The subway, or “T” as it’s called in Boston, can be tricky to navigate. Luckily I’m here with insider hacks to help the transportationally challenged.


The Orange Line

It’s best to avoid the Orange Line between 4:30pm and always.  A very popular train amongst all walks of life, the quarters are cramped, the smells are diverse and the seating situation can best be described as cozy. If you’re lucky enough to snag an empty seat, you’ll immediately notice someone has kept it warm for you– almost as if they knew you were coming.

“Yah welcome” –Boston

If you have an aversion to bad smells I suggest holding your nose for the duration of the ride. Germaphobes would also be well advised not to breath because inevitably, a person about your height will cough or sneeze directly into your face. (Yep, all up in your face.) Check your personal space at the turn-style. You can have it back at the end of the ride. The memories, however, are yours forever.

The Green Line

The Green Line is a great option, as long as you don’t want to go farther than the 3 stops within Boston Proper that you could have walked in the same amount of time it took to take the T. Once you venture out to where you actually need motorized transportation, this train (if it shows up at all) will probably get cranky and break down before you reach your destination. Simply put, it is the Lindsay Lohan of trains.

Also if there happens to be anything going on at Fenway, you’ll find yourself surrounded by so many new friends you’ll be fluent in the local mores and dialect by the time you reach your destination.

snl boston kids gif

The Silver Line

The Silver Line is a myth. It might be a bus, nobody knows for sure.

The Blue Line

The Blue Line takes you to the airport. Eventually. If you’re one of those nervous travelers who hate missing flights, give yourself some time- like 1 or 2 days should be adequate. Actually just leave now to be safe. Also it’s best to pack light because you’ll encounter lots of stairs, inconvenient train changes and other feats of strength along your journey.

Bring water for hydration, snacks for energy.

dragging lugguge

The Red Line

The Red Line is the nicest of all the lines. It passes through Harvard, MIT, Southie and beyond. If you ever get confused as to what stop is next, look around to see who’s sitting next to you:

  • Kids with their shirts tucked into their pants? Harvard.
  • Kids with their pants tucked into their socks? MIT.
  • Kids that ask what the tuck you’re looking at? Welcome to Southie.

So there it is. If you were looking for motivation to stay fit and walk or run around Boston instead of taking public transportation, yah welcome.


Have you ever been to Boston?

What’s your favorite city?

What’s your favorite way to get around- driving, walking, biking, public transport, other?


33 Thoughts on “In Boston, T is for Subway

  1. Well thanks for the heads up- We should go hunt this silver line. And the harvard /MIT distinction? Classic.

    I actually really love walking as my main mode- I went an entire month in NYC without taking a subway….because I was cheap. but still.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…No Bake S’mores Protein CookiesMy Profile

  2. HAHAHAHHA!!!! It’s funny because it’s TRUE!!! This just makes me miss Boston oh so very much…and then oh so thankful I just get in my car and drive now!! You killed this one girl. Every word.
    I went to BU and the green line? I mean really? Let’s stop every.other.quarter.mile. After the first semester I brought my bike to school…
    Allie recently posted…Get Your Learn On! An Exciting New Social Media PlatformMy Profile

  3. haha! so awesome. when i went to boston, i visited Harvard, bought myself a harvard tshirt and then pretended to be a student because that’s what you have to do, duh.

    our public transpo (TTC) is ok. they’re trying to improve the downtown system and connecting all uptown “lite” trains with the major subway system. it’s been in the works for years so it’ll probably get built sometime in the year 4000. i do have to say that our subways are damn fast and when there’s an “incident” -which is TTC-speak for “some dumbass threw himself in front of the train” – trains are back up and running within a few minutes (instead of a few hours). i think they just toss the body in the garbage or something considering how fast they get service back up.


    Vodka and Soda
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…friday favorites [8-1]My Profile

  4. Good morning Boston! Since checking my personal space has never been a favorite of mine nor human seat warmers….I think I’ll put my sneakers on and start putting one foot in front of the other until I reach my destination! I always listen to good advice especially when it involves missing a cough in my face!
    carlotta recently posted…Kindness!My Profile

  5. Oh dear – that GIF with that gal on the suitcase! Priceless!
    I’ve never been to Boston – but if I ever do – am backpacking around for sure!!

  6. Haha too funny. I’m hanging on to this golden info for if I ever visit Boston in the near future.
    There isn’t much in the way of public transportation in Williamsburg, though on the weekends they do offer horse and carriage rides through the colonial areas…
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Weekend recap: just call me Miss Fix-itMy Profile

  7. I haven’t been to Boston before, but it is on my list…although this furthers my belief that I should avoid subways. I think I’ve been on one maybe 3 or 4 times in my life? That was enough.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: August.My Profile

  8. HA HA HA HA!! My hubby used to live in Boston, so we have visited a few times and this just about sums it all up! Love it!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…“Arie” On The Edge Of Your Seats Like We Are?My Profile

  9. HAHAHA your last lines are CLASSIC. Love it. I actually visited Boston in April and I LOVED it. If I had known what a great city it was, I might have tried to get into school there instead of Chicago. We didn’t take public transport, though, and now I’m pretty happy about that!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…In Which My Mind is Racing and I Can’t Catch UpMy Profile

  10. Hahahaha…my favorite one is the red line. Pants tucked into socks? Cute.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Gluten-free Blueberry MuffinsMy Profile

  11. LOLing towards the end! I actually spent a summer in Boston during high school and loved it!! Such a pretty place! :)
    Sammy @ Peace, Love and Ice Cream! recently posted…Some Important Things That You MUST Cross Off Your To-Do List!My Profile

  12. Now I know why that high-school on Boston Public/i> had such trials and tribulations; if their school bus system was anything like this, well …

    I’m sorry, that’s really the only knowledge I have on Boston, aside from the fact that Sabrina (yes, the teenage witch) went to Boston College.

    By now it should be painfully clear that all my knowledge of the outside world comes from television that I watched as a kid. The damage is done. Now I don’t trust anybody, and wound up spending yesterday in my pyjamas for fear of going outside. Thanks alot, TV.

    (Great post 😉 )

  13. I live somewhere when there is pretty much no public transportation, so I drive my car everywhere, so I can’t imagine having to take a subway everyday. I think I would totally hate it and would hate the fact that I would need to rely on someone else to get me around, but I’m sure it does have it advantages to some degree.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Week 26 – Third TrimesterMy Profile

  14. Good to know – I think if we visit Boston we might skip the subway!!! (at least the orange line!)
    Kim recently posted…Some Tough DecisionsMy Profile

  15. Boston is still on my list of places I want to visit buttt at least one thing’s for sure: I’ll know how to navigate the subway when I’m there. And also that I’ll have a buddy to meet there (i.e. you)! If distance permits, walking is my favorite form of transport :)!
    Khushboo recently posted…Adding creaminess to smoothies without dairyMy Profile

  16. 😆 I’ve never been to Boston before, But it’s definitely on my list of cities that I have to visit. Now if only I could make my way out east! For whatever reason, it always feels so weird to go that way. West is where it’s at 😛
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – august 2014 .My Profile

  17. Oh fuck I’m supposed to take the T in Boston next week. Could you just come and carry me on your back instead? great thanks.
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Cookies and Cream Banana Soft ServeMy Profile

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