Like many other women who have spent their entire adult lives as devout northeastern urbanites, I do not have children.

However, this does not mean that I’m completely out of tune with the under 10 set. My interaction on a nearly daily basis involves starring contests with cheeky babies on subways, making empathetic eye contact with the humiliated older sibling of a child throwing a fit in a restaurant, and experiencing outfit-envy of 3-foot tall hipsters on Newbury St.

I dream of being able to pull off multiple coats without looking bulky

(I dream of being able to pull off multiple coats with such simultaneous gusto and nonchalance.)

When it comes to traits, most parents hope their children will have intelligence, athletic ability, an ear for music, a dry sense of humor and a disdain for all things derivative. (Those last two might just be me.) And when it comes to their future career, most parents simply want their children to do what makes them happy.

Although some may show early aptitude for the arts, sciences or calculating dividends, others have a penchant for a spunky jeu de mots, a well-placed gif and a nicely photographed baked good.

If your child is exhibiting any of the following traits, you are undoubtedly raising a HL Blogger:

  1. She shows a sincere appreciation for subtle puns like “I was going to have Cheerios again, but I think I’ll switch it up just for Kix.”
  2. When taking a multiple choice quiz, she responds with both the answer to the question, as well as a comment.
  3. When told to go to bed he responds “5 more minutes! The Australians have just posted.”
  4. When everyone else is swapping lunches in the cafeteria, she is busy photographing hers.
  5. When told to go play outside, he first inquires about the WOD.
  6. She gets more excited about a well placed GIF than a well meaning gift.
  7. When asked why he hasn’t turned in a homework assignment in over a week he replies “I have Writer’s Block, and I’d rather turn in nothing than something I’m not proud of.”
  8. When she refers to her friends you can’t be sure if she means her classmates, or other bloggers she has never technically met in real life.
  9. Her idea of a childhood prank involves hiding kale in smoothies so her friends don’t know they’re eating healthy.
  10. When asked what she wants to read before bed, she replies “Bloglovin.”

If you recognize any of these traits in your dependent, there is a good chance you have a future healthy living blogger in your household.

What healthy living bloggers looked like circa 1987

What this healthy living blogger looked like circa 1987

Indulge their recipe fantasies, encourage their word play and above all teach them how to monetize a blog sooner rather than later.



If you blog, have you always enjoyed writing?

What was your favorite subject growing up? Does it have anything to do with what you’re doing now?

If you have kids, do they like to write? Do they read blogs??


39 Thoughts on “How to Recognize if You’re Raising a Budding Healthy Living Blogger

  1. HA! Numbers 7 and 8 are killing me!!! My boys are 5 so they can’t read but, if they could, they would read Nellie’s blog (Brooklyn Active Mama) because she once took a picture with a Skylander at the NYC toy fair. I showed them, they freaked, and now they ask to see it all.the.time. I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for that post being in her top 5.
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown – Quick & DirtyMy Profile

  2. This is by far my most favourite post ever. I know Holly is expecting twins….let’s hope they all possess these traits. Can you imagine kids sneaking kale in each others lunch box? I swear by 2020, kale chips will be the new cheetos.

    Favourite subject was French. Until I was banned. Fail.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Healthy Carrot CakeMy Profile

    • Ahh I was a french major in college! How did you get banned?? (Do i know this story? this is actually sounding familiar… ) And i know, if holly’s babies are super bloggers it could make my life :)

  3. hahahahahah #4 and 5!!! this post cracked me up.

    kayla loves reading but wouldn’t be a good blogger at all – she doesn’t like being in pictures and takes the most heinous pictures and that’s a total blogger fail.
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…my kind of perfectMy Profile

  4. This is fabulous and funny. I loved every single sentence, derivatives and all.

    I was an English major in school, so I definitely enjoy writing a blog now, although growing up, we didn’t have the internet, so blogs were out. In fact, I didn’t really discover them until the last few years, when I started my own blog. I instantly categorized myself as an HLB since I ate mostly whole foods and never actually understand what that community was about until at least another year later. Oops, oblivious much. I still love writing though, and I still classify myself as healthy, even though I tend to be the out (wo)man out in the group. Basically I do me, and I love that you do you too. How’s that for wordy?!

    • Yay for this comment!! and yay for just being comfortable enough in your own skin to do what you want to do, say what you want to say, write, eat and live how you want as well. i didn’t really know about healthy living bloggers either until i became one- funny how that happens!

