If we were to personify your inner athlete, what would he or she look like?

Big and intense like the Hulk?

sheldon puny human


Agile and speedy like the Flash?

sheldon the flash


Strong and focused like Bruce Lee?

bruce lee


…Mine looks more like Larry David.


It’s whiny, neurotic, and manages to offend others by just being itself. (But on the upside, it wears sneakers everywhere.)

Whenever it comes to trying a new activity, the following conversation between me and my Inner Athlete (IA) comes to pass:

Me: I should try CrossFit.

IA: (Sits up from a reclining position) What are you nuts?! Have you seen the amount of coordination and lung capacity and general athleticism required for CrossFit? Have you seen how much people sweat? Do you even have that much water in your body?

Me: Yeah, but you know, people start out at all different levels.

IA: Yeah you’re going to get leveled if you take one step inside that Box, Snowflake.

Me: I think you’re overreacting. I’ll just go at my own pace.

IA: What is this really about? Are you stressed? Anxious? Can’t you just take a brisk walk and call it a day?

Me: What? No — I just think it’s time I try CrossFit. Everybody who tries it seems to love it.

IA: Have it your way but just so you know, I’m not on board with this.

Me: Listen, Inner Athlete — this is happening.

IA: Listen, Charlotte — this is not happening yet. What if your form is all wrong and you break in half like a twig? What if your form is perfect but you get stuck frozen in that position with the thing above your head and can’t move til someone notices and has to come rescue you? What if your barre workout clothes don’t cut it for Box workouts? What if you need upper body strength? What if there are people there?

Me: Huh, I hadn’t thought about those things.

IA: (Says nothing, returns to reclining position.)

Me: Ok, you win this week. But next week we’re doing it!

IA: Oh good, next week you have a dentist appointment so that’ll be convenient when you accidentally knock your teeth out.

My Inner Athlete and I then stare at each other for a while, simultaneously saying everything and nothing:




So if we were to personify your inner athlete, which one do you most identify with — Hulk, Lee, Flash or David?

Or, if none of those options are to your liking, what famous person or cartoon character does inner athlete most resemble?



44 Thoughts on “My Inner Athlete Personified

  1. Haha Michael J Fox is such a cutie! Sadly I think my inner athlete identifies with Larry David…at least through the process of elimination hah! I’m curious to see how you like CrossFit- if you make it :)! Also on a separate note how did you find the primal lifestyle- are you still eating along those guidelines?
    Khusboo recently posted…Sautéed Kale Breakfast BowlMy Profile

    • I’ll make it (at some point) ! And yes- primal- I should do a post on it- it was going really well for sept and most of oct. I was probably about 80% primal and feeling fantastic. The past couple weeks though I’ve fallen off, and I can really feel the difference. (thanks for asking!)

  2. Completely random but when I think of Larry David I think of George Costanza.

    He’d be my inner athlete. Lazy and full of excuses. Like today- I should do some legs. Actually, you’re going to walk up some stairs later. That counts.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Healthy Red Velvet PancakesMy Profile

  3. Don’t talk yourself out of a workout is always my motto! :)
    Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy recently posted…What I Got In My October Foodie Care Package + Most Perfect Day!My Profile

  4. Definitely Larry David (but with a touch of Bruce Lee, minus the coordination) as well. I would kill myself doing Crossfit. I’m all about the slow, controlled movements, but more so because I am lazy and about thisclose to falling over at all times. My husband is SO Hulk meets Flash.
    In a #runchat thing the other day David asked what animal you would be as a runner.
    I went with Badass Unicorn. Because given the choice, you should always be a badass unicorn.
    Have a great day, Charlotte!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…For Shame: Stop the Life, Sport, Fitness ShamingMy Profile

  5. Ha! Getting “stuck frozen in that position with the thing above your head and can’t move” has been my fear too! This actually reminded me of this one time while I was on the cable row machine, a guy was benching a ton (not sure how much) and didn’t have a spotter and was loosing his hold on his weights and he yelled out to me a couple of times but I didn’t hear him as I had my music blasting in my ears – another chap ended up running across the gym to his rescue! Dude has been giving me hell about how I almost let him “die”! GAH!
    If I were to personify my inner athlete – think I would figure most with Bruce Lee – as long as I have my tunes in my ears! 😉

    • Lol ahh that would so be me also with the music turned on and up!! It’s always up and I can’t hear a word people say — unless they’re using hand motions to get my attention, I’m oblivious :)

  6. hahahah hilarious! i’m more like bruce lee; when i’m in the zone, no one exists.
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…weekend recap | november goalsMy Profile

  7. Haha I’m laughing so hard at this. Your gifs are so perfectly placed. My inner athlete is probably very much like my new kitten, Captain. He thinks he’s a bad-ass and wants to do everything the big cat gets to do, but then fails miserably and finds himself stuck behind the dryer all day.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted…Sunbutter discovery and how to use up old candlesMy Profile

  8. I hope you give CrossFit a try! Join my cult, I mean preferred method of fitness! =)

    I think my inner athlete would be… Yoda. Except that I’m not green. Or short. I don’t live in a swamp. Oh, and I can’t levitate stuff. But other than that, I’m totally Yoda.
    Chris recently posted…CrossFit Death On HalloweenMy Profile

  9. Hilarious!!! I usually don’t have a voice that talks me out of trying something, but I do have a whiny little brat that likes to ride shotgun when I run. She looks like someone who at one too many cheetos and drank a lot of beer. She’s always telling me to walk or stop early. :)
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Simple Living and Saving MoneyMy Profile

  10. Hahahaha OMG I’ve had many conversations like that EXCEPT the complete opposite. IA says to “me” why did you allow this…IA -me, did you fall down and smack your head on the pavement, you knew I couldn’t do this and we would land our sorry self in the ER! LOL!!!
    Carlotta Boeschenstein recently posted…Truth and Peace!My Profile

  11. Oh how I know this inner dialogue all too well. It took me a LONG time to finally start CrossFit. I’ve never told anyone this, but on my first intro class I got there only to notice that no one else was going inside. I didn’t want to be the only one, was worried I had the wrong time, thought for sure I would be embarrassed walking in, etc, etc, etc. and so I left. Seriously, that happened. I went back the next day though and haven’t missed a beat since. You’ll love it, just tell your IA to put a sock in it! 😉
    Shelly recently posted…How To Survive A Level 5 Meltdown of Epic Proportions When Your Pants Don’t FitMy Profile

    • Omg Shelly– thank you for telling me this! I think I just assume all CrossFitters are born confident when it comes to athletic pursuits. Knowing it took you a couple tries to actually go in makes me feel like I can do it now.

  12. hahaha I think your inner athlete just summed up all my fears about Crossfit. Terrifying.

    As for my inner athlete…can I say Atticus? My IA is either running around in circles or wants to pass out, and has a tendency towards being slightly spastic.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: November.My Profile

  13. I think that I would love to spend a day with you!!! If the conversations with your inner athlete are this good I can’t imagine how great a conversation with another person might be!!!
    I’m not sure who I channel with my inner athlete – sometimes I feel a little like Richard Simmons:)
    Kim recently posted…Do You Know Your Purpose?My Profile

  14. HA!!! Oh how I miss Larry David! I think I need to watch some of those old shows. And, I believe my IA is Mighty Mouse…for obvious reasons.
    Allie recently posted…The Rundown: Book Release Week!My Profile

  15. Haha, that’s my inner dialogue for pretty much ANY new form of exercise. Thank God I managed to ignore it when trying Bikram and Barre!

    My inner athlete is definitely Larry David, which is