Happy day-before-Friday!

So, I have to be honest, I had NO idea what today’s post was going to be about when I started writing it. Which isn’t exactly abnormal around here, but I usually at least have a teeny tiny inkling about the direction I want to go. Not today though. I figured I’d just start writing and hope it worked itself out. This is how today’s post started:

“Post post post I have no idea what to post today.

Post post post rhymes with toast toast toast

I love toast

I can’t write a post on toast. Or can I?

(attempt it)

Nope I can not.

Gah! Why is life so hard????”

Literally those are the words I started with on this page. And I suppose they are still on this page, so it’s not like this is a win. Oh well. Anyways my whiny over-dramatic ‘why is life so hard’ moment reminded me of the following infomercial:


Which got me thinking about how awesome infomercials are, which I decided deserved a post.

(Very Important Note: If the gif above, or any of the ones below aren’t moving, just click them and they should start up. They’ve been giving me some problems too but it’s too late to change them now.)

Top 8 Things Infomercials Have Taught Me About Fitness and Life

8. When you’re first starting out on your health and wellness journey, you may have no idea what you’re doing.


7. You may feel like a moron and at times struggle just to remain standing.


6. Proper technique in any exercise is always important, lest you injure yourself in some way.


5. Proper footwear is a must. Don’t wear shoes that are too small.


4. It’s not always easy to eat right.


3. And sometimes life might trip you up when you least expect it.


2. You might get a little frustrated at times.


1. But eventually it’ll all come together.

joey tribbiani

Do you have a favorite infomercial?

What, for you, is the best part about sticking with a fitness plan? The thrill of completing a goal? Getting stronger? Getting thinner? The confidence that comes with feeling better? Other?

What’s that you say? No time to work out? No problem! Here are two ways to get your sweat on from the comfort of your home, without even trying! None of that bulky equipment necessary.

no equipment

No dvds needed!

no dvds


And you guys can finally quit using your, well, this:


Although I can’t claim the following exercises are scientifically proven, I have tested both of them personally, and I can tell you they really get the heart rate up.

The first tip comes from years of growing up with parents who set the answering machine on the home phone line to pick up after a total of three rings in a 3-story house.

TIP #1: Get The Phone

Step 1: Pretend you still live in 1996. If you don’t have a home phone line, get one. And insist that people call you on that instead of your cell phone.

Step 2: Set the answering machine on your home phone line to pick up after 3 rings. Three little measly rings. Make sure the only wall-mounted phone with a cord attached is in the kitchen and that none of your cordless phones are ever charged properly.

Step 3: When the phone rings, jump into action like you’re a firefighter and the alarm just went off at the firehouse. Drop whatever you’re doing, leap up and sprint through the house to the kitchen, because otherwise there is no way you’re getting that call. Is that a couch in your way? No time to go around it. Vault yourself over it. If you lose your footing on the dismount, just drop and roll, but remember to tuck your neck. (safety first!) If you’re completely out of breath and wheezing by the time you say ‘hello,’ that just means you’re doing it right.

ferris bueller cameron

The second tip comes from a lifetime of being completely and utterly forgetful.

TIP #2: Lose Your Mind

Step 1:  Make sure all your important things that you might need during the day such as your wallet, keys, purse, etc are on the top floor of wherever you live.

Step 2: Proceed to exit the house/ apartment/ 5th floor walk-up and forget them all.

Step 3: Go back up the stairs to retrieve them and try leaving the house again. Half-way down the stairs, remember something else you forgot. Turn around and go back up. Try leaving again, and this time get as far as your car. Oh no, did you forget the keys? Perfect, this is where the workout really gets good because now you’re late for work and starting to sweat.

Now RUN back up the stairs, and start quickly lifting heavy things that your keys could possibly be hiding under or behind. Drop to the floor like you’re planking to look for them under the couch. No dice. Spring back up like you’re doing a burpee, then drop down again because you think you see something sparkly. Nope, just some spilled glitter (because of course). Run in panicked circles until you hear your keys jingling in your pocket. Sprint down the stairs and out of your house and don’t stop until you reach the car.

You sweaty yet?


So there you go, all of the fitness sense with none of the common sense.

What’s your favorite workout that isn’t technically a workout?



So, as I mentioned yesterday Eric and I essentially ate our way from one end of the weekend to the other. Delicious. (Said in the Candy Crush voice.) And I’ve been so excited to tell you guys about our experience with hot pots in Chinatown since it happened.

