So, the inspiration behind today’s post comes from last Friday’s post of one of my favorite bloggers- Sam @ Better with Sprinkles.

Her post included this image of a “Bison burger topped with melty goat cheese, honey mustard and pickles.”

better with sprinkles burger

This, you see, is essentially heaven on a bun for me because I am certifiably addicted to honey mustard.

To affectionately misquote Dr Seuss and take his words slightly out of context on the subject of a certain Sam and his coming around toward a certain dish of Green Eggs & Ham:

And I would eat honey mustard in a boat!
And I would eat it with a goat.
And I would eat it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
It is so good so good you see!

And I would eat it in a box.
And I would eat it with a fox.
And I would eat it in a house.
And I would eat it with a mouse.
And I would eat it here and there.
Say! I will eat it ANYWHERE!

sam i am

You name it, I probably add honey mustard to it.

I mean, is it any coincidence you can spell all of the following with the letters in “honey mustard”:

“Her ATM-y sound” – As in, ‘cha-ching!’ Aka the sound honey mustard companies hear when I walk in the store.

“Mouth? Darn yes” -As in, do I want honey mustard in my mouth? Darn straight I do.

“Doh! Must yearn” – As in, what I say when I realize I have run out of honey mustard.

Coincidence? I think not.

Do you like honey mustard?

What’s your favorite thing to put it on?

What’s your favorite condiment?


71 Thoughts on “Confession Series Part 2: I Am Addicted to Honey Mustard

  1. I’d never tried honey mustard until I went to the states, and I must admit, its a winner! although I am a huge fan of spicy brown, which, no surprise, we also don’t have here!

    The best condiment is a combination of my two favourites- mix yellow mustard with sriracha, its really good!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Marvelous in my Monday IIIMy Profile

  2. We make homemade honey mustard, heavy on the honey, and dip just about everything in it! Not really a condiment, but my favorite thing to add to just about anything is advocado slices. Yum!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Handful Bra Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    • thats how i like to make it too! and according to a few other commenters who also like adding avocado to everything, avocado might just be considered a condiment now :)

  3. Sorry…not a mustard fan, I’m a Heinz ketchup girl all the way. And to quote the Frank’s hot sauce lady “I put that s?!t on everything”
    Michelle @ 3 cheaprunners recently posted…Running and the Male EgoMy Profile

    • LOL, oh im a huge ketchup fan too. in fact sometimes i’m so in the mood specifically for ketchup, and so I’ll eat something like chips purely for the function of them being the vehicle that transport the ketchup into my mouth.

  4. But would you add it to… oatmeal? Cereal? Cookies?! As much as I enjoy mustard, I’m hoping you say no to all three 😛 And even with my love of mustard, I have to admit that ketchup will ALWAYS be #1… That stuff I’ll literally put on everything… although probably not oatmeal, cereal, or cookies 😕
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. where i’ve been, where i’m going .My Profile

    • Hahaha very good call- no i can safely say i do not add it to oatmeal, cereal or cookies. i think if that ever happens someone needs to call the addiction hotline for me :)

  5. Haha too funny! I’m addicted to sriracha, I put it on everything!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Banana Nut Overnight OatsMy Profile

  6. I’m pretty much obsessed with bbq sauce. Whenever I have fries with something at a restaurant, I always ask for a side of bbq sauce. The hubby used to laugh… but now he does it too. ha
    Tiff recently posted…It’s Not All or NothingMy Profile

  7. I’m not a honey mustard fan but my husband and both boys love it!! We go through lots and lots. They put it on just about anything and often in very large amounts!!!
    Kim recently posted…A Final RecapMy Profile

  8. OMG…you’re SO funny!!! YES, I love honey mustard too!!! It’s probably the BEST condiment ever, and far surpasses ketchup in my opinion! 😉
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Slow Cooker Chicken CacciatoreMy Profile

  9. My best friend in college was a good and he was obsessed with honey mustard. He knew which restaurants (fast food and regular) had the best honey mustards. He was quoted saying “Make honey mustard your first love” and we all still say it to this day! :)
    Mandy @ The Running Herbivore recently posted…Catching Y’all Up..My Profile

