So, I just got back from Christine’s birthday weekend extravaganza. It was a blast. We went to Scituate, the Cape, ate the most incredible food and managed to stay almost completely Primal minus some amaaazing champagne which was totally worth the cheat. I also managed to find time to squeeze in a head injury along with all the festivities. Here’s what happened:

On Saturday, we went to a beach accessible by boat.

im on a boat post it

But the sea was choppy and our boat was on the smaller side.

*Image not drawn to scale

*Image not drawn to scale


Suddenly a bigger, speedier boat launched a giant wave right in our path. I braced for impact.

hold on


But I guess I under-braced because within seconds I was flung up into the air…

jack im flying post it1

…And then I came back down…

jack im falling post it


jack i fell post it

To be clear, I’m not sure if I actually have a concussion. The doctor said maybe. I’m currently monitoring symptoms.

Clueless concussion

The moral of the story: Avoid big waves in small boats.

Everybody say happy birthday to Christine!!

Have you ever had a concussion (or any head injury)?

Do you like boats?

How was your Labor Day weekend?


39 Thoughts on “How I Got a Concussion: A Weekend Recap on Post Its

  1. Geebuz, trust you to seek humour in such a freaky situation- hope your head is doing okay- are you sure it’s not grain (less) brain?

    I do enjoy being on boats, especially with friends. Especially with friends whom one you dislike and gets seasick so skips on events on said boats.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel GranolaMy Profile

  2. OMG that is horrifyingly awful! I would have pooped myself if I saw that wave coming. I’m not a huge fan of small boats!! Love the drawings and I really hope you’re ok!
    Allie recently posted…5 Tips For New Runners (From An Old One!)My Profile

  3. Oh no!! I’ll spare you my rant, but I could go on for quite awhile about obnoxious motor boats that think it’s funny to create waves for the people around them. It’s especially not funny on a sailboat. But you knowww I love boats, so I’ll stop there 😉 I hope your head feels better soon and that it’s not actually a concussion!
    Sarah recently posted…Back to BoatlifeMy Profile

  4. OMG! That sounds pretty scary! I hope you start to feel better soon!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Week 30 – Slowing DownMy Profile

  5. Haha – Oh dear Charlotte – I hope you are ok – a concussion is serious bizness my friend! I haven’t ever had one, but knew several gals on the soccer team who got one and well, one of them is the reason behind stricter concussion monitoring rules in soccer now. Happy Birthday to your friend! And hope you are feeling better soon. P.S. I love boats and will gladly volunteer to ride in a small one -for you- the next time big waves are on the hoirizon!

  6. haahahaha! drawings are the best on blogs.

    i’ve never had a concussion but a friend did…we were told to keep him up all night or at least wake him every hour and man, he was NOT happy about that.

    hope you’re ok!!
    kathy @ vodka and soda recently posted…currently [9-1]My Profile

  7. Ahhh fingers crossed that you don’t have a concussion! Also: you should probably sell art for a living :-p I love the drawings!

    I usually like boats, but now I feel like I’ll be a little nervous around them!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: September.My Profile

  8. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE how optimistic you are….so admirable to see you still rocking your sense of humour despite the weekend events! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed that you don’t have a concussion!

    And I especially love that you added in that Clueless clip- that movie will never get old!!
    Khusboo recently posted…Currently (August 2014)My Profile

  9. Hahahahaha I love your illustrations. Head injuries in general are so scary so you can never be too safe. Ever since that Natasha Richardson ski accident happened I freak out ANY time I hit my head. I’m a worrywart though :)
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…new month, new beginnings (warning: emotions ahead!)My Profile

  10. Ahh that sucks! Hope you’re feeling ok. I’ve only had a concussion once and it’s no bueno. Hope you get to take it easy!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…A (sort of) long weekendMy Profile

  11. That sounds scary! I used to love riding in boats but it’s getting less and less frequent so I would probably be a little scary now. Hope you feel better!
    Ashley @ recently posted…Clean Eating Individual Peach CrispsMy Profile

  12. I’m a pontoon on a lake kind of boat person – I don’t like big waves because I don’t want to spill my drink!!!
    I hope you are OK! Take it easy for a few days – concussions are no joke!!!
    Kim recently posted…30 Years Ago I Started Running and just Never Stopped!!My Profile

  13. My husband and I spent the weekend with our kids and watch a ton of Netflixed episodes of Wicked Tuna. This post just reminded me that I spent entirely too much of my weekend watching tv. I hope you’re okay!
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…30 Days of RunMy Profile

  14. Oh my gosh! I hope your head is ok!! That is kind of scary! I like your post its though!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Maternity Fashion Part IIMy Profile

  15. Oh no!!! I’m glad you’re okay though! How crazy that that wave was 100 ft! 😉 Whew! Rough seas these days!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Destin-ation Bachelorette Weekend Part OneMy Profile

  16. AWFUL…Just AWFUL! Don’t ignore signs, call doctor if you feel any changes!
    Carlotta Boeschenstein recently posted…What Do You See?My Profile

  17. I leave you alone for ONE weekend and this is what I come back to… 😛 That’s seriously scary, though, and I’m glad to hear that you’re okay <3 I've had a concussion before and they're no fun — hopefully it turns out to be nothing! I spent my weekend in the mountains with the bears. Good times!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. link love 8/31 .My Profile

  18. Judging by those Post It’s, I’d say you definitely have a concussion.
    Oh wait, now I see the note about image not drawn to scale. Never mind, your totally fine. I give you an all clear, and obviously I’m qualified to do that. Carry on.

  19. AHH OMGAHH. I’ve never had a concussion, knock on wood. I’m staying away from all boats.
    Brittany recently posted…Walk the KatwalkMy Profile

  20. Yikes! Hope that you’ve been taking it easy this week.

    Going on a relaxing boat ride is always wonderful! Although I always get nervous when big waves come for the very incident you described.

    On another note, I literally just laughed out loud when I read the blog intro on your sidebar. Hilarious! You’re not alone because that pretty much is me too.
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…Train Smarter, Not Harder with Fitwall WorkoutsMy Profile

  21. If you were unconscious, you had a concussion!

    Now you have an excuse for any behavior in your life you need an excuse for :-)

    I flipped a bike at 14 and went head first into the pavement!
    Dr. J recently posted…Time to Think about GarbageMy Profile

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