So, I attended a Red Sox game over the weekend. I thusly feel this qualifies me to talk authoritatively on all things baseball-related today.

Also as a 5-year resident of both NYC and Boston*, I feel doubly qualified to talk on the most famous rivalry in sports- the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

(*To clarify, that’s 5-year resident of each city respectively, not 5 years combined. Combined would be 10 years. Although I’ve only been out of school for 9, so now that I think about it I must have miscalculated… this is why I prefer words to numbers and leave arithmetic to calculators and robots.)

Anyways, here’s my perspective and analysis on the greatest rivalry in sports…

In Boston, if it’s too hot, too cold, too sunny, too rainy, Monday morning or someone runs out of beer, it is New York’s fault. Every 60 seconds someone in the greater Boston area gets a headache and proceeds to blame it on the “Stankees.” This fingering of the guilty culprit results in high fives exactly 100% of the time. In Boston, population explosions and declines can all be traced back 9 months to a particular victory or defeat of a particular pin-striped team. If you happen to be offered an extra Red Sox ticket and decline due to casual disinterest, prior engagements, or because you find yourself in labor or otherwise in need of immediate medical attention, the rejected ticket holder will look at you blankly and reply something like “but it’s right behind home plate.” Pillow talk consists of whispered confessions of “I miss Lest-ah.”

In perhaps the greatest irony, New Yorkers tend to be too consumed with their own goings-ons to care much about baseball. Unless they’re Mets fans.

To express it in cartoons, if NYC is Foghorn Leghorn, Boston is Henery the spirited chicken hawk:

yankees vs red sox

To express it in terms of Industrial Revolution-era enterprise, if NYC is the big bad Union Pacific Railroad, Boston is Central Pacific Railroad:

red sox v yankees rivalry

And that, my friends, in 333 words (not counting these words) and 2 helpful illustrations, is the culmination of 9 (or 10) years of astute sociological sports research.*

(*Research tactics include but not limited to: avid avoidance of sports bars and steadfast dedication to zoning out during the sports segments on the local news.)


Would you consider yourself a “sports fan”? Like do you get really into games (be it baseball, football or something else?) (I could actually watch soccer all day!)

Are you a Yankees or Red Sox fan? (or other?)

Do you ever find it hard to calculate how long you’ve been out of college (or time in general)?

40 Thoughts on “The Greatest Rivalry in Baseball Explained

  1. Off topic but this is the beauty of being an amazing blogger- you can write on topics I have no idea about (baseball, boston and railroads) and still be amazed.

    I went to a yankees game in NYC. I took the train, went there, took a photo of Alex Rodriguez on the big screen, bought a hot dog and left. I don’t even know if Alex Rodriguez played for NYC.
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  2. Your ‘pillow talk’ comment left me gasping for air. No, really.
    What’s wrong with me? Am I so easily amused? You must just be a too-terrific writer 😉

    Also (and this is reallllly starting to get old/embarrassing) but the only Red Sox reference I know goes back to, yes – once again – ‘Sabrina’ and a passing comment about ‘Sox Talk’ … a radio show of some sort.

    I wouldn’t classify my self as a ‘sports’ person. Unless sarcasm is a sport.

  3. Sometimes Charlotte – it’s like you are living in my brain!!! I constantly practice an “avid avoidance of sports bars and steadfast dedication to zoning out during the sports segments on the local news” and when my coworkers insist on talking “footballese” I have to glaze over and say “football -what’s that?” So, nope not a sports fan at all (even though I do like to play sports, watching them has been something I just couldn’t get into) – but if food was involved I might reconsider my statement! 😉

  4. This post is hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing…Oh how I love to blame everything and then some on the “Stankees” Plus the chicken hawk illustration is always appropriate and a perfect example for basically everything in life, LOL!
    carlotta recently posted…Think, Who Is It?My Profile

  5. As soon as I realized the number of years I’ve been out of college had fallen into double digits, I stopped counting. Peace of mind, my friend.

    This is a great post, and if I had to pick a side, I’d go Boston simply because my Dad is a fan. Me…eh I really could care less. I avoid sports talk like the plague, although my Hubby is adept at it.

