The other day as I was wandering around my kitchen looking for food (a futile endeavor), I started thinking in limericks.

It started with:

There once was a girl who loved snacks…

new girl shaking head no

But then I got stuck. So I moved on:

There once was a girl from Bostonia

whose accent could not have been phoni-ah…

zooey-exasperated new girl

Once again I got stuck. Apparently I do not do my best thinking when I’m hungry.

So I went to the grocery store, brought it all back, decided to eat an apple and some almonds* and tried again:

There once was a blogger in Boston,

Who worked out though it was exhaustin’.

But the reason she did it,

She’d gladly admit it,

Was to eat more cupcakes with frostin’.

eating cupcakes tina fey

(*By “an apple and some almonds” I mean “two gluten-free cupcakes.”)

Then suddenly I was thinking in rhyme and I couldn’t stop. And to prove that I don’t just spend all my time writing odes to myself while hopped up on sugar, the following limericks are dedicated to you:

For the Runners:

There once was a runner-slash-blogger

Who darted through traffic like frogger

She was faster than fast

And a total badass

Call her whatevs, just dont call her a jogger


For the Food Bloggers:

There once were bloggers who loved baking

Who also enjoyed picture-taking

So they snapped what they baked

And shared what they maked

Making you wish that you were partaking


For the Australians:

There once were some blogs from Australia

Who made good use of kitchen paraphernalia

In their accents they wrote

Like quote — favourite — unquote

Which sounded Fancy like Iggy Azalea


For the Amusing Bloggers:

There once were some bloggers so witty

their posts made everyone giddy

they’d throw in a quip

and a reactionary gif

and prove that women can be funny AND pretty



Favorite type of cupcake? (Carrot cake!)

Can you taste the difference between a gluten-free cupcake and a regular one? (I honestly can’t)

Whats your favorite old video game? (Frogger? Pac-Man? Other?)

Do you ever start thinking in rhyme?


37 Thoughts on “Food and Fitness Limericks

  1. I LOVE cupcakes…I also cannot think if I’m hungry! Happy you solved the problem!
    carlotta recently posted…Enough!My Profile

  2. LOLOLOL. You are a twat and an awesome one that that.

    I can limerick too. 😉

    I am doing a vlog to prove that we are not correlated with Iggy Azalea. She’s NOT fancy. Australian GF cupcakes are like rocks. Legit rocks.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Target Australia vs Target USAMy Profile

  3. hahahaha!!!! I think my favorite was the one for Australians. Hilarious. My fav cupcake is red velvet with vanilla frosting, I’ve never eaten a gluten free one but seems like it would be gross. PacMan is my all-time favorite classic game and now my kids are into it. There’s even a PacMan cartoon! Say what?
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown – Birthdays, Breaks & Blog FriendsMy Profile

  4. OMG I have to get my mom to read this. She loooooves limericks. We were even going to name one of our big show horses Limerick. She will be so excited.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Mama Needs a New Pair of (Running) Shoes!My Profile

  5. Youuuuuuu make me smile every morning. Err… at least every morning when you post 😛

    Cupcake… double chocolate, always and forever. Frosting is optional. And yes, I’m a cupcake over frosting lover — I need the doughy-ness!! And favourite old school video game will probably always be the original Super Mario for NES. Either that or Duck Hunt 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. no-bake pumpkin spice granola bars .My Profile

  6. Haha, so funny! Favorite cupcake? Hmm, probably red velvet. Or anything that can come with cream cheese frosting!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted…Best apps for health and fitnessMy Profile

  7. Damn, I can see you a rapper!
    Linda @ The Fitty recently posted…What Your Breakfast Says About YouMy Profile

  8. hehe…love this! As far as cupcakes, my favorites are either carrot cake or a chocolate cupcake with PB frosting!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Week 37 – An End in SightMy Profile

  9. Favourite cupcake – anything with a lot of chocolate (the cupcake itself has to be chocolate, white cake is boring) and then more chocolate or peanut butter for the frosting. And if you want to throw some caramel in there too that’s pretty often. Now I want a cupcake.
    Favourite old video game? Super Mario World 3. I was so good at that back in the day.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Cross Country Road Trip Recap.My Profile

    • Lovvve super mario and agreed- what is up with white cake? Unless its a situation where I would be rude to abstain- i won’t eat it. I need a little more flavor– it’s a waste of cake calories :)

  10. HAHAH a poet and she doesn’t even know it…I like it :)! You got mad skills, girl- new career in the making? So don’t judge but I am not really into cupcakes. I mean they’re pretty and I’ll eat one if nothing else is on offer but if the choice is mine, I’d pick a muffin any day!
    Khusboo recently posted…Coconut-Crusted ShrimpMy Profile

  11. This is one of my favorites ever – I love all of these especially the running one!!!
    I’m not a huge cupcake fan – I will share mine! (i do like the frosting if it is buttercream!)
    Kim recently posted…Why do People Take Advantage of a Kind Act?My Profile

    • Yeah I consider myself a moderate cupcake fan– its just that there’s a place by me that makes them pretty much as dense as muffins and they’re quite remarkable.

  12. I can only assume you were thinking of me when you drafted your limerick for amusing bloggers. Thank you; I appreciate it.

    There once was a blogger named Charlotte,
    Who may or may not be a harlot.
    Cupcakes and gifs are her thang
    With her mom she likes to sang.
    She makes me laugh til I turn scarlet.

  13. Hahahaha, you had me rolling. Great light hearted and entertaining post.

    I don’t discriminate again cupcakes, I love them all equally. 😉
    Shelly recently posted…Hemp Hearts Review + Discount CodeMy Profile

  14. Hahah this is great! And so creative…I got stuck after line one of my limerick. Good thing proficiency in limericks isn’t a requirement for blogging :)

    Favorite cupcake = strawberry lemonade ones OR Whole Foods’ gluten free ones. I’m not even gluten free and I think they’re good.
    Brittney recently posted…Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014My Profile

    • Yes! I honestly cant tell the difference between a gluten free cupcake and a regular one, in fact in some cases I think GF can be better… I’m not sure what kind of sorcery this is, but I like it.

  15. Baahaha love. As per usual. I love cupcakes even more though, they make me see stars. I like them heavy on chocolate and fudgy goodness. Oh dear God I am now craving a cupcake. I have had my fair share of LEGIT GF/Vegan cupcakes and they are SO FACKIN GOOOOD.
    Brittany recently posted…SquashedMy Profile

    • Aren’t they good!? And yeah Vegan cupcakes can be amazing! There’s a cupcake place a couple blocks down from me that makes the best gluten free and vegan varieties- they might even be better than the normal ones IMO.

  16. Carrot cake is the bessssst! I’m a weirdo who actually likes a slice of cake more than a cupcake but hey, cake is cake, right?

    I had a serious, serious Frogger obsession. My mom hid my gameboy.

    Loving the rhymes. As usual, you should write a book 😀
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…the wonderful world of unexplored squash: what to do with a delicataMy Profile

  17. Hahaha – you are too too funny lady! Sugar where on a gluten free cupcake or a gluten full one seems to be brain food -eh?! Nah – I cannot taste the difference either! Throw some chocolate in and I will eat just about anything :)

  18. MMMMMMM….now I want a cupcake at 1am on a Sunday. That’s not good.
    And favorite game: Sea Quest
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight!My Profile

  19. I can totally tell the difference between GF and gluten cupcakes.. but this is possibly because every time I make a bath of GF I make regulars too, and try both. I have problems. lol
    Andrea @ The Pineapple Cake recently posted…Fashion Fix: Melbourne Cup FashionMy Profile

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