  10. AH hahahahaha! YES! I have missed you terribly on my blogging break/vacation and my first time reading again does NOT disappoint! (Duh, it never would!) I am in love with condiments of any kind and recently fell in love with honey mustard a few years ago. But, give me extra ketchup any time of the day and I’m thrilled. :) I used to be all up in ranch’s business but finding out the calorie count there ruined that fun. :( wah wah.
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…A Winner + The CruiseMy Profile

    • oh i KNOW- i had a similar falling out with ranch- i swear its all i ate in college and i blame it completely for the freshman 15 and then the sophomore 5 followed by the junior and senior 10. what were we talking about again? oh right, ranch is delicious :)

  11. I’m okay with honey mustard, but it’s not my favorite. (Don’t gasp!) Now if it was peanut butter, I would 100% feel you. Now my mother on the other hand, you could put honey mustard on someone and she would lick it off. (Okay, that’s an awful image, but it sufficiently describes how much she likes it.)
    Katherine recently posted…I Got That Green Thumb.My Profile

  12. I wish I liked it. :( However, I am not the biggest condiment fan! That includes ketchup, Dijon, mayo, etc.
    Tara recently posted…I Love HomeMy Profile

  13. Looooove honey mustard, especially with french fries. I also loooove ketchup and ranch and regular mustard and basically anything dippable. Why are condiments so fun?!

    Is it sad that I consider condiments fun?
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…The Weekend FiveMy Profile

  14. Annddd now I’m craving some honey mustard- love the stuff, especially with grilled chicken and/or as a salad dressing! Choosing just one condiment is rather difficult but I’m going to go with hummus- hand me a spoon and I’m good to go :-)
    Khushboo recently posted…Comida & downward dawgsMy Profile

  15. I used to really love honey mustard….until I found out I was allergic to mustard haha. Sad days for myself. Sometimes I still find myself craving it, but that would be a hot mess if I decided to eat it. Yah, not worth the allergic reaction I get.
    I’m for sure addicted to almond butter. Just a tad different than mustard.
    Lisa recently posted…July FavoritesMy Profile

  16. The fact that you did this post pretty much makes me life. Honey mustard for the win, absolutely! I’ve been eating it on my roast beef leftovers for lunch this week and it’s been a good decision. Although, buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce and ketchup are also up there for me 😉
    And I wasn’t sure what to make of the goat inclusion in your rhyme, but then I thought about and realized that goat with honey mustard would actually be pretty damn good. Although I’m sure it meant that you would eat honey mustard with a goat hanging around, on a goat works well too 😉
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Thai Mango Chicken.My Profile

  17. Sweet honey mustard or the more bitter kind? I love HM…I also love Ranch…but I think Ketchup is my favorite condiment. You are right about HM, though, b/c it really can go on anything. Looking forward to confessions part 3…Usher never got that far! recently posted…Target Practice – Tuesday EditionMy Profile

  18. Girl, you so crazy! Lol.
    I’m sort of a honey mustard fan. Please don’t hate me. I forgave your distaste for Greek yogurt, don’t forget that! 😉
    I like ketchup!
    makingthymeforhealth recently posted…Travel Tuesdays: Cliffs of Moher, IrelandMy Profile

  19. I can’t believe you just wrote a post on honey mustard. Hah. I LOVE honey mustard–I need at least one bottle of honey mustard salad dressing in my fridge at all times or I’m not a happy camper…especially when salad time rolls around. Also, Chick-Fil-A’s Honey Mustard = the best honey mustard ever.
    Beth @ Mangoes and Miles recently posted…CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Review & Giveaway!My Profile

    • i know, after this post was done i said to myself “um, really charlotte? a whole post on honey mustard? yup, looks like thats what just happened here” i LOVE it on salads.

  20. I used to be CRAZY about honey mustard especially with chicken fingers! I loved Arbys and TGIFridays! Now I just eat a lot of grainy mustards and KETCHUP. Loads and loads of ketchup.

  21. I am a big fan of mustard, it is my go-to condiment for burgers, dogs, sausages, sandwiches, ham, etc. I also love BBQ sauce and hot sauce, which is probably why my favourite mustard is one put out by President’s Choice (pretty sure they are only in Canada) called ‘Sweet with Heat’…a deliciously spicy honey mustard. Try to contain yourself.
    Mike @ 3 Cheap Runners recently posted…Running and the Male EgoMy Profile

    • you just blew my mind! a spicy honey mustard?! i love sriracha and hot sauce just about as much as honey mustard and the thought of them combined just made me very happy. i really must find that in the US.

