So, as everyone knows, it’s fall. (Well, unless you live on the other side of the world, then its not fall. It’s… summer? Spring? I still don’t understand how it works. Like if its 2013 here, is it 2017 there? Something like that :) )

Regardless, I think this post will be relatable for everyone.

As the weather changes, and we slowly move into a cooler climate and shorter days, it’s likely that our activity levels drop. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep a fitness schedule throughout the fall & winter. SO, what do we do when we feel overwhelmed? We break it down into simpler steps. Here is a list of things you do in fall that you don’t even realize you’re doing that all contribute to keeping your heart rate up.

Here we go.

Top 8 Ways To Stay Fit This Fall Without Even Trying

8. Refuse to say goodbye to summer and continue to wear your summer clothes a few weeks too long. Shiver violently while adamantly denying you are cold.

7. Finally accept that autumnal clothing is necessary. Bundle up before you leave the house. Then, upon the realization that it’s actually not that bad out in the sun, peel off your layers… A moment later, when the wind picks up, realize that yes, you were right the first time and it is indeed cold out. Put all those layers back on again. Repeat for the duration of the time you spend outside.

6. Technically it’s hurricane season, so if you happen to find yourself in gale-force winds… Run. Like. The Dickens.

5. Apple picking! Treat it like a competition- get all the apples! You may make a bunch of kids pretty unhappy, but you’ll work up a sweat in no time. Trust me.

4. Park in a city. Yeah. You see, urban parking lots are a rare and overpriced thing. So come to the city with the goal to park your car. Drive around for an anxiety-laced hour looking for street parking. Is your heart rate up yet? Good, that’s your warm up. Now walk the mile and a half to your desired destination from the parking spot you found. Once you reach it, pivot and go back because it’s time to refill the meter.

3. Insist that grilling season goes well past Labor Day. Run back and forth from the warmth of your house to the grill on your deck as you check on your food.

2. 3 words: Halloween bar crawl. Do it right and you can cover a lot of ground.

1. Watch football. Be your team’s biggest fan- get a trademark victory dance that would get you penalized for excessive celebration on the spot. Do it often.


Happy Fall Fitness’ing, friends!

Are you good at keeping up your workout schedule in the fall/ winter?

What football team is your team?

Australians- what is your average temperature this time of year anyways??


53 Thoughts on “Top 8 Ways To Stay Fit This Fall Without Even Trying

  1. Ha ha ha. The clothing conundrum! Cool in the morning, hot during the day, cold when the sun goes down. Shivering, then sweating, then shivering again. Major calorie burn!!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Things I Want My Daughters to Know: Guest Post at Coach DaddyMy Profile

  2. I don’t quite understand the reversed season thing either… It makes deciding on when an ideal time to visit Australia would be incredibly difficult… Like… try have Christmas in the summer? That’s just weird.

    Anywho, I actually find it a bit easier to keep up my fitness in the winter, mostly because I snowboard and need snow for tht, and the cold darkness outside means there’s not always that much to do so I hit the gym out of boredom 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW … one big snack fe[a]st .My Profile

  3. New England fall makes absolutely no sense to me. One minute I’m sweating, the next I’m freezing. You know what makes even less sense though? Baltimore fall. It’s mid 80s here all week. Um excuse me? It does make it hard to find excuses not to go workout though since it is so warm!
    pickyrunner recently posted…Count it OutMy Profile

  4. we’re going through the crazy weather now – buttfucking cold in the mornings, sweltering hot in the afternoon. i wear a down vest in the morning and then dying in the afternoon. not cool.

    Vodka and Soda
    kathy @ vodka and soda recently posted…Tough Mudder 2013 Part 2: totally fucking amazingMy Profile

  5. Honestly, I thought I was the only one unable to keep in mind the different seasons so thank you for making me feel better! Admittedly, though: I already get confused by the time difference between countries. Never ever will I be able to remember what time it is in a certain city in the US right now – and why does it even have to differ once more depending on the state? It’s SO confusing.
    Wow, looks like switching up my fitness routine in fall will be a breeze ;). Only I think some people might consider talking to their doctor before repeatedly practicing #4 – talk about risk of heart attack :).
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…[Don’t] judge me …My Profile

  6. Hahaha – # 5 has me in tears!!!!
    So so wrong – but so so funny!!!
    Fall (and any temp below 60) puts a damper on my outdoor running – which means I bring my running indoors and have a hard time covering some serious distance on a treadmill…so I turn to Insanity {not the state of mind but the shaunT workout 😉 }
    When I grow up, I wanna stay in the States from April – September and move down under the rest of the time – summer all year long!!!
    Shashi @ recently posted…Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Peanut Butter Cookies (No Flour/No Butter)My Profile

