This post is coming to you from my bed where I am nursing a bit of a back injury. You see, whilst moving heavy boxes the other day I somehow managed to pinch a nerve near my spine… which means it hurts when I walk and my left hand is expected to be numb for the next few days.

mean girls karen ew

Ugh, I know.

Like, you know when a house is mis-wired and you turn on a light switch in the kitchen and the upstairs toilet flushes? It’s like that. Or at least that’s how I picture it in my mind :)

So as I said, when you pinch this particular nerve in your back, your left hand goes numb. I have therefore been terribly clumsy lately. I have knocked over everything that has had the unfortunate fate of being on my left including- but not limited to- water, coffee, more water, etc. In fact I have just covered my entire studio in a layer of paper towels in anticipation of the next spill.

So in case you one day find yourself in a similar situation, behold my official guide to dealing with a pinched nerve:

pinched nerve guide

Step 1: Even though it doesn’t help, shaking your left hand furiously with a limp wrist feels like it helps, so, do a lot of that. Sing Florence & The Machine’s hit tune “Shake It Out” simultaneously.

Step 2: Watch lots of HGTV and learn what light fixtures to put in your extreme eco-friendly tree house that is made purely from indigenous wood and suspends itself in mid-air over a waterfall. Because ‘natch.

Step 3: Watch lots of Food Network. Learn what to- actually, just get really hungry. Order thai food.

Step 4: Spill said thai food. (Because you reached for your phone too fast when a new snapchat came in.)

Step 5: Congratulate yourself on having that layer of paper towels that caught the spill before any real damage was done to your comforter.

So remember kids, bend at the knees and no twisting while you’re lifting. No back protection is whack protection!

Ever had a back injury?

What TV channels/ shows do you watch when you’re stuck in bed?

Whats your favorite food to order in?


So yesterday the Today Show teamed up with Fitness Magazine to do a segment called “How To Reorganize Your Kitchen to Help You Lose Weight”. They talked about putting produce and healthy things at eye level in the fridge, using white plates so you can better see how much food is in front of you, and always eating at the table so you’re mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth. Helpful stuff like that.

However, while those are all good tips, I question how much weight one can really lose by following this advice.


For surefire success, I think it might take a little more reorganizing. Luckily, I have some ideas.

Here are my top 8 ways to reorganize your kitchen to lose weight:

8. Place something large and heavy in front of your refrigerator. Something like a bookcase or a couch is ideal.

7. Repeat #8 at the entrance to your pantry.

6. Repeat once again at the entrance to your entire kitchen.

5. Throw out all the food in your cabinets, and replace with files, books and other inedible fare.

4. Put up artwork of gross things.

3. Replace your kitchen table with a treadmill.

2. Start using your oven for seasonal storage. Winter boots, coats, etc.

1. Remove all the light bulbs. If you cant see it, you cant eat it.


Is your kitchen organized according to healthy habits?

Do you keep junk food in the house?

Do you sit down to eat or do you usually snack/ munch/ grab and go? (I am very guilty of the latter)

What color are your plates?

Zero. Definition: nothing.

Have you ever thought about women’s clothing sizes? Why are sizes labeled 0, 2, 4 etc? They certainly don’t measure anything. I understand when clothes are tagged by waist sizes like 26, 27, 31 etc. That’s helpful. But why 0, 2, 4? And 0, being the smallest, is supposed to be enviable. Size 0! How is that even a size? It’s literally the measure of nothing.

The problem here is that I think the concept of size 0 is doing more harm to the psyche of women and girls than anyone realizes. Or maybe everyone realizes it and nobody talks about it. Or maybe everybody talks about it, but I can’t hear everyone over the sound of my own chewing. Regardless, we’re going to talk about it today.

In my opinion, the concept of size 0 sends a symbolic message to women and girls that the more invisible you are, the better.

Think about it. Men and boys don’t have sizes called 0, 2 and 4. Men and boys aren’t taught to strive to be the physical representation of nothingness. They’re taught to stand up tall, to let their broad builds fill up space in a room, to be a presence.

Women, on the other hand, are taught that the less your physical presence is seen and felt, the better. Not to be dramatic, but no wonder we haven’t had a female president yet.

But don’t worry- I have a solution :) I think we should get rid of the numerical system completely. And we should rename the sizes something more arbitrary like colors, names of dead presidents, or ice cream flavors.

I’d like to one day be able to say that I’m a size Mint Chocolate Chip in most pants, but a size Cookie Dough at Banana Republic and Gap because their stuff runs big. And a size Coffee-Toffee in anything designer because that sh*t is cut for 12 year olds.

Perhaps this way, one’s size won’t matter. We won’t strive to be as teeny of a physical presence as possible, and we can all just focus on being healthy, however big or small that may be. And then we can focus on other more interesting pursuits like school, work, ruling the world, etc. And just think of all the spare time we’ll have for activities.

step brothers- so much room for activities

It’s mind boggling, really.

What are your thoughts on size charts?

Do you agree that the concept that size 0 is sending a negative message to women and girls?

Or do you think I’m reading too much into it?


So, I live in a city. I don’t have a car because I walk or take pubic transportation everywhere. For now, it suits me. However, being a city walker is no easy task. It takes years of practice in order to master such techniques as “walking with a purpose”.


And it takes some very fancy footwork to avoid food carts, tourists who are looking upward and to the left at whatever old monument is upward and to the left, homeless or drunk people who don’t walk in straight lines, emergency vehicles, strollers, pets, and the like.

For the most part my walking strategy is the good ol’ “bob and weave”. Walk quickly, pass on the left, stay alert and get ahead of any large crowds. If you’re walking with a friend, make sure that friend knows the “figure 8” move. One of my friends, Christine, is also a great city walker and she and I can figure-8 around slow pokes and large crowds without even pausing the conversation.

However, the one person I will yield to every time is a runner.

Boston has plenty of designated running paths, but runners still need to get to and from said paths. So often I see runners just running in place as tourists cut them off in huge packs, or when everyone is trying to funnel through a park gate entrance the runners just bob up and down politely waiting their turn.

Those poor runners. They don’t deserve that. Runners want to be running. So, I’m calling on everybody to YIELD TO RUNNERS. Let them pass you. They’ll be out of your way in 1 second at most. Pause, let them go and then continue on your way. Together, we can keep city pedestrian traffic moving, and runners running.

i yield to runners

Everybody wins.

Who’s with me? Do you yield to runners?

Runners- do you run in crowded areas? Do you get upset when you get cut off by walkers?