  5. Well done. Now I want some Kix. I actually started writing stories when I was in first grade. I don’t think GIFs existed back then or else I probably would’ve been all over that digital stuff. I have the worst handwriting ever, so I was destined to be a blogger and not a handwritten story maker.
    Chris recently posted…I Prefer Non Photoshopped CamilleMy Profile

    • Actually watch “handwritten story maker” become the new hipster trend- the worse the handwriting the better- I’m calling it now. dust off those old stories!

  6. 😆 Omg I wish I had tried to pull the writer’s block stunt on some of my profs in university. I wonder what they would have said.

    I’ve loved reading and writing for pretty much as long as I can remember. English has always been my favourite subject, and all my teachers throughout the years have encouraged me to pursue something in the writing field. Who knows… maybe one day I’ll get around to writing that book 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. flourless apple cinnamon muffins .My Profile

  7. Like Allie, 7 and 8 made me laugh out loud! And how adorable were you??!! (I mean, you are still are…OBVI). You could have totally pulled off two coats! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Hey Holidays, One At A Time!My Profile

  8. Haha these are all hilarious. Now I’m picturing little kids sneaking veggies into their friends’ lunchboxes and feeling all proud of themselves.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…A fun-filled weekend in WilliamsburgMy Profile

  9. Haha! I love no. 4! Also, can we talk about that girl in that photo and how she has so much better style than me? Love this list!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…BumpdateMy Profile

    • I KNOW! I want to be that 7 year old when i grow up. and now that we know you’re having a little genius, he’ll probably be blogging before most kids can talk :)

  10. There you go again, Charlotte…leaving me with the biggest smile on my face! Obvi I love this post, especially number 4…I can totes see my future kids being one of them ;)! Growing up I was quite the nerd- math was my favourite subject. As for present day, the most math I do is counting money and keeping my accounts in check…best use of the subject if you ask me!
    Khusboo recently posted…5 days in Sri LankaMy Profile

  11. #8 is pretty much me – my boys always clarify – “you mean your blog friend?”
    I still don’t consider myself a writer but I love the whole blogging thing!!!
    Kim recently posted…My Heart Is OverflowingMy Profile

  12. EVER SINCE I can remember, I have ADORED writing! I even wrote BOOKS when I was younger! I would be so proud of myself and show my whole family all my chapters! ha ah! I don’t even remember what the books were about, but it just proves that I love to story tell :)
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Good Mood Food: We Could All Use SomeMy Profile

  13. OMG So adorable…You were so advanced…/blogs didn’t even exist but yet you were in the making! Love it!
    Carlotta Boeschenstein recently posted…Women’s Humor….Tee He He!My Profile

  14. Such a great post! I always loved to write, draw, color and dance as a child. My youngest has lots of the same qualities and could very well be the child you described above. He is a little young yet, but he is quite clever, artful, and well at this point he can only write his name, but he does enjoy it. Haha!
    Shelly recently posted…Weekend Eats & Treats: Too Much of A Good ThingMy Profile

  15. Hell no I don’t have kids, they are too messy and whiny for me. Plus I’m as single as they get so that’s problematic for baby making too. I have always enjoyed writing, but I didn’t realize how much until I started the blog!
    Brittany recently posted…Coffee Tasting for OneMy Profile

  16. Haha – nos. 3, 9 and 10 have my stomach aching! Too funny lady – I do have a daughter and nope, she does not exhibit any of these symptoms – she is getting good at deciphering what I am trying to hide in HER smoothies though – but if I throw chocolate in there it throws her off!
    I was an oddball kid in that I loved English and Math and Art – three opposing sides of the spectrum – wait…logically the spectrum has 2 sides right..??? hmm…

  17. I have always enjoyed writing, yeah! So it just made sense that once school was done I’d have to transfer my love of writing to a blog of some kind. “I was going to have Cheerios again, but I think I’ll switch it up just for Kix.” – that describes me in a nutshell. Most people don’t care – they just grab a cereal and go for it. I debate, think about what I’m craving…it’s always a big decision haha
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…What I Ate Week: Dairy-Free EditionMy Profile

  18. Hiding kale in smoothies! I have no joke devoured posts about that very subject :) This is great.

  19. Haha- so true! I especially loved the Australian time zone reference, lol. I always feel like I’m late to the party with all of you bloggers on the east coast!

    And to answer your question in addition to my comment 😉
    I don’t always enjoy writing the blog but that’s mainly because I don’t have enough time for it. I’m trying to squeeze it into an already full schedule and sometimes I’m just exhausted!
    Sarah recently posted…A Day in the Life: Ashley from Cookie Monster CookingMy Profile

  20. This was sooo cute! I hope that my kids grow up to be healthy living bloggers or something in that industry…..keeping the family tradition alive! Nicely done.
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…Thinking About ThursdayMy Profile

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