Thinking Out Loud Thursday and the Top 8 List really is a hybrid made in heaven. In a sense I’ve just been ranking my thoughts from 1-8 this whole time- what do they call it when two things come together so well? Fate? Serendipity? Magic? Yes to all of the above.



There is a new app called Emojli. Have you heard of it? It’s not out yet, but they already have tens of thousands of pre-registered users. All communication is restricted to emojis. Your username? Strings of emojis. Your Thoughts? Emoji-fied. Your really important emergency messages- well, if your friends can decipher your emojis, everything will be ok.

Which brings me to my next point. Emojis are limited in what they can convey and sometimes hard to decipher  -__-

So I’ve made my own* emojis to deal with real life circumstances.

(*I drew them on post-its.)

Top 8 New Emojis That I Just Made (On Post-Its) and Their Translations

8. When they forget your drink at Starbucks:

"Excuse- um, excuse me? I think you forgot my coffee."

“Excuse- um, excuse me? I think you forgot my coffee.”

7. When solicitors call:

"No, alma mater, I will not be making a donation today. "

“No, alma mater, I will not be making a donation today.”

6. When you make new friends:

"Sure I'll join your cult!"

“Sure I’ll join your cult!”

5. When you live a healthy lifestyle: 

"I wanted a donut for breakfast, but all I had in the house was this lousy pear."

“I wanted a donut for breakfast, but all I had in the house was this lousy pear.”

4. When you work in tech:

"I'm 22 years old and just sold my company to Google."

“I’m 22 years old and just sold my company to Google.”

3. When you’re at the office and there may or may not be cake (happy outcome):

"The rumors are true- there's cake in the conference room!"

“The rumors are true- there’s cake in the conference room!”

2. When you’re at the office and there may or may not be cake (sad outcome):

"The rumors are false- there's no cake in the conference room."

“The rumors are false- there’s no cake in the conference room.”

1. When you’re trying to maintain your sanity:

"Why yes, more wine would be delightful, thank you."

“Why yes, more wine would be delightful, thank you.”


Literacy be damned. Emojis are :)

Would you join an all-emoji social media site?

Whats your emoji usage like? Do you use them? Avoid them?

What other situations need emojis (on post-its or otherwise)?

(An open letter to the decision makers at American Ninja Warrior)

Dear Decision Makers at American Ninja Warrior,

I love your show. It has everything I look for in Monday night programming– nail-biting suspense of an obstacle course, gorilla-like arm strength of contestants, dream after dream crushed on something called “The Wall” — it has everything, that is, except one thing.


For a show named American Ninja Warrior, shouldn’t there be some more, you know, ninja stuff? Granted you do have an obstacle called the “Flying Nunchucks,” but I feel that may be more of an homage to the Flying Nun than anything else.

flying nunchucks vs nun


I assume this is just an oversight. Not everybody can be as observant as I am- I just got new glasses after all- so I have some suggestions.

While all the contestants are called ninjas, most play up alternate personalities with nicknames and costumes. Hashtags like #RedNeckNinja and #TarzanNinja are just par for the (obstacle) course on your show. (Btw- last night’s #NinjaBaby was a fierce competitor. The diaper and bonnet were a nice touch.)

However there has yet to be a ninja who identifies as a ninja. Think about it. He could be called #NinjaNinja. (Don’t feel bad for not thinking of that marketing gem first, I’m very creative.) He’d have martial arts moves and not only make his way through the obstacles, he’d do it all while evading assassins along the way. Come to think of it, he’d evade the TV cameras too because of course he would, he’s a ninja.

I understand the show is a spin-off of a Japanese competition show called “Sasuke” –which, if I am to believe the internet, may have been named for a famous, politically inclined wrestler — and therefore has its roots in Japanese fighting culture. But if so, that’s like Japan taking Hulk Hogan’s reality show, “Hogan Knows Best,” and making a spin-off called “Japanese Cowboys Give Advice.” (Which actually, I would probably watch.)

To be clear, Decision Makers, I’m not trying to diminish the toughness of the competitors. They are without a doubt some of the strongest, most athletic people on TV.  Nor am I saying the show has to get all campy and make everyone run through the course in ninja apparel with a bō staff (that’s “big stick” for non-ninjas) strapped to their backs, I’d just like to see a little martial arts incorporated. 




