(To those of other nations, HAPPY THURSDAY!!)

Today is just a quick post to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday weekend with  the best movie clip that references the 4th of July:

The scene from Independence Day when Bill Pullman makes the “Today we celebrate our Independence Day” speech, right before a group of air force pilots go battle the aliens.


First up, I’d like to thank you all for weighing in yesterday on post length.  I really appreciate everybody’s opinions on that topic!!

Next up, let’s talk about motivation.

Motivation is a tricky beast.

Motivation, much like the Disney Beast- who was a mean beast and then a nice beast and then a human enchanted to look like a beast- is one tricky beast.


Sometimes your brain is just agog with ideas and energy and you’re all:

“Woohoo it’s time for my run! Run run run. I love to run. I love a little cardio. A little car-di-OHH YEAH I’m on fire today! And I have like 8 ideas for blog posts, what to choose, what to choose. Oh wait what’s that, Brain? Something awesome? Make that 9.”

And then other times it’s like:

“Ehh, I have no idea what I’m going to blog about today, maybe how much I love my pillow. And yes, I’m happy right here on the couch with said pillow and no, I have no plans to put on pants.”

Monica covers both extremes in a convenient minute and a half:

Luckily, most of the time, most of us are somewhere in the middle.

But whether we’re talking about the motivation that gets you out the door and gets your feet moving quickly one after the other for miles and miles or whether we’re talking about the kind of motivation it takes to write a blog post, sometimes you just don’t feeeeeel like it. In those moments, you just have to show up. Because showing up is 80% the entire battle.

Like, all it takes is that choice to make an appearance. You may find that once you’re there (wherever “there” may be) and you start doing it (whatever “it” may be) that you actually feel great. It  might turn out to be one of your best workouts.

But sometimes it turns out you were right to be weary, and it sucks. But even if that’s the case and it’s painful and you hate it the whole time, infinity times out of infinity, you’re going to feel better afterwards than you did prior.

Sometimes the only way I get myself to Bar Method is promising myself I can leave half way through. To date that has never once happened. Once I’m there, I get into it. The same goes for blog posts. When I have no motivation, I tell myself that if I just open a new draft I can write  “no towels, need sleepy” (from Tommy Boy) over and over again. But, inevitably, I begin to type sentences, and add pictures.

Also from Tommy Boy

(Also from Tommy Boy)

Some good, some not so good.

Finally, the best of both worlds:

An awesome pillow that makes me want to leave my bed. I need this.

Do you ever find that sometimes your best workouts/ blog posts happen on days you did NOT want to exercise/write?

Do you want that pillow too?

What are you doing for the 4th??

Happy Tuesday, Internet luvahs!

Question- (no pressure, this one isn’t quiz related)- do you like intros or do you like posts that are short and sweet and cut right to the chase? I’ve been reading some literature on the topic and experts tend to agree the shorter the better. The thing is, I tend to enjoy reading intros. Does anybody else? However, with shorter and sweeter in mind, I wrote a whole big intro to this post and then chopped it like Miley Cyrus’s hair.

miley cyrus before and after

If you missed the first installment in the now two-part series “How To Be A Fitness Blogger” go here. It talks about your new vocabulary. However, it’s possible that wanna-be fitness bloggers are sitting at their laptops right this moment thinking to themselves “Am I ready to be a fitness blogger? I wish there was a way to know!”

Well wonder no more. Today we’re going to do a little quiz.

Good luck.

(And I guess this turned into an intro of sizable length after all.)

Here we go:

1. When you hear the phrase “easy 10” you think:

  • a. Someone just bet $10 that Lindsay Lohan is going back to rehab.
  • b. The time, in minutes, it takes to process the fact Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just named their daughter, North West.
  • c. Someone is about give you 10 quick reasons why the name North West is a disaster.
  • d. Miles. A really really fit person just ran 10 freaking miles for freaking fun.


2. When you hear the word “Chobani” you think:

  • a. A delicious brand of Greek yogurt you see in the grocery store.
  • b. “I want to buy stock in that company so badly, will there ever be an IPO?”
  • c. “I don’t really do dairy.”
  • d. “I know every flavor that brand makes and I know every possible recipe that one can use their yogurt in, thanks to the huge boxes of yogurt they send every blog I read to review, as well as all the retreats they sponsor, as part of their pleasantly aggressive and downright brilliant blogger marketing strategy.”


3. When you see “WIAW” you think:

  • a. Huh?
  • b. Um, your autocorrect spelled “WOW” wrong.
  • c. “MAIM” upside down, which you take as a veiled threat.
  • d. “What I Ate Wednesday! Lets see those eats!”


4. When you see “MIMM” you think:

  • a. “My, It’s Miserably Muggy” (and you probably live in Boston)
  • b. “I’m subtly reminded of Pimm’s which always reminds me of Pim’s which are delicious. And now I want cookies.”
  • c.  “Millions! I Make Millions!” (and you’re Scrooge McDuck)
  • d. “Marvelous In My Monday! Cant wait to read about some marvelous inspiration!”


Results: if you answered D to all four questions, well then call yourself Glen Coco because you got all four. Four for you!

you go glen coco

And there is a nearly 100% chance that you may already be a fitness/ health & wellness blogger. If you did poorly, well, next week is true/false. Keep studying.

Note: if you found yourself answering “all of the above” or “some of the above” on all questions- that is also correct :)

So, what are your thoughts on intros? Good/bad/depends on the situation?

Also what are your thoughts on posts in general? Long/short/depends on the situation?