Recently I was thinking about my lack of trips on the horizon, and I realized hey, I don’t have to travel internationally when I can travel internetally.

Just like international tourism, internetal tourism involves going to sites and looking at things. However, internetal tourists don’t have to put on pants.

no pants new girl

Wondering which type of tourist you are? Let’s find out.

A. When it comes to pulling out your phone, do you prefer to do it:

  1.  During dinner to show your friends pictures of your recent trip to Hong Kong
  2.  During disputes to show your friends that according to Google, their side is wrong

B. When it comes to complaining about your connections, which of the following words typically precedes “connections”:

  1. Flight
  2. Wifi

C. When it comes to regaling your friends with exotic stories, do you normally talk about:

  1. Your last visit to the Sub-Saharan Desert
  2. Your last visit to that super weird subreddit

D. When you pick up new phrases, these are usually in the form of:

  1. Foreign languages
  2. Memes

read all the memes

E. When you say “I’ll write” you mean:

  1. A postcard containing just one sentence, something like: “Wish you were here.”
  2. An email containing no text just a Buzzfeed link, with the subject: “Aww baby pig friends with baby deer”

F. When you worry about your financial safety, your biggest threat is:

  1. Your cash being stolen by child pickpockets with small hands
  2. All your personal information stolen by teenage hackers over wireless LANs

G. When you say you’re going on Safari, you mean:

  1. In Africa, with all the animals and khaki clothes
  2. On your iphone or computer (because you need to open a browser other than Chrome)

If you answered mostly 1s, you are an international tourist.

If you answered mostly 2s, you are an internetal tourist and you are just like me.




What sites do you spend most of your time on– ancient, archaeological, or web? (Web. Blogs and Buzzfeed)

Do you have any trips coming up? Where are you going? (Trader Joes. Yes it counts.)

Did you just get back from a trip? Where did you go? (Ego trip, briefly. Yes it counts.)


37 Thoughts on “International Tourism vs Internetal Tourism: A Quiz

  1. Omg you need to stop…and come to Australia. We can tweet across the table.

    Just kidding, Australia has no free wifi and if you used your own cell phone data, it would cost you an entire TJ’s store and more.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Restricted Eating = Restricted Taste budsMy Profile

  2. I am vacationing right now in my mind! Sorry, gotta go…I’m just about to go on safari!
    carlotta recently posted…Acceptance!My Profile

  3. We are twins!…and you killed the animated gifs on this one!! I’m off to find Schmidt’s leisure wear…
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown: Ready, Set, Eat!My Profile

  4. Haha I plan fake vacations ALL the time. I recently spent an hour perusing itineraries on a luxury, all-inclusive cruise line’s website ( in case you also would like to daydream). It’s $20,000, but you get a veranda and a butler!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…A peaceful and relaxing weekendMy Profile

    • Oh my goshhh, i made the mistake of clicking on that link. Now all i want to do is go hang out with those elephants on the home page. And my butler. on the veranda. ok i have to get back to work now… (le sigh)

  5. Holler to the internetal tourists–> apparently I am one of them :)! Fortunately my last few trips were international (Sri Lanka, London + Paris) but the next one is going to be within India (friend’s wedding)! How additive is Buzzfeed…it’s like once you’re on, they suck you in to read 8 billion other links on their site…or is that just me ha!!

  6. LOL! The only trips I think I’m taking are ones to Trader Joes in the near future. I’ve been planning/saving for a trip to Croatia in 2015, but if work stays slow like it has that won’t be happening this year. :( I really would like to travel internationally more than I do…but I guess for now I’ll just be waving from Trader Joes. :)

  7. BAH HA HA HA! WiFi CONNECTIONS are the BAN OF MY EXISTENCE! LOL! Sad truth right there!

    I actually RANDOMLY booked a trip to New Zealand for New Years – I am going to both the North and South Island, I am pretty pumped and I am going ALL by myself. I put my big girl THONG (I do not wear PANTIES – haha ha ha ah ahTMI??) on and booked it! Done and Done! :) So pumped – There will definitely be a blog post or two about it, FO SHO!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…A “Zesty” Take on Eclairs!My Profile

  8. Well, I wish I was an international traveler, but unfortunately that requires a whole lot of free time and funds. My husband and I took a trip earlier this year though that was amazing. We took two weeks and went to Prague and Croatia! Needless to say, it was such a wonderful experience.
    Shelly recently posted…The Kipping Conundrum; Strict vs. Kipping Pull-UpsMy Profile

  9. BWAH HA HA HA HA!! I was all “B”‘s, of course. I can’t even deal with how much I love this post!! Am totally reading it over the phone to Lisa during our next blog meeting!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…School Breaks Are The Best–Said No Mom EverMy Profile

  10. I love that TJ’s counts as a trip, because for me it legit does. I drive 40 minutes to get there, because I am too lame to go to the one in my town. I used to work there andddd welllll…I don’t want to make small talk with them. MEH!
    Brittany recently posted…Adventures with LilyMy Profile

  11. Pretty much every day I tell Chris I need a trip – I guess I will tell him that I’m just going to become an internetal tourist instead!!!
    Kim recently posted…Unconditional LoveMy Profile

  12. Spot on. I’m not a fan of open waters but surfing might be one of my relaxing hobbies. Surfing the internet, that is. Do you think there are any world championships I could attend? My internet and internatonal travels are alike in that I’d neither like to go on a real Safari nor open it in a browser – Macs confuse me like nothing else.
    On another note I’m convinced you posted that last picture just for me. I like it!
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…WIAW: Ditch the itch!My Profile

  13. TJ’s would definitely count as a trip for me because I’d have to hop on an epically long flight just to get there. Chipotle too. I’m still holding out for the day where the introduce both to my neck of the woods. Hopefully that day will come while I’m still on this earth.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW… i give up on words .My Profile

  14. Hahaha I’m literally laughing out loud over here… I love to travel and wish I could do more! Since my hubby and I did this thing called buying a house in California, and he did this little ole thing called quitting his corporate job to start his own business, our trips have been smaller and less frequent this year, but luckily we have a timeshare so that we have to excuse to travel every damn year!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…[My Life Lately] Wining & Dining All Over JerseyMy Profile

  15. Hahaha I had no idea how many of these phrases/experiences overlapped with internation/internetal travel. Clever!

    I definitely sometimes treat a trip to TJ’s as a vacation :) it’s THAT exciting
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…BESIDES health and fitness…My Profile

  16. Haha hilarious! I love it! My last big trip was to Greece and I have a feeling it will be the last one for a looooooooong time!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Quick Prenatal Barre VideoMy Profile

  17. hahaha. This was a great post.
    I am definitely an internetal traveler spending most of my time on Buzzfeed.
    Our next trip will most likely be to the Outback (or close to it) where my boyfriend is from as he is about to be an uncle again and me an “aunt”.. We are hoping to move to Melbourne soon but thinking about taking a trip to Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef just before the move and before we get jobs with no vacation time for a while.
    Andrea @ The Pineapple Cake recently posted…Friday Favorites XXIVMy Profile

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  19. I wish I could travel more internationally, but not so with kids and only a million part-time jobs. However, I am headed to your neck of the woods this coming weekend for work….well, sorta. I’ll be at UMass Lowell (flying in and out of Boston) to teach a bunch of future personal trainers. Hope the weather is wonderful and fall like for me!
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight!My Profile

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