Is there any word more trendy in the past couple weeks than “twerking”? I don’t think so. Thanks to Miley Cyrus, you literally can’t go to a gossip site without seeing twerking news.


My thoughts exactly, Miley.

As a voracious gossip consumer, this is getting annoying. However, as a fitness blogger, this is great because I am about to turn twerking into a fitness post.

So twerking is dancing. Very provocative, rather inappropriate, hip-swinging, booty-shaking dancing.  However, as we all know, today’s dance that angers the older generation is tomorrow’s exercise class craze (see your local pole dancing studio for details) because dancing is a great workout and really fun. And if you need to explain twerking to your parents, the New York Times wants to help you with that.

Twerking is not new. The name is new, but nothing else about it is really all that new. Lets explore history’s top 8 twerkers, shall we?

(And no, Miley doesn’t even make the list)

8. Elvis


7. Ross

ross dancing

6. Kevin Bacon in Footloose:


5. Napoleon Dynamite:

napoleon dynamite dancing

4. John Travolta in Grease:

jogn travolta grease

3. John Travolta again in Saturday Night Fever:

john travolta dancing

2. Beyonce:

beyonce dancing

1. Baby in Dirty Dancing. When she’s not in the corner.

dirty dancing

So call it what you will, I guarantee there will be twerk classes at your local fitness studio before you know it. Get twerking y’all.

Are you a good dancer?

What do you think of this dance craze? Cool or too inappropriate?

Favorite dance movie??

PS- I’d like to thank you all SO SO much for your comments yesterday! You have no idea how much each one means to me. This community is crazy awesome. Thank you!!

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Ok, I gotta run, but I promise a real post is coming soon!

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