyone else it’s a beauty cream, to bloggers is ‘blogger brain’ lol.) So maybe bloggers and fitness enthusiast both speak in acronyms.
    Ashley recently posted…Be ExtraordinaryMy Profile

  31. Haha OMG I think this might be one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a while, Charlotte..SO true! Although my love for peanut butter means that I will always refer to it first at the mere mention of “PB”!

    I’m glad you stumbled across my blog and commented…helped me find yours :)

  32. LOL this was hilarious and soooo spot on!!!
    Meredith recently posted…U.S.A. Bound!My Profile

  33. Hi Guys,

    I get Google alerts for posts about “Fitness Bloggers” mostly these are a bit boring to be honest… but every now and then I get a little gem :)

    Great post and very funny.

    Also really nice to see you have a fantastic community of fellow fitness bloggers.

    Keep up the good work ladies

    Speak Soon


    AKA The Fitness Blogger

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  35. This is spot on. Loved it!
    Andrea @ irunfordonuts recently posted…Fitbloggin’ 13 Recap Numero Uno!My Profile

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