  6. This post made me smile – perfect early start to the day!!!
    We actually used to go to baseball games a lot when we lived in Dallas (Texas Rangers) and I enjoyed the games. Now that we live in Kansas we rarely go (not a huge KC Royals fan).
    College football and basketball is another story entirely and I will go to a game with the guys any time instead of hanging out shopping with the girls!!!
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  7. lololol. omg! i love this! i was born and raised a die hard yankees fan and was taught that the red sox are pure evil…..then last summer i got a job working as a reporter for the red sox, and i now am quite a fan. i still get torn thinking about my allegiance to them both, but your comparison is pretty spot on i’d have to say.
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  8. Hahaha this is such a random post! I laughed out loud about how everything is a New Yorker’s fault in Boston. Too funny. We have a cross-town rivalry in Chicago (Cubs and White Sox) but no one cares that much to debate it for too long.
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  9. Oh I am totally not a sports fan, unless we’re talking skiing and snowboarding! I forgot baseball was even going on right now, until you JUST mentioned it. I do however know football season just started… Le Sigh. LOL!
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  10. haha leave it to you to actually make me care about baseball! I’m not a sports person at all, but the only one i will willingly watch is football. My family are all Steelers people.
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  11. Ah yes, Red Sox fans are certainly consumed with their hate of the Yankees. I’ve been to a few rivalry games and it gets pretty intense! I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I did grow up in Jersey going to Yankees games so I suppose I’m a lackluster Yankees fan. Football, on the other hand, is my sport!

    (GO NY GIANTS! —> who are most likely going to have a shitty season, but they’ve won 2 Super Bowls in recent years & I love them anyway)
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  12. Love your writing! So witty!
    Yes, love sports but can’t say I get too crazy over it these days! There was a time, lol! And definitely YES to losing track of time! What year is it? 😉
    Lauren @ Rustic Honey recently posted…House Update: Slowly But SurelyMy Profile

  13. Weird, this morning on my run I was trying to figure out if I was three or four years out of school (four, now). I couldn’t remember… a sign of getting old, I suppose!
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  14. I totally find myself yelling at the tv and cheering out loud when I’m watching my college team play, but no other time am I astutely engrossed in the game. I’d much rather be playing a sport than watching someone else do it.
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  15. Haha too funny! I’m not a big baseball fan because I lack attention span and it typically takes way too long for anything interesting to happen. Football, however, football I can do. Again, though, the attention span thing. I usually have to multitask when a football game is on, otherwise I get bored.
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  16. At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical girl, I just can’t wrap my head around (American) football or baseball. Truth be told, I haven’t put too much time into understanding either but clearly I need to change that! I do, however, enjoy watching soccer, especially the World Cup :)!
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    • I cant wrap my ahead around football- i cant even tell you how many times that game has been explained to me. Doesnt stick. Soccer though is amazing and so much fun to watch

  17. Haha. I feel so educated now!! I honestly know nothing about northern sports teams really…living in the south where baseball isn’t THE THING will do that to you!
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  18. This is the best explanation I have ever read regarding this rivalry. I spent four years living in Boston (I can calculate that because it was four years at BU) and cared exactly 0% about the Red Sox – much to everyone’s outrage. Of course, four years after that (I’m on a math roll here!) I had a boyfriend who was a diehard Yankee fan and I learned everything about the game. I now know nothing about baseball whatsoever, and I like it that way. After all it IS football season!
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    • Oh yeah!! the first week or two i was here, i mentioned i liked the yankees (not thinking anyone would care. or maybe they would be all “boo” and then move on) yeah, um, nobody talked to me the rest of the night.

  19. I don’t watch sports, unless I’m at the actual game. I have to think sometimes (hard) how many years I’ve been out high school. Not so much college cauuussee….I’m still working on that. HA!
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  20. My husband’s dad is a HUGE (and he pronounces that word without the H, said like YOOGE) Yankee fan. I’m sure he would get a kick out of this.

    I’m a sports fan but I feel like baseball is a little boring for my taste. And people with their annoying chants at the pitcher- ugh.
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