So for today’s Thinking Out Loud, I’m opening up my Notes App.


My Notes App is where I write down my blog ideas. I then transfer these ideas into drafts that may or may not ever see the light of day. Every idea listed here today was originally a concept for its own post that I have yet to expand upon. 

So, this is either a teaser post for whats to come, or it’s where ideas go to die a somewhat respectful death.

Let’s brainstorm together! Here we go.

8. Unfinished Idea: I don’t think it’s a mistake the word “Wine” has the word “Win” in it.

Accompanying Notes:

drinking wine and judging people


7. Unfinished Idea: Is it Bar or Barre?

Accompanying Notes: Both! While it’s mostly called barre, the type I follow is called Bar Method.


6. Unfinished Idea: You know how your phone gives you auto-text options like “Call you later” or “I am away”? Snoresville. I would like a famous author edition keyboard that makes me sound interesting at the touch of a button.

Accompanying Notes: For example: The Shel Silverstein keyboard would go something like:

Text from Friend: “Hey”

Text from Me (auto away message): “And there were green alligators, and long neck geese, some humpty-backed camels and talk later. Peace.”


4 & 5. Unfinished Idea: And now let’s play “Who Said It: Hipster Chloe Sevigny or My Dad?”

Accompanying NotesBecause amazingly, hipsters and dads are remarkably similar.

1. Quote: “I don’t even have an iPhone yet. I have a BlackBerry.
(Answer: Hipster Chloe Sevigny. My dad would never say “yet”)

2. Quote: “I had an appointment at the Apple store to fix my 15-year-old laptop.”
(Answer: Hipster Chloe Sevigny. If you guessed my dad, you were so close, but my dad’s 15-yr-old computer is a desktop)

3. Quote: “You see these kids walking on the street and think, ‘Oh, look at that Goth kid’”
(Answer: Hipster Chloe Sevigny. Although she was saying it in a nice “Oh look at that Goth kid!” kind of way, while my dad would’ve said in a  “Oh, look at that Goth kid… it’s a shame nobody enrolled him in sports as a kid” kind of way.)

This concludes “Who Said It: Hipster Chloe Sevigny or My Dad?”


3. Unfinished Idea: Primal eating is going awesomely.

Accompanying Notes: I’d say I’m about 85% percent Primal (which counts!) Some benefits: I now prefer the taste of natural food and I call said food by its flavor rather than its color. Although I’ll admit I’ve been living on red wine and dark chocolate lately, so maybe that 2nd benefit was a lie.


2. Unfinished Idea: Barre problems

Accompanying Notes:

barre wedgie post it


1. Unfinished Idea: Acronyms

Accompanying Notes: Barre: Build A Resilient Rear End

Etc, etc.


Would you like to see any of the above ideas expanded upon?

What famous author (or realty TV personality) would you like for your auto-text keyboard?

Where do you keep track of your blog ideas? (Anybody else keep track on the go?)

How many drafts are you hoarding? (I have so many it might justify an intervention)

What’s an idea you just can’t seem to finish?

Are you sick of questions yet?


34 Thoughts on “Wine Has the Word Win in it and Other Unfinished Musings (TOL)

  1. Can you please do a vlog simply a BAR VS BARRE correlation? I’m still stumped. And keen for a primal update!

    I have a few drafts which reminds me…I should go back and look over. I have paper notes floating everywhere with ideas. Most of them are the same thing reworded. Twat.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…It’s easier to bash our bodies than embrace itMy Profile

  2. I think you’re a tad obsessed with Barre/Bar and I absolutely love #6! Please pitch this to Apple asap!!!
    Allie recently posted…Biggest Writing Announcement Ever! I’m in a BOOK!My Profile

  3. I also have a list of post ideas and even more unfinished drafts, but this post was very clever! I think you’re hilarious, as always. :)
    Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy recently posted…September Wrap Down & August Wrap UpMy Profile

