Alright alright alright. Hello!

Whether I’m back for the long haul or for the week remains to be seen, but boy does it feel great to breathe some life back into CTF.

I started typing about what I’ve been up to the last 8 months, but there’s so much time for that in future posts. Let’s just skip right to the fantastical and ridiculous, shall we?

I imaginary interviewed three real(ish) people on their reaction to LeBron returning to Cleveland:

1. Drew Carey:

"Finally the points matter."

“Finally the points matter.”

2. Former President Grover Cleveland:

"I say, what is this rowdydow of which you twalk?"  (He was from Jersey.)

“I say, what is this rowdydow of which you twalk?”
(He was from New Jersey.)

3. Shirtless Clevelandian #1:

"I'm SO f*#@in psyched f*@% you Miami %$@*& bleep bleep'in Heat f*&#$ers! #Lebron forever!" (Translation: "I am thrilled with Mr James' announcement that he will be returning to his home city and look forward to the upcoming season with zealous elation. Hashtag Lebron forever.")

“I’m SO f*#@in psyched f*@% bleep %$@*& bleep bleep’in Heat f*&#$ers! #Lebron forever!”
(Translation: “I am thrilled with Mr James’ announcement that he will be returning to his home city and look forward to the upcoming season with zealous elation. Hashtag Lebron forever.”)


I also imaginary interviewed three people living things on the German World Cup victory:

1. The Oktoberfest revelers from National Lampoon’s European Vacation:

"Hurra!" (Translation: "Hurray!")

(Translation: “Hurray!”)

2. This German Shepard:

"Woof!"  (Translation: "Snausages")

(Translation: “Snausages”)

3. This guy:

"While the Argentian team put up a nearly unbreakable defense and should be commended for their effort, I'm pleased that we were able to pull ahead at the end." (Because Europeans are polite and well-spoken.)

“While the Argentian team put up a nearly unbreakable defense and should be commended for their effort, I’m pleased that we were able to pull ahead at the end.”
(Because Europeans are polite and well-spoken.)

Did you follow the World Cup this year?

(If yes, are you willing to start watching Major League soccer?)

Any thoughts, feelings or concerns about LeBron’s return?

How’ve you been the last 8 months??

24 Thoughts on “#Reactions!

  1. Thrilled thrilled THRILLED CTF is back!
    Cleveland is starting to see the transition from bridesmaid to bride! Yippee!

  2. OHMGEEEEE- Welcome back Lady!
    Hahahha – love the look on the faces of th “Oktoberfest revelers from National Lampoon’s European Vacation”!
    So who is LeBron? Is his name a reflection of the fact that he is “The Brawn”?
    Other than soccer – I don’t pay any attention to any other sport – so yup, I have been catching the highlights of the World Cup and an occasional game every now and then – time permitting.
    Now lets get back to you – looking forward to that catch up post of the last 8 months!!

    • Heyyy lady!! happy to be back! i feel like we all need to go out for lunch or something :) lebron is a basketball player. (and just about the only one i know because everything he does makes the news around here) i’ll get into all the happenings of the last bunch of months soon! hope all is well with you!!

  3. Rebekah on July 15, 2014 at 3:48 pm said:

    Like I said before, AUVIAHRFIA90@@$&^**#%$E4YT4789GFFJKHVA83UR#%&#()%$^@#^%#%&&*Q0239TYAEWGACV03-EC3RT2834Y5N1746#%^@(*$!)&%_@$^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AND OMG NOW I HAVE SO MANY WAYS TO LOVE YOU AND TALK TO YOU AND HEAR FROM YOU AND OMG! Ha, for anyone else who had the pleasure of reading this comment, just know that Shaarlut and I are IRL friends now. Sorry not sorry you weren’t there. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You’re back. Fucking hilarious post. Drew Carey’s response was the best. I straight just watched an hour of Whose Line bloopers the other day. #workinghard. I love you. K bye.

    • H*&W($*(*#&$*( YAY!! i’m so psyched you got the whose line reference because i was worried i was DATING MYSELF. aint nobody got time to feel like father time over here. k talk to you on gchat in like 5 mins. k bye.

  4. Welcome back!! I actually JUST got back from 6 months off so I didn’t even know you were gone!! :) Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!
    Sammy @ Peace, Love and Ice Cream! recently posted…A Totally Random #ThoughtsThingsThursdayMy Profile

  5. I was actually going to send out a search party for you…..although, I am reminded of you every single time I walk past the only Barre place in all of Australia. #winning. I mean #charlotting.

    Who is Lebron? Is that a French dessert? Le cheese?
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…[WIAW] When protein isn’t the star componentMy Profile

    • LOL! #charlotting — i love it. although it can also be used in cases of overt clumsiness, going to bed at 8pm, and wearing as leggings as pants too often.

      lebron is a basketball player. but now that you mention it, a french dessert is a really good guess :) glad to see you again! cant wait to see what you’ve been up to!!

  6. You couldn’t have put a bigger smile on my face upon seeing your post (whilst in the concrete jungle of the urban office-cubicle).

    So glad to have you writing! My stomach and chest currently hate you for forcing me to suppress giggles – it hurts!

    Upon LeBron’s returned to Cleveland I learnt how huge a niche following of the NBA there is in Australia. All of a sudden they came out of the wood work with their two cents!

    Can I end this comment with a Clueless quote?
    “Searching for a boy in High School is, like, looking for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie …”

    • Heyyy Mitchell!! 1. you can always with a clueless quote and 2, feel free to start with one as well — there is no such thing as too much clueless :) What have you been up to these past months?? hope all is well!

  7. I just did a little happy dance – so happy to see you posting again!!!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: When Blends Visit.My Profile

  8. Ahhhh…Charlotte!!! I’ve missed you!!! Can I tell you how excited I was to see your post pop up in my feed!? :-)
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…FamilyMy Profile

  9. I saw this pop up on my reader and you know what my immediate thought was?? HOLY SHIT! I’m so happy! Please stay for longer than the week. This world needs you.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…The Easiest Natural Body ScrubMy Profile

  10. What, you’re back?? Yay!!! I can’t believe you left for so long. Welcome back, girlie! :-)
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…WIAW- The day I ran out of snacksMy Profile

  11. 😯 No.freaking.WAY! EEEEEEE! Welcome back lady! *pounce*

  12. Welcome back!
    Love the Oktoberfest revelers and the German shepherd. :)
    Catherine @ foodiecology recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday: Trying To Get Back On TrackMy Profile

  13. All I can say is…YAY!!!!
    Dana @ The Daily Moderation recently posted…What’s in my bag: Things I can’t leave the house withoutMy Profile

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