So, this past week I’ve been working from home. Working on what, you ask, since it obviously wasn’t the blog? Ha ha ha oh you. Touché.

I’ve been working on getting a new job. However, this past week I’ve also been watching a lot of daytime TV. Well, to be clear, I wasn’t actually “watching it” watching it, I’m just a big fan of background noise…

And yes, okay fine- sometimes background noise becomes frontground noise and I end up giving an episode of Frasier my undivided attention.

It happens.

marty crane

In any case, if you’re ever home for a week, I’m going to break down the channels for you, because the tv guide that pops up on your television doesn’t really do them justice.

Here you go:

Food Network: Lots and lots of shows that make you hungry.

Travel Channel: Food Network on the road.

History Channel: Aliens! Conspiracies! Everything you know is wrong! And also a whole bunch of pawn shows. (Are you looking to sell your civil war bayonet? I think I’m now qualified to give you an estimate.)

E!: Kardashians. That’s pretty much it.

HGTV: Dedicated to proving that ugly wall color CAN be changed, much to the amazement and delight of first-time homebuyers everywhere.

Bravo: Dysfunction at its finest.

Comedy Central: Dysfunction at its funniest.

CNBC: People yelling at you about business. (I can’t watch for more than a few minutes without thinking I should be getting paid for it.)

Everything else: Infomercials.


So, there you go. Don’t ever say this blog didn’t teach you anything.

How have you been this last week? Fill me in! I’ve missed you!

Do you work from home? Are you a fan of background noise?

What do you do for a living? Is it fun?

(Are you or anyone you know hiring?)