  22. You are so funny…I love that..
    Love honey mustard, love honey mustard on anything. In fact, I make my great chicken and dunk it in peanut butter/honey mustard dressing. I can eat it by spoonfuls…my confession:)…waiting for your number 3..

  23. Yes yes yes, honey mustard is where it’s at!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Truckee’s First Time SwimmingMy Profile

  24. I love honey mustard…I even put it on my cereal…
    carlotta recently posted…Day (485) – It’s Never Too LateMy Profile

  25. Hmm… I’m not a huge honey mustard fan, I’m sorry! I do love mayo on a cheese burger though and mustard on a hot dog. Favorite condiment is probably hot sauce though! I love sriracha :)
    Her Happy Balance recently posted…Girl’s Beach Weekend Recap! (7/26-7/28/2013)My Profile

    • Oh i will accept hot sauce and forgive your dislike of honey mustard because sriracha is a VERY close number 2 in my opinion. i put that stuff on just about anything i dont add honey mustard to :)

  26. Haha! You always crack me up! I used to love honey mustard but I think as I am getting older I am moving away from sweeter things because I have sorted of reverted back to regular mustard or Dijon. Although I still do like honey mustard on occasion!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…More Zumba and Review of The Bari StudioMy Profile

    • isnt it funny how tastes change over time?? i used to hate mustard and be obsessed with ketchup. of course i still like ketchup, but i much prefer honey mustard now.

  27. I too love honey mustard. But my favorite condiment is avocado. Yes, it is a condiment if you put in on everythingggg (sandwiches, eggs, toast, salads, fish, chicken, eaten by a spoon out of the skin, etc….)
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats recently posted…Runners are gross.My Profile

  28. Honey mustard is amaze-balls! My favorite type of mustard is truffled mustard. It is pricey… as in $20 for a 4 oz. jar kinda pricey… but oh my goodness does it ever spice up a pretzel!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…Marathon Training – Week 7 RecapMy Profile

  29. I love spicy and Dijon mustard but I’m actually not a big fan of honey mustard. I know, I know, I’m one of those crazy girls. I also hate ketchup too, which might make me even crazier. That being said I’m sure this would be good with spicy mustard!
    Nicole @ fruitnfitness recently posted…CookiesMy Profile

  30. I LOVE me some honey mustard too .. on chicken, with fries, pretzels, you name it! :-)
    Lisa recently posted…Saturday Check-inMy Profile

  31. Would you ate it too smoothies; brownies; bananas? :)
    jessielovestorun recently posted…WIAW: Saturday’s MealsMy Profile

  32. This week, I discovered Bulletprooof coffee. OH MY! I can’t imagine going a day without at least one cup! My husband has a thing for honey mustard, too. :)
    Elle@thewaybyelle recently posted…50 Healthy Food and Exercise Comment Luv BlogsMy Profile

    • OH! is that the coffee with butter in it?! i read about that on Mark’s Daily Apple recently, and i have to say i was very intrigued! with your glowing review i might just have to try it now!

  33. I am a ketchup girl, but my older daughter LOVES honey mustard!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Would You Rather: Eat Or Drink Your Calories?My Profile

  34. I absolutely LOVE salsa and roasted red pepper hummus. There is not a single day I go without a dollop of either. I agree, when it’s love, you will seriously put it on anything! Great post.
    Katie recently posted…S+B Summer StackMy Profile

  35. Hahahahahahaha. I love you. There, I said it. You’re absurd in every wonderful way. Everything you say is funny. Please show me your ways. A burger with goat cheese honey mustard and pickles really does sound like angels singing. I love HM as well. I guess about as much as I love ranch. I don’t like Hidden Valley kind of ranch though. I like made in house restaurant ranch. Same with HM. I loooovvveee regular mustard too. I LOATHE ketchup. Yuck. Oh, and, what? You don’t put HM in your oatmeal? I don’t love you anymore. Just kidding. You probably wish I weren’t. I have to go now…
    Rebekah @ fitnesscreatures recently posted…15 Random Pictures (and their stories, of course)My Profile

    • Hahhahaha I wish i could feature all my favorite comments in their own post because I am laughing SO HARD. i love you too and i totally agree on the fact hidden valley is blah and house restaurant ranch is where its at. (like, 2- turn- tables- and- a- microphone- where- its- at.) lets be friends for life k?

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