  7. God almighty you are SO FUNNY!! I was CRYING with laughter! The apple picking one threw me straight over the edge into embarrassing amounts of laughter for being completely alone in my home! ;)-Ashley

  8. Ha. Good ones. :) I am usually pretty good about keeping up my workout routine in fall/winter.
    One way to keep trim (but not necessarily stay fit) is to wear cute sweaters and scarves. Buildings turn up the heat this time of year (or at least turn off the AC), and then you sweat off any extra water-weight. It stinks not being able to wear fall/winter clothes in fall/winter…
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted…Coffee TalkMy Profile

  9. I agree with Amanda… I think about Christmas in summer… Strange. lol. Those are some great tips! I am ready to grab my hoodie right now. I also need to invest in some bigger jeans…. dang it. Ah well… I have my hoodies!
    Ashley @ Eat Run Live Happy recently posted…First Time In AgesMy Profile

  10. The unfortunate things is that I love fall but our’s is usually too short. But we have been known to BBQ into the winter- some things just taste way better grilled!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted…Confused about shoes – trail editionMy Profile

  11. Ugh the cold not only makes it hard for me to work out, but it makes it hard for me to even leave the house. ALL I want to do is curl up on the couch (and let’s be real, when I say the couch I really mean my bed), and watch TV and read. I don’t want to go out at night – wearing heels and a short skirt in the winter time is not my idea of fun. I always just laugh when I see girls wearing a coat, dress, and NO tights in 30 degree weather.

    I guess that’s the other thing cold weather does – make me sound like a grandma talking about “kids these days.”
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…WIAW – Fruits and Veggies StyleMy Profile

  12. Hehehehe, no gym necessary in fall, I see, I will definitely think about going apple picking 😉 not just for workout reasons, but I love making huge batches of apple sauce to keep me satisfied throughout the cold months. Other great ways to get you sweaty: explore new job opportunities on Halloween – become a bag snatcher and engage in a wild chase with the furious kids. Bet that’ll get your heart rate up!
    Ksenija @ Health Ninja recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday {getting back into the groove}My Profile

  13. My parents convert their deck into a semi-sunroom in the fall and winter, so whenever I’m craving BBQ I just go over there – they grill all year around :-p
    And from past experience, number 2 is a pretty awesome workout in itself…attempting to dance in a Halloween costume can be tricky (although I suppose that depends on if you’re going more traditional with your Halloween costume, or going for the small-squares-of-fabric-type) :-p
    I’m usually pretty good with keeping up my workouts in the Fall – they change a little because I refuse to workout outside in cold weather, but as long as I can get to the gym I’m good.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: October.My Profile

  14. Haha I’m so bad at dressing for autumn. I’m like “68 degrees? Is that a jacket and shorts? Or jeans and a long sleeve?” It’s a problem especially since I get hot so easily. And then yes, I am so cold in the morning when I get to work and when I leave work I’m like wtf why is 85 degrees and what the hell was wrong with me this morning when I brought this big ass coat? Bizarre weather.
    Caitlyn @ City and the Cubicle recently posted…On October 3rd, I Asked What Today’s Post WasMy Profile

  15. #7 is the story of my dang life. It’s exhausting.
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Fall 2013 ScheduleMy Profile

  16. i LOVE this list!! not that i really need a reason to do a ridiculous victory dance!! haha :)
    carrie recently posted…my first ever half mary.My Profile

  17. I can speak with authority (since I currently have three Australians under my roof) that it is spring in Australia. Summer starts in December and average temps this time of year range from 22-27 degrees Celcius (70s and 80s Fahrenheit). Also, they are communicating with us from the future! Like right now, it’s already Friday. 😉

    O.k. number 5, are you speaking form personal experience??

    Number 3- my mother does that all.year.round and she lives in Mass so we are not talking mild winters here.
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Things I’m Loving LatelyMy Profile

  18. EAGLES all the way! And watching them right now definitely gets my heart rate PUMPING in no time. Haha! I read an article before which said to turn your heater down so you shiver more and will lose weight. Ahh, the ridiculous things read in magazines.

  19. Haha, such perfect ideas.
    I’m all for the Halloween bar crawl. I went on one I think about 4 years ago now. And OH MY GOSH. No words for the amount of pain I felt the following days. It was the longest day of my life, but it was fun.
    I tend to find working out easier in the colder months, mostly because I’m freezing all of the time and I just want to warm up.
    Lisa recently posted…What You Allow, Will ContinueMy Profile

  20. Haha – very cute! It only gets cool enough for any layers for like 1-2 weeks a year (tops) so I’m still in humid, sweat mode! You always want what you don’t have, isn’t that how it goes?! :)
    -Sammy @
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…Hi. My Name is Sammy and I…{LOVE Halloween!!!}My Profile