  4. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Wine has “I” in it either ;)…just sayinggg! Lawd knows I need help to develop a shapely “rear end”…clearly I need some Barre in my life. And then we can go to the bar afterwards- see what I did there ;)!
    Khusboo recently posted…New-to-me productsMy Profile

  5. Giggle, snort. I have solo many drafts that have like… 1 or 2 sentences in them. And some of them go back 1 or 2 years 😆 Also… wine and dark chocolate are primal? Maybe there’d be hope for me yet!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #96 .My Profile

  6. You had me at the wine idea. Not a coincidence at all that wine has “win” in it. I’m more of a blog-as-I-go kind of person, though I definitely could do better about having some ideas on hand when I need them!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…5 Reasons to work out (that have nothing to do with looks)My Profile

    • Its funny, even with all these drafts, i’m still blog-as-i-go also. It’s pretty rare I actually go back to old drafts because i forget about them or the full idea just never comes to fruition

  7. My auto text reply would be “Dude, wtf, why are you calling me? Text me!”

    Do you go to the barre to drink? When you workout harder do you raise the barre? Yup, still confused.
    Chris recently posted…Why You Shouldn’t Set Your Rower To 10My Profile

  8. I love Bar Method and am totally curious about the difference between bar and barre. I use them interchangeably. You also totally need to do the post about “Who Said It: Hipster Chloe Sevigny or My Dad?”. That is hilarious!!!

    I keep ideas on my phone notepad app and in draft too. It’s great for boring days or days when you have writers block!
    Leslie @ Life Begins at 30? recently posted…SBC-Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

    • Haha thanks Leslie! And yeah i usually get ideas on the go so ill jot down something quick in that app… or i’ll suddenly have to write down a whole post at once and realize im that person on the sidewalk in everyones way playing with my phone :)

  9. Haha! #2 – oh dear!
    I haven’t started keeping a log yet – but I keep thinking about it…like am thinking if dark chocolate is primal eating – I can eat primal 100% of the time!
    I do have drafts of recipes and pictures but no writing…that I kinda am still winging…

  10. Number 1 – please, please do it as a post. I would love that. Annnd wine and dark chocolate are primal? Maybe that wouldn’t be so hard…
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…25 Things.My Profile

  11. I’m scared to try Bar(re) – I really need to bite the bullet and just DO it (thanks, Nike!). My dad would say all these things. It’s such a “dad” thing :)
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…Alive in the Age of WorryMy Profile

  12. I love the questions between the hipster (I’m not hip enough to know who that is) and your dad!!
    And, I think you definitely need to figure out how to get your auto text to be something so cool!!!
    Kim recently posted…My Wife & Her Birthday (A Husband’s Reflection)My Profile

  13. I usually get random ideas in my head, and then obsess about them until I have time to write a post. OR my ideas are usually kept in the form of a picture, which I can refer to later while writing my post. Notes are a good idea too though!
    Brittany recently posted…What I Learned in LAMy Profile

  14. Please, please expand on the Hipster Chloe Sevigny vs. my dad. That is gold.
    Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. recently posted…Size Doesn’t MatterMy Profile

  15. I take it the whole bar/barre concept is one you really want to get into. Now if we’re talking about the bar where you consume adult beverages, I say count me in.

    I think I would like Dr. Suess to be my celebrity autocorrect responder.

  16. I have a huge list of topics I keep in Evernote! I just wish I could organize them better! I’m with you on the wine 😉
    Carrie (This Fit Chick) recently posted…The Start of Daily Blogging!My Profile

  17. I keep mine on pastel colored note cards in a drawer next to my writing space…and in books….and in my head….and voice recorded on my fake Blackberry because I’m still too lame to even have the internet hooked to my phone. Oh, and the guy in the gif at the top looks oddly like a slightly gayer version of the guy I “dated seriously” before my husband. So, that creeped me out. I would definitely want Laurie Notaro or Jenny Lawson to write my auto text responses. I hope I’ve answered all of your questions in under 30 seconds and why am I up so early on a Friday? Because I am headed to teach 4 hours of yoga this morning. Have a great weekend!
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…TriggersMy Profile

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