So, I just got back from Christine’s birthday weekend extravaganza. It was a blast. We went to Scituate, the Cape, ate the most incredible food and managed to stay almost completely Primal minus some amaaazing champagne which was totally worth the cheat. I also managed to find time to squeeze in a head injury along with all the festivities. Here’s what happened:

On Saturday, we went to a beach accessible by boat.

im on a boat post it

But the sea was choppy and our boat was on the smaller side.

*Image not drawn to scale

*Image not drawn to scale


Suddenly a bigger, speedier boat launched a giant wave right in our path. I braced for impact.

hold on


But I guess I under-braced because within seconds I was flung up into the air…

jack im flying post it1

…And then I came back down…

jack im falling post it


jack i fell post it

To be clear, I’m not sure if I actually have a concussion. The doctor said maybe. I’m currently monitoring symptoms.

Clueless concussion

The moral of the story: Avoid big waves in small boats.

Everybody say happy birthday to Christine!!

Have you ever had a concussion (or any head injury)?

Do you like boats?

How was your Labor Day weekend?