  21. Hahahh that parking thing, I can totally relate. Finding parking and then actually trying to parallel park if I have to gives me terrible anxiety and embarrassment when I inevitably have to fix my park job three times. Another great one Charlotte!
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Favorite Foods In Haiku FormMy Profile

  22. Haha so funny. Fall is crazy busy for me at work, so I’d say it’s definitely harder to maintain a normal schedule. Luckily, I spend so much time running all over campus and on my feet at college fairs I still get plenty of activity in!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Steak and Cheese Crescent BakeMy Profile

  23. Thanks for the apple-picking-as-competition idea! I try to be competitive at everything and that hadn’t occurred to me. Good one!!! I’m a cheesehead (GB Packer fan) and so far this season they are the same as my fantasy team record 1-3. Not good.
    I hope the Aussies clear up the weather issue.
    Allie recently posted…My Fear? Flying!My Profile

  24. I think I can handle a bar crawl…Also trying to cut into any form of squash is proving to be quite the fall workout without trying!
    Davida @The Healthy Maven recently posted…The Definition of InsanityMy Profile

  25. hehehe…I am “keeping” summer by heading to Orlando for the weekend!!!
    Michelle @ 3cheaprunners recently posted…Moving Part 2 (in Pictures)My Profile

  26. Haha! Great ideas! I just keep races on my calendar year-round. Keeps me running scared!

  27. Seriously, how I wish all of those work and I don’t have to work out at all. I’ve been on a workout coma for a bit and this came and just made me feel better:).
    7 and 5, omggghosh, hilarious.
    In love with the weather here in SF, cannot be better.
    Ash-foodfashionparty recently posted…BEET MASCARPONE COOKIESMy Profile

  28. My three favourite words.. halloween pub crawl. Ah one of the things I miss most about university is the pub crawls! I haven’t done one since I left.. which is quite sad actually. Maybe I’ll do one on my own this year?…
    Christine @ Gotta Eat Green recently posted…Engagement Party Invite & Blogger Meet UpMy Profile

  29. Well according to weatherzone (which I check, mostly because it just tells me what I want to hear) – the average for October is 16 (60), but Melbourne’s weather is bipolar.

    For instance, tomorrow is Saturday and it’s going to be 25 (77) = win!

    I can finally start peeling off all my winter layers 😀 Then put them back on; because like I said … it’s Melbourne.

    Run. Like. The. Dickens. is my new favourite expression. I’m going to use it in conversation at some point today :) Prepare for stares.
    Mitchell recently posted…September Resolutions Wrap Up & October ResolutionsMy Profile

  30. I have no idea how that whole other side of the world thing works either. So, so weird…I mean…Christmas/Hanukkah in the summer?

    I’m lucky since I work from home I can run during the day, but I am way less likely to go to a fitness class after work when it’s dark. Dark means get in your PJs and watch Big Bang Theory until you fall asleep…at least in my house.
    Sara @ Fit.Fun.Femme recently posted…Just RunMy Profile

  31. Football team favorite- is this even a question?! GO PACKERS!
    I am dying to go apple picking… but there aren’t as many options to do it around me like there were when I was growing up. Ben and I are going to the mountains in a few weeks and I WILL get some deliciously hand picked apples while we are there.
    olivetorun recently posted…“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.”My Profile

  32. Oh geebuz, I’m dying here. Those are some great tips- I remember complaining when I was in NYC over the Winter how it was a workout just going outside-

    You go into starbucks, peel off the all the layers, get your coffee, put it back on. Go outside, go to H&M, peel off all layers, look at the crap inside, put it all back on. Repeat.

    Australian weather is so unpredictable, at the moment we probably are on parr- I’ll give you an update in a months time 😉
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…He Thinks / She Thinks – the clean plate clubMy Profile

  33. I’m all about the apple picking competition!!!
    And the bar crawl – I’m ready to sign up – maybe that should be a weekly thing – you know, like the Saturday “long run”!!!
    Love this list!!!
    Kim recently posted…Not Every Race Can Be Your Best!!!My Profile

  34. Number 7 is me all day long…only I’m inside. My classroom heating/AC system is on crack. Here’s me: “SO HOT. Why is the heat running when it’s 70 degrees out?!” (5 minutes later) “Holy frigid, that is cold. Where is my jacket?” All day long. It’s awesome. So I guess I’m getting in really good shape?
    Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead recently posted…October Target Practice, or September’s Over Already?!My Profile

  35. India is pretty much in sync with Australia weather-wise…at least right now! Right now it is 28 degrees Celsius i.e. SCORCHING hot! I am actually exciting for some cold weather and fall fashion when I’m in London next week :)! Don’t forget the arm workout you get from cutting into any squash!!
    Khushboo recently posted…Bottoms up!My Profile

  36. Great fitness tips, as always! 😉 I am dying over #4. We are going to SF this weekend and I’m already having anxiety about parking. At least it’s a good workout, right?

