So this book: Gadsby: A Lipogram Novel, contains 50,000 words, none of which contain the letter E.

Challenge accepted.

Beginning now, you will not find the letter “A” in this post. Besides for right there, and here and- ok, beginning NOW.

I’ll discuss my 8-month blogging lull in 8 bullet points without using the thing we just discussed. Let’s go.

1. I’ve been working for this content production firm where we connect writers with clients who need content written for their websites, blogs, ebooks, product descriptions, etc. I’m running this firm’s editing dept, their community dept, their blog… Thus I’m doing lots of writing. I’m loving it.

2. I’ve kept up with this workout regime four times per week.


Their serene expressions hide the burning in their entire bodies

3. I survived the coldest winter in Boston on record*. The winds were blustery, the temps below zero, the clothing “Yeti chic”…

Oh, hey.

Oh, hey.

*”On record” refers to my memory of the previous 4 winters. But still.

4. I got specs. It’s funny how conditions like poor eyesight (ie. “not seeing”) become perfectly routine things in your life until the minute you put on your new lenses- utter wonderment ensues.

Ta da!

Goodbye blurry vision!

Fugly sights all up in my vision now

Hello fugly things everywhere.


4. I visited Eric in Southern C- (shoot, um… in the region of the country known for Hollywood, sunshine & chill people.)


This photo brought to you by SPF 80


Putting up with Paparazzi

TMZ’s gossip photogs never let me be when I’m out west


5-8. I secretly checked your blogs but didn’t comment ‘cuz I’m lurky, I indulged in cold noodles, pho, sour gummies ‘cuz I’m quirky, I fell in love with my Keurig ‘cuz without coffee my life is pretty much no-go, plus I met up with super cool bloggers IRL ‘cuz YOLO. 

Ok, done- the previous 8 months in 8 points without the letter prior to B.

Lipogram over!

Have you ever tried a lipogram before? (Writing something while omitting a letter?) I challenge you to give it a shot- it’s actually really fun.

Any new changes in your life over the first half of 2014? Think of this as your mid-year tax form- did you get married? Have a baby? Move to a new house? Take a new job? Other awesomeness? Tell me and don’t be modest about it!! :)



24 Thoughts on “A lipogramic rehash of the past 8 months

  1. Congrats – I am blown away by your lipogramic-rehash -without the letter a-nice avoidance at #4!!!
    I am gonna have to remember to indulge in a “yeti chic” wardrobe this coming winter and yup, specs – even a new prescription lens – has me in total and “utter wonderment” and gives new meaning to not taking my eyesight for granted!
    Barre 4 times a week – OUCH! Glad you are back on the circuit!

    • Isn’t it amazing when you can actually see again?! haha I’m not sure what took me so long. You’d think “eyesight” would be on the top one’s to-do list :)

  2. I actually went through your post to call you out on including the letter A. you did good tiger. Is that a dirty version of barre?

    So. Can we please meet up when I come visit the States? I bring SPF 100, my own glasses and we can throw grapes at TMZ.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Paleo Sweet and Sour MeatballsMy Profile

  3. Holy cow, I was sure you’d slip an A in there somewhere, but now I’m impressed. I laughed at ‘yeti chic’. It was the worst down here in VA, so I can’t even imagine being in Boston this past winter!

    No major changes in my life so far. I went back to Mexico with the husband and went to Vegas for the first time. Those were probably the highlights!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…5 moves to strengthen your coreMy Profile

  4. Successful job! Very fun. Loved your post! I’ve done nothing for the ever. Not true but I would have to use that letter to tell the truth :)!

  5. you look hot in those glasses. and all that pic of you in bed is missing is me. at 8pm because we is old like that. holla for old lady bedtimes!!

    Vodka and Soda
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…random updateMy Profile

  6. haha I am impressed! It reminds me of playing Kings at parties and someone would always use the ‘make a rule’ card to make a rule where you can’t use a certain letter…so fun…so difficult.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…You Already Have a Beach Body.My Profile

  7. Love this! It would take me days to write something while omitting a letter… it would be all I could think about! :) I started a journal on January 1st and wrote that I wanted 2014 to bring less changes…more steadiness. I totally blew that already! Ha! I am running a new business, adding onto and renovating our house, and we having our first baby this fall! Maybe I meant 2015 would be more steady! Either way, the journal should be very interesting years from now. :) Enjoyed catching up with you! Happy to hear you are doing well!
    Lauren @ Rustic Honey recently posted…Snickerdoodle Dandies: How To Freeze Cookie Dough BallsMy Profile

    • What an exciting, amazing year for you so far!! I’m so happy to hear that- you deserve all of it!! Don’t slow down in 2015, keep up the great work :)

  8. Impressed! Although it makes me sad that you avoided A — I have 3 of them in my name 😛 And is it horrible that I don’t really recall what happened in the last 8 months? I know I did a bunch of awesome things, but they all kind of blur together. I can say that I’m sitting in Bux enjoying a coffee atm — so there’s that :)
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. vanilla almond butter protein granola .My Profile

  9. I love the lipogram challenge – I think I might like this challenge at some point!!
    And, you have had a super busy 8 months. Congrats on the job – it sounds awesome!!!
    Kim recently posted…Living with GuiltMy Profile

  10. I kept looking for the letter “a” and it was nowhere to be found! Very impressed! In the last 8 months I got into grad school! And I’m moving to Chicago! Those are probably my biggest things. Your job sounds cool and like it’s right up your alley!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…The “R” WordMy Profile

  11. HAhaa OMG well done to you…you completed quite the challenge! It sounds like the last few months have been incredible! 2014 has been super for me too so far. A few highlights include a trip to Paris & London; attending a cousin’s wedding; holding a nutritional workshop; writing an ebook; and just loving life overall
    Khushboo recently posted…Avocado toastMy Profile

  12. I’m so happy you were able to find a job that you really enjoy! And that you’ve kept up with your beloved barre classes. :)

    Sometimes I just want to abandon my blog and lurk behind the scenes too. Brings me back to the days when I actually had time to relax and just peruse blogs for fun!
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Sweet Corn & Basil GazpachoMy Profile

  13. you’re cr*zy. I’ve done nothing in the previous 8 months besides have a love child with our cracked our mayor, build a tree house in my invisible backyard and take up aerial yoga.
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Where To Stay, Go and Eat in Jackson Hole, WY + Grand Teton National ParkMy Profile

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