Good morning, Neverland! (Said in the voice of Smee from Hook)

I’ve been thinking about food trends lately. Why do we eat what we do? The answer: because advertisers are good at their jobs. No matter how savvy you think you are, there are certain buzzwords that I’m pretty sure nobody can escape.

Lets explore.


Low-cholesterol, lite, high-fiber, oat-bran. Oat Bran just about took over in the late 80s. Even Wheat Thins got on the oat bran bandwagon

oat thins 80s ad


Fat-free, diet, reduced-fat. Remember when EVERYTHING was suddenly fat-free?

snackwells 90s ad


Protein, energy, cage-free, all-natural



And every decade we seem to think that “ohhh ok, ok, NOW we have it right.” But if history has anything to say about it, another trend will come after this.

I wonder whats next.

Lets guess!

Possible Trend #1: Spice. I think its about time that a random spice take center stage for its “weight control” abilities. Maybe garlic, maybe cayenne pepper, maybe cinnamon- who knows. Whichever spice has the best PR team. Granted these spices do have health benefits, but suddenly everything from turkey slices to potato chips will be oozing with this one spice. They’ll inject it into produce as it grows to make it extra creepy infused with healthiness. Potential tagline: “Cinnamon french fries: they’re not sinful when they’re cinn-ful”

Possible Trend #2: The new energy drink. Perhaps its time for a “healthy” energy beverage to get in the spotlight. It probably won’t be anything like tea or something that’s actually proven to be healthy but some sort of “fortified” something or other. Oh! Perhaps it’ll be fortified with bio-luminescence so it glows in the dark. Tagline: “Bio-glow: giving you energy you can see throughout the day (and especially at night)”

Possible Trend #3: Wait wait wait… I got it… Moon yogurt. We already have yogurt from just about everywhere on Earth, the next generation has to be from beyond the stratosphere. Granted there’s no life on the Moon to make yogurt, but it’s not like Chobani is made in Greece. Tagline: “Lunar yogurt: one giant leap above the rest”

What do you think about food trends?

Do you buy into them? Do you think most people are aware of how good advertisers are at their jobs?

Do you think we finally have it right this time?

Whats the next trend?


So, when you have a blog, it’s essentially your full time job. Or your other full time job if you already have a full time job. Nobody really tells you that before you get into it. I remember having this exact thought the day I set mine up:

“Hey I should have 2 blogs! Why doesn’t anybody have 2 blogs? I want 2 blogs!”

A couple days later I was like “Ohhh that’s why nobody has 2 blogs. Right…”

One blog is a lot of work. And you’re suddenly not just you anymore, you’re you-with-a-blog. Everything in your life is now potential blog fodder.

i need to update my blog someecards

Here are the Top 8 Conversations Healthy Living Bloggers Have IRL:

8. Re: Socializing

Non-blogger: “Want to meet up for drinks?”

You: “Can’t tonight, I’m behind in my comments.”


7. Re: Comedy

You: “Wait!”

Non-blogger: “What?”

You: “Do that again! I need a pic for my blog.”


6. Re: Food

You: “Wait!”

Non-blogger: “What now?”

You: “Don’t eat that! I need a pic for my blog.”


5. Re: Relations

You: “So my friend was talking about this gluten free pumpkin bread she made and-”

Non-blogger: “Which friend?”

You: “Oh, I mean my blog friend.”

Non-blogger: “Sorry who? Does she live in Boston? You only know her from blogging?”

You: “Yes, I mean no, I mean-”

Non-blogger: “So you’ve never actually met her?”

You: “Right, and-”

Non-blogger: “Can you really consider her a “friend”?”

You: “Yes, and right now I like her more than you, let me finish my story.”


4. Re: Shameless Self-Promotion

blog gchat 1


3. Re: Current Events

Non-blogger: “So what do you think about the crisis in Syria?

You: “What crisis in cereal? Has there been a recall?”


2. Re: The New More Caffenated Normal

Non-blogger: “Remember life before your blog?”

You: “Haha I’m sorry I have no recollection of this era of which you speak. Want to come to Starbucks with me?”


1. Re: Problem Solving

Your inner monologue: “Hmm… What can I add to this recipe to make it better? Hmm… Pumpkin?… Protein powder?… Nut butter??… Oh wait hold the phone… Answer: all of the above. Yes. Muahaha yes. Proceed, self, proceed.”


How has your life changed since starting your blog?

How do you manage a good work-life-blog balance?


So, as you may already know, healthy living bloggers do a lot of product reviews. But, I’m not really one of them. Until today.

Today I’m going to show you my gear.

Since I don’t really run that often, I’ve never invested in any cool gear. I don’t have the water bottle belt, nor a Garmin, nor the arm band nor fanny pack nor shorts-with-a-pocket to hold your phone while you run. But I really don’t like holding my phone when I’m doing fitnessy things of any nature, so, one day I decided to improvise.

And I made the Sock Pocket.



Take a sock that has lost its match, but you still keep in your drawer with the hope that the match will one day reappear.

Let go of that hope.

Cut the sock in half.

Fasten it to the inside of your pants with 2 safety pins.


Insert all the money you just saved.

sock pocket

Dolla dolla bill y’all*

And oh what’s that? You’re in the mood for it on the other hip now?

No problem. It’s elegant safety pin design allows for easy removal and rearranging on your person.

dollar bill 1

When you’re done taking selfies, insert your phone into the Sock Pocket, and proceed to run/ walk/ Bar Method/or just lay back down on the couch.

*Note: to make it less stripper-rific, stick a credit card in there instead**.

**Plus a credit card is just more practical since you never know what you’re going to need on the road- like fro yo, something from cvs, a taxi… in other words, something the old George Washington won’t cover.

How do you carry your phone and money when you run/exercise?

Are you crafty? (This is the extent of my craftiness)

Do you hang on to match-less socks too??

Does anyone else have the Hot Pockets theme in their head now?