Since this is Thinking Out Loud Thursday, I thought I’d share my inner monologue.


If you missed Tuesday’s post, to put the following struggle in context, I’m in the first week of eating Primal. (Aka detoxing from processed foods.)

I am expressing this 8-part conversation between Devil Charlotte and Angel Charlotte purely in gifs because sometimes Mindy Kaling and Harry Potter gifs are able to express my innermost thoughts and feelings better than words.

However, no matter what your dietary preferences are, I think this conversation is going to look/ sound familiar to absolutely everybody who has ever tried to cut out junk food.

8. Devil me:

mindy kaling donut

7. Angel Me:

control your emotions

6. Devil Me:

30 rock cry

5. Angel me:

mindy kaling there there

4. Devil me:

mean girls taco bell

3. Angel Me:


2. Devil Me:

april ludgate

1. Angel Me:

i love salad


So yeah, overall the Primal diet is going well– Angel Charlotte is winning! While I still crave candy and carbs, I’m not going hungry. So I have that going for me. I’ve been equipping my kitchen with things I didn’t have before like eggs, coconut oil, almonds  and buffalo meat. (I know, I know, these are staples in most people’s homes -minus the buffalo meat- but I’m used to eating out a lot :/ )

Thank you for hosting, Miss Amanda!


What are the top 3 staples in your kitchen you simply cant live without?

How many days a week do you grocery shop? (This past week I’ve had to go 3 times in 4 days)


PS- THANK YOU for all your comments offering support and advice- you’ve made my week so much easier!!

PPS- Sorry if all the moving things in this post made you dizzy, uncomfortable and/or nauseated.



Alright y’all, it’s official- I’m going Primal!

I’ve been reading and getting inspired by Mark’s Daily Apple for years, but all previous attempts at sticking to the primal diet have not exactly gone stellar.


This time, however, is different.

Ok, this time will be different.

I’ve been primal for 3 days. I have the shakes, headaches and stomach aches of a person detoxing from delicious things like Sour Patch Kids and other examples of artificial yumminess.

(In the past I’ve tried substituting berries for Sour Patch Kids, but guess what- they’re not Sour Patch Kids. Those weird, chewy, plastic-ish morsals of sweet and sour deliciousness have no substitute.)

So why is this time different, you ask?

Two reasons:

1. Buddy system. I convinced Eric to do it with me.

sheldon and amy

2. I’m not doing it to lose weight. I’m doing it to feel better.

Essentially, I’m testing the theory that my allergies and stomach aches are due to the crap I eat.

Here’s how I see it- when you change your diet to lose weight, you’re making an effort to get away from your current condition. When you change your diet to feel better, you’re making an effort to move towards a future goal. It’s a slight, but powerful, difference in motivation.

Whenever you make a change, ask yourself if you’re doing it to get away from something, or to get closer to something. The former is the quickest way to repeat your former mistakes, while the latter will change your life.

I know these withdrawal symptoms are normal and I will continue to feel like crap for a week or so. (Although I’ve always been a late bloomer so I estimate it’s going to be another 2 weeks.) But after a while I’m going to feel better than I did before.

I’m looking forward to that.

mindy kaling role model

I will see you Thursday for Thinking Out Loud.

(Although all the thoughts I’m thinking right now probably shouldn’t be shared out loud.)

ron swanson this is my hell

I miss candy. Le sigh.

Do you eat primal, paleo, gluten free, or other?

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

What’s your philosophy when it comes to food?


Recent conversation with Eric:

Me: “Will I offend anyone if I post this?”

Eric: “Everybody. But that’s ok you can be the Queen of Mean. It’ll be your new gimmick.”

Me: “What?! That title doesn’t suit me at all.”

Eric: (Says nothing)

Me: “I prefer to think of myself as the Prime Minister of Sinister.”

Anyways, that refers to a future post. Let’s live in the present and focus on Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


Today I’m thinking about thinkers. Thinkers who thunk thoughts and then wrote those thoughts down, not unlike ourselves for TOLT!

I’m thinking of the greatest philosophers of all time… and how their thoughts may have been different had been healthy living blogger-philosophers  😀

Top 8 Quotes

8. For Athletes:

democritus quote

7. For Runners:

Descartes quote

6.  For Cyclists: 

john stuart mill quote

5. For Healthy Eaters:

rousseau quote

4. For Selfie-Obsessed Bloggers:

thomas hobbes quote

3. For Bar Method-ers:

william james quote

2.  For Everyone:

socrates quote

1. Also For Everyone:

bertrand russell quote


Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

Do you have a favorite quote?

What do you tell yourself for motivation?

Since it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind?


The subway, or “T” as it’s called in Boston, can be tricky to navigate. Luckily I’m here with insider hacks to help the transportationally challenged.


The Orange Line

It’s best to avoid the Orange Line between 4:30pm and always.  A very popular train amongst all walks of life, the quarters are cramped, the smells are diverse and the seating situation can best be described as cozy. If you’re lucky enough to snag an empty seat, you’ll immediately notice someone has kept it warm for you– almost as if they knew you were coming.

“Yah welcome” –Boston

If you have an aversion to bad smells I suggest holding your nose for the duration of the ride. Germaphobes would also be well advised not to breath because inevitably, a person about your height will cough or sneeze directly into your face. (Yep, all up in your face.) Check your personal space at the turn-style. You can have it back at the end of the ride. The memories, however, are yours forever.

The Green Line

The Green Line is a great option, as long as you don’t want to go farther than the 3 stops within Boston Proper that you could have walked in the same amount of time it took to take the T. Once you venture out to where you actually need motorized transportation, this train (if it shows up at all) will probably get cranky and break down before you reach your destination. Simply put, it is the Lindsay Lohan of trains.

Also if there happens to be anything going on at Fenway, you’ll find yourself surrounded by so many new friends you’ll be fluent in the local mores and dialect by the time you reach your destination.

snl boston kids gif

The Silver Line

The Silver Line is a myth. It might be a bus, nobody knows for sure.

The Blue Line

The Blue Line takes you to the airport. Eventually. If you’re one of those nervous travelers who hate missing flights, give yourself some time- like 1 or 2 days should be adequate. Actually just leave now to be safe. Also it’s best to pack light because you’ll encounter lots of stairs, inconvenient train changes and other feats of strength along your journey.

Bring water for hydration, snacks for energy.

dragging lugguge

The Red Line

The Red Line is the nicest of all the lines. It passes through Harvard, MIT, Southie and beyond. If you ever get confused as to what stop is next, look around to see who’s sitting next to you:

  • Kids with their shirts tucked into their pants? Harvard.
  • Kids with their pants tucked into their socks? MIT.
  • Kids that ask what the tuck you’re looking at? Welcome to Southie.

So there it is. If you were looking for motivation to stay fit and walk or run around Boston instead of taking public transportation, yah welcome.


Have you ever been to Boston?

What’s your favorite city?

What’s your favorite way to get around- driving, walking, biking, public transport, other?