On Saturday night, Eric and I were in the mood for some real Chinese food. So we walked right past the PF Chang’s, continued past the row of restaurants on the border of Chinatown that caters to tourists, and made our way to the section of restaurants where  you actually have to request menus in English rather than Mandarin.*

(*Ok we didn’t technically have to request English menus, they handed them to us as we were sitting there looking like white people and talking English to each other. But still, it’s really authentic.)

So, if you’re not familiar with hot pots- as neither Eric nor I were before we ventured in to this place- it’s just like fondue. But instead of dipping your raw meat/fish/veggies into boiling oil or cheese with a skewer, you dip them into broth. And instead of using a skewer, you have just about every other utensil imaginable at your disposal… and more sauces, spices and noodles than you know what to do with.

Not pictured: a whole bowl of noodles and another spoon that was also a strainer

Not pictured: a whole bowl of noodles, another spoon/ strainer and the huge drop cloth the waiter was undoubtedly keeping behind the counter in case I kept spilling everything everywhere

For those of you keeping score that’s 3 plates, 2 bowls, 1 dish for sauce, 2 trays for spices, 1 set of chopsticks, 1 ladle/spoon, 1 strainer/spoon, one big pot of broth and one hidden drop cloth. And by the way, that was just my side. Eric had his own identical set up.

We quickly noticed that the technique we were using to cook and then subsequently transport the food into our mouths was much, much, different than that of the locals who were sitting around us. However, we didn’t want to stare at them so we just continued doing it our way.

cat with chopsticks

The waiter gave us some pointers because as if it wasn’t obvious enough, I told him flat out we didn’t know what we were doing. However his instructions came in the form of “cook the pork for 30 seconds, cook the chicken for 35 seconds, beef for 13 seconds, lamb for 14 seconds, broccoli for 8 minutes, noodles for 3 seconds….” etc etc. I smiled and nodded eagerly through the whole list. Then when he was through, I turned to Eric, blinked twice and mumbled, “wait, what?” Eric shrugged and we just started scooping things into the broth.

That's Eric cooking like a pro

That’s Eric cooking like a pro

It worked out. We cooked the food and got it into our mouths.  It wasn’t pretty nor graceful, but it was delicious and fun and nobody got food poisoning from under-cooked meats, so, I considered it an all-around win.

When we finished it was about 10:15pm, and we were both thinking one thing.

bridesmaids ready to party

Hahaha no.

Ice cream!! So we first tried to stop into a Ben & Jerry’s that was on our way home, but they were severely lacking in the fro yo department so we left.

We had 2 choices at that point- go home or go to our favorite place, JP Licks, which was all the way across town. Well, obviously going home without fro yo and ice cream wasn’t happening so we set out for JP Licks.

michelle tanner ice cream

We even called ahead to make sure they wouldn’t close before we got there. It was worth the walk :)

Have you ever been to a hot pot restaurant?

Do you know how to do it correctly? (Please tell me if you do! I’d like to go back one day)

What’s your favorite flavor of fro yo or ice cream? (Mine is mint chocolate chip hard frozen yogurt. Hands down.)



Hello and welcome to Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was quite fantastic actually. It was filled with lots and lots of delicious food, which I’ll discuss more in depth later in the week. But long story short, it started with some Mediterranean fare, continued with some hot pots in Chinatown and ended with a scrumptious Father’s Day dinner with my dad at one of our favorite restaurants in Boston.

Fitness-wise, I went for a 3 mile run (woohoo!) on Friday evening and I have to say this was the best run I’ve had in a very long  while. It also felt great just to be outside with the sun shining because last week was miserably rainy. Do you get tired and moody under such weather conditions? I do. Luckily the sun decided to stay out for the rest of the weekend and I appreciated it even more than I usually would.

Anyways as I was running on Friday, I was listening to Pandora’s “today’s hits” station and I was loving every song.  Thus, this week’s mixtape theme is just music I’m loving at the moment.  And there are two bonus tracks at the end by Lorde and Jessie Ware that my sister recommended, which are quickly becoming my two absolute favorite songs of the summer.

Spotify: Summer ’13 Mixtape

  1. blurred lines – robin thicke, t.i., pharrell
  2. cruise – florida georgia line
  3. radioactive – imagine dragons
  4. come & get it – selena gomez
  5. my songs know what you did in the dark (light em up) – fall out boy
  6. feel this moment – christina aguilera, pitbull
  7. love somebody – maroon 5
  8. people like us – kelly clarkson
  9. can’t hold us – macklemore, ray lewis
  10. clarity – zedd, foxes
  11. royals – lorde
  12. wildest moments – jessie ware

Hope your week is off to a great start! Go Bruins!

bruins jersey public garden statue1

How was your weekend?

Does weather affect your mood?

Are there any songs you’re particularly loving lately?