27 Thoughts on “Dear Florida… A quick note on the Zimmerman verdict

  1. Charlotte, you are the best! Missed you at the end of last week. Dropping you an email later today.
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  2. Thank you for this – I’m refraining from writing a post about the legal side of all of this. Happy Monday!
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  3. I have seen this all over the news but have avoided it like the plaque. I think I’m going to go read about it, but since it seems to be the same as the Kasey Anthony scenario… I think it might be best to stay away so I don’t get sick to my stomach.

  4. All I have to say is UGHHHHH.

    Hahah sending my kisses as well 😉
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  5. Absolutely no words for that. Can this be from Canada too?
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  6. A PERFECT post!
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  7. Sorry I have to disagree with you on the Zimmerman case. As someone who has their carriers permit- if someone attacks me and I feel for my life, then you’re damn right I’m going to protect myself! It’s unfortunate that it had to happen, but I’m glad the jury didn’t punish him for standing his ground. Totally agree with you on the Casey Anthony case though
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    • thank you for opening up some discussion on this! I agree with you on principle, but what I have a problem with is the way Zimmerman singled out Trayvon Martin simply for walking through his neighborhood because of his race. Then zimmerman proceeded to stalk him for a few minutes, then when trayvon felt threatened enough to turn to face his stalker in order to stand HIS ground, the scuffle ensued, and zimmerman shot the unarmed teenager who was half his body weight. Trayvon was the prey, Zimmerman was the hunter. the stand your ground rule should NOT apply to the hunter. that is why i feel there is an injustice here.

    • Charlotte, I agree with you here.

      Z. never would have needed to “stand his ground” in the first place (and the whole thing could have been avoided and no one would have died) if he had stayed away like he was told to do…by the POLICE.
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  8. Haha, love the last part!

    I know, I was so upset when I heard the verdict. He should have at least been charged with manslaughter, in my opinion.
    Sure, everyone has a right to protect themselves but that doesn’t mean you follow someone who is simply walking home and then when they defend themselves against you, you shoot them because you’re too big of wimp to fight a seventeen year old with your bare hands {or run away}.
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    • exactly!! trayvon was the victim. trayvon stood HIS ground when he was being stalked, but somehow zimmerman is freed for “standing his ground”? how is it legal to stalk someone, encourage a fight, shoot them and then say you had to because you were under attack. ugh this is so backwards

  9. Thanks for speaking on behalf of London too :)
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  10. I can’t even. I just can’t.
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  11. I’ve been avoiding reading or watching about this for a while, but it seems like I may need to get caught up because everyone’s quite heated about it.
    All though I know the gist of it, so suffice to say I feel the same way just ugh all around.
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  12. Amen! I’ve been watching the world news in utter disgust.
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  13. I find it interesting that the jury found Zimmerman not guilty because they would have had to decide that he killed Treyvon in self defense. I’m just not sure from the evidence that self-defense was proven as necessary in this case.
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  14. I have been reading some more about the jurors selected for the case because, obviously, a lot of people are like, “What was the prosecution thinking?!” Apparently, their argument is that you don’t necessarily “select” jurors, rather you de-select/eliminate others…who are sometimes a worse alternative.

    Great system :-/
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  15. It makes me sick that everyone made this about race. That’s all I have to say about it :) If it hadn’t involved an african american man, we would have NEVER heard a peep about it.
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  16. Guess if you want to murder someone you better find out when they’ll be in Florida since clearly murder is legal there…
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