Questions for everybody:

Do you watch American Ninja Warrior?

How cool was it when #MightyKacy beat the course?!

Do you agree or disagree there could be more ninja stuff?

If you don’t care about this show, how’s your week going? What do you do on Monday nights?

So today I’m combining the Top 8 List with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday for a hybrid post of sorts.


Top 8 Things I’m Thinking About Today

8. I think one of my family’s dogs is part rabbit.

augie elwood

7. I think once you reach your 30s, you shouldn’t have to specify your exact age anymore. Instead of being like “oh I’m 31” or “oh I’m 37” I think we should all start saying “oh, I’m thirties.” That is, until we hit 40 and then we say “I’m forties” and so on and so forth. Not only am I finding it harder to remember my actual age when asked on the spot, but being so specific reminds me of kids explaining that they’re “four-and-three-quarters.”

6. Seriously, I think he has us all fooled. Let’s examine the evidence:

augie bunny 1


5. What if someone from Cambridge, MA (aka the Portland, OR of New England) took on unwitting athletes to tutor in the ways of the hipster? What kind of shenanigans would transpire? Something like this I imagine:

Mr Rachem Zoe feels that naming a team after a country is unorginal, and is petitioning to rename Team Brazil the Lana Del Racifes.

The Cambridgian feels that naming a team after a country is unoriginal, and is petitioning to rename Team Brazil the Lana Del Racifes.


4. I wonder how long it’ll take for my iphone 4s to be considered “vintage” and therefore cool again.

3. The older I get, the more confident I am that every situation in life can be related back to a Seinfeld episode.

george dullest moment

2. I’m thinking I’m really lucky to be on this gorgeous beach right now.

beach 4


Haha kidding. I don’t do cool things. #Facay

beach 3


1. I didn’t bring enough food with me to work today, and will express my feelings on the circumstances in rhyme:

Hot lava is red
Cool lava is black
What I wouldn’t give right now
For just one more snack


Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

Have you ever run out of snacks too early in the day? On a scale of 1 to tense how much do you hate that?

Are you taking any real vacations this summer? (Let me live vicariously through you)

Are you a Seinfeld fan?



So this book: Gadsby: A Lipogram Novel, contains 50,000 words, none of which contain the letter E.

Challenge accepted.

Beginning now, you will not find the letter “A” in this post. Besides for right there, and here and- ok, beginning NOW.

I’ll discuss my 8-month blogging lull in 8 bullet points without using the thing we just discussed. Let’s go.

1. I’ve been working for this content production firm where we connect writers with clients who need content written for their websites, blogs, ebooks, product descriptions, etc. I’m running this firm’s editing dept, their community dept, their blog… Thus I’m doing lots of writing. I’m loving it.

2. I’ve kept up with this workout regime four times per week.


Their serene expressions hide the burning in their entire bodies

3. I survived the coldest winter in Boston on record*. The winds were blustery, the temps below zero, the clothing “Yeti chic”…

Oh, hey.

Oh, hey.

*”On record” refers to my memory of the previous 4 winters. But still.

4. I got specs. It’s funny how conditions like poor eyesight (ie. “not seeing”) become perfectly routine things in your life until the minute you put on your new lenses- utter wonderment ensues.

Ta da!

Goodbye blurry vision!

Fugly sights all up in my vision now

Hello fugly things everywhere.


4. I visited Eric in Southern C- (shoot, um… in the region of the country known for Hollywood, sunshine & chill people.)


This photo brought to you by SPF 80


Putting up with Paparazzi

TMZ’s gossip photogs never let me be when I’m out west


5-8. I secretly checked your blogs but didn’t comment ‘cuz I’m lurky, I indulged in cold noodles, pho, sour gummies ‘cuz I’m quirky, I fell in love with my Keurig ‘cuz without coffee my life is pretty much no-go, plus I met up with super cool bloggers IRL ‘cuz YOLO. 

Ok, done- the previous 8 months in 8 points without the letter prior to B.

Lipogram over!

Have you ever tried a lipogram before? (Writing something while omitting a letter?) I challenge you to give it a shot- it’s actually really fun.

Any new changes in your life over the first half of 2014? Think of this as your mid-year tax form- did you get married? Have a baby? Move to a new house? Take a new job? Other awesomeness? Tell me and don’t be modest about it!! :)