    How did you know my activity level has been down lately? I haven’t had a good run in over two weeks and my 10k is right around the corner. Woops.
    makingthymeforhealth recently posted…Skinny Pumpkin Cream Cheese MuffinsMy Profile

  37. Do you mean to tell me that grilling season ends? That is like telling a 6 year old that Santa is not real. Grilling season does not end you just keep a snow shovel by the back door right?
    Tom T. recently posted…Who Needs a Gym to ExerciseMy Profile

  38. Hahaha, I love the one about parking – so true! Just find ONE SPOT have to have just one spot! And apple picking to terrorize kid’s dreams sounds like my dream come true. Suck it, children, I have some working out to do in this here orchard! :)
    Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures recently posted…GloriousMy Profile

  39. I like fall, but I’m not quite ready to give on my summer clothing yet…like sandals!!! I love my sandals!!!

    Yes, I do stick to my usual workout schedule during the fall/winter. Sometimes it’s hard to make myself go back out in the cold, but I do it anyway.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Total Body Pilates DVD ReviewMy Profile

  40. #7…but really. I basically dress for summer and just bring sweaters with me. Until it starts snowing. Thennnnn I whip out the winter clothing.
    Erin @ The Almond Eater recently posted…Tips for a Successful Long Distance RelationshipMy Profile

  41. Awesome tips! My husband has the grilling one down- seriously, just make some soup.. I am always guilty of wearing inappropriate clothing for what season it is, but I usually start wearing fall clothes too early because I love them so much! That works up a sweat, so I guess I am burning extra calories that way too!
    Heather Murphy recently posted…The secret to happinessMy Profile

  42. …another way is to do lots of baking with pumpkin & apple. I mean you do work up a sweat when mixing all the ingredients in the bowl. Am I right, or am I right??!!

    College Football: Penn State
    NFL: GB Packers!!!
    Jessie recently posted…NuGo Nutrition ReviewMy Profile

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  44. I just read your list at least 3 times in a row. It cracked me up. Some of it might not work with me because it’s so hot in south texas, so maybe I’ll have to switch the list up and wear warm clothes so I sweat a ton in the weather and pretend I’m not hot? Also, lots of fall baking in the warm weather makes you sweat! It’s a workout :)
    Katherine recently posted…Homemade Hummus!My Profile

  45. Haha this is so funny! You can definitely get little spurts of exercise going in the fall and winter just by shivering/running to get out of the cold/apple picking/cheering at a football game. maybe not enough to get a six pack, but hey who cares, it’s sweater season 😉 i love the cold because i get to layer layer layer and it’s so cozy!
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…weekend happeningsMy Profile

  46. Here in Saipan, the weather is the same all year round – hot and humid! The only difference is that it’s rainier now than during the dry season.

    I do remember, though, that when I lived in Pittsburgh, my workouts would also fall off a bit when the weather got cold. Also, it would get dark so early!
    Alex @ Brain, Body, Because recently posted…Juxtapositions and ValidationMy Profile

  47. lol great list! I love the one about finding a parking space downtown. Welcome to my life! UGH. Haha.
    Samantha @ 10,000 Squats recently posted…Week 10: 8lbs Down and Disney Part 1My Profile

  48. Well, I’m an American who lives in Australia (Melbourne) and right now its 86…but I think that’s a bit warmer than average. It’s spring here!

    And Christmas in Summer is super weird. SUPER WEIRD. I don’t have a football team. But I keep my work out schedule (which is walking and yoga) up all winter. I basically just make it a habit and then I feel weird when 9 am rolls around and I’m not walking to yoga.
    decoybetty recently posted…My week in photosMy Profile

  49. Haha! Omg, number four is my favorite!! But I can totally relate to the first one…I’m ALWAYS cold, but one year when I was in high school, my heater went out in my car just before winter started. I didn’t have the money to fix it at the time, so while I saved up, I wore practically every coat I had while driving to school and still felt sore by the end of the week from all the shivering! Haha!

    I’m the worst about keeping up with workouts in the winter…I freaking HATE getting out in the cold if I don’t have to!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…Peanut, Peanut Butter…and PUMPKIN!My Profile

  50. Interesting. It is very hard in summer to take care of oneself to stay fit and healthy, as the climate is so hot to bear and feel comfortable.
    Anyways, nice tips to stay fit.

  51. I miss you!! I hope your job hunt is going okay and you’re doing well!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…What’s Cooking?My Profile

  52. Hahahaha! Your list is funny! I love the humor. #5 is the best!!! Haha.
    Ja @ Ja on the RUN recently posted…Coast-to-Coast Trip Part 5: Sleepless in SeattleMy Profile

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