The following picture is absolutely amazing.


Over the weekend, Usain Bolt set a world record in the 100 meter dash as a lightening bolt flashed across the sky as he crossed the finish line.

This amazing picture got me thinking, what if other athletes with nouns for names had a similar experience:

Tiger Woods in the woods:

tiger woods in the woods

Blake Griffin with a griffin:

blake griffin with a griffin

Misty May-Treanor in the mist:

misty may treanor in the mist

Tom Brady hanging out with the bradys:


Tiger Woods with a tiger in the woods:

tiger tiger woods

Just saying.

Are you a Usain Bolt fan?

Did you know Prince Harry has a horse named Usain Colt?

And by the way- how’s your week going? We made it to Wednesday! Woo!

So over the weekend I thought I was watching golf, but it turns out I was watching Bar Method. Outside. With polo shirts. I’ll explain.

As you may or may not know, the PGA championship was this past weekend. And if you happened to be in the mood for that specific brand of toned-down excitement and understated fun that watching golf typically provides, this weekend’s tournament did not disappoint. But there was also something else. Something unexpected. There was also, Bar Method.

Bar Method is everywhere you guys, and I’m about to demonstrate.

In Bar Method we do an exercise called “Chair” that looks like this:

bar method chair

On the golf course, it looks like this:

golfers chair 1

2. In bar method there is an exercise called “Arabesque” that looks like this:

bar method arabesque

On the golf course, it looks like this:

golfer arabesque

3. In Bar Method, the thigh work portion of class looks like this:

bar method thigh

On the golf course, it looks like this:

golfer thigh

4. And in Bar Method, we are constantly being told to squeeze our glutes like this:

bar method tuck

Aaand on the golf course, it looks like this:

BMW PGA Championship - Day Three

So, there you have it. I think the photographic evidence speaks for itself. Aside from the whole get-the-ball-in-the-hole part, Golf is simply Bar Method in more formal attire.

What do you think?

Do you play golf? (Personally, my golfing abilities cap out at the “miniature” level)

Whats your favorite sport to watch?

So the amaaaazing Sarah at Sweet Miles nominated me for the Liebster Award, and I’m SO honored to receive it!!

Even though it’s not my first nomination, I’ve just learned that every nomination feels fracking* awesome!!

*Battlestar Galactica reference anyone? Anyone at all? Or, wait speaking of Battlestar Galactica, has anyone seen that Portlandia episode where they keep watching Battlestar Galactica? Anyone? No? Ok, moving on.

Anyways, I’m not going to go full Liebster on you all today, I’m just going to answer Sarah’s survey questions, because they’re GREAT questions and because I love surveys.

Here we go:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I love writing. And also because Eric dared me to (truth) and I do not back down from dares (totally false, I back down all the time)

2. What is your favorite part about blogging?

While I obviously love the writing part, I have to say my favorite part of the whole blogging experience has turned out to be getting to know the other bloggers :)

3. When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing?

Working, bar methoding, watching too much tv, but mainly, just hanging out with Eric…


hanging out at oscars

hanging out 8

hanging out 4

4. What is your favorite way to get your work out on?

With a bar!

And yes I mean that two-fold: 1. Bar Method, and 2. the other “bar” method- ie. lifting a glass of wine to and from my mouth repeatedly. I find that it is a good warm up for dancing around the room for the rest of the night.

5. What motivates you to stay healthy and active?

My deep inner desire to live forever, and my deep inner desire to look good in jeans.

6. What are you most proud of in your life, thus far?

Wow, what a good question. Hmm… this is quite difficult to answer because I’m the type of person who celebrates the small victories. Like for example, today I am most proud that I didn’t eat that 2nd muffin after I ate my first, even though I was hungry enough to. I’m not sure I could hold your attention if I got into a lifetime of stuff like that.

7. What goals do you have for yourself to accomplish by the end of the year?

  1. By 2014 I would like to have a steady income from writing.
  2. Not lose sight of goal #1.

8. What’s one thing you wish you could say to your younger self?

Stop thinking you’re not photogenic- even the worst photo you ever took at the age of 22 is still better than most of the photos you take at 30.

9. What is your favorite go-to recipe?

  • Start with a base of frozen yogurt.
  • Add coconut flakes, mochi and mango.
  • Eat before it melts.

10. What is the funniest thing you’ve heard today?

Anthony Weiner hired a new campaign manager (hint: it’s his weiner because “he was already making most of the major decisions, anyway”):

Thanks Sarah! These questions were so much fun to answer!

Now your turn- pick 1 (or as many as you like) and answer in the comments!

Or if you’d like me to pick one for you – what motivates you to stay healthy and active?

Are you an introverted exerciser or an extroverted exerciser?

We all know what introverts and extroverts are like, right?

Extroverts are like:


And introverts are like:

Introvert-vs-Extrovert (1)

And then there’s me who’s like:

like a cat

But does that affect the way we exercise? I think yes!

If you’re an introvert it means you get your strength and energy from alone time, while extroverts get their strength and energy from people time. And since strength and energy are a huge part of exercising, it only seems natural that one would have an affect on the other.

This is a 2-part psychology series, the first being the introverted list, while next week, it’s the extroverted list.

Get psyched, psych fans.

Top 8 Signs You’re an Introverted Exerciser

8. Your general theory on gyms is that they are for exercising your muscles, not your mouth.

7. If someone spots you awkwardly using a weight machine, and they take it upon themselves to give you friendly pointers, you take it upon yourself to call security.

6. Even though you attend exercise classes, the most interaction anyone has ever gotten out of you is an “oh sorry” after you accidentally hit them with your mat.

5. Any big organized group exercise activity for adults that has the general tagline of “Come join! Get fit! Make friends!” makes you sleepy.

4. Your ideal tennis partner is yourself.

3. When a group of your friends are getting together to do some form of exercise, you decline by claiming you “have other plans,” and then you secretly do a workout on your own.

2. When someone asks if you want to start running together you panic and tell them you just quit running.

1. Most people work out as a way to de-stress and bond with people after a day of work, while you work out as a way to de-stress after a day of being around people.


Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Does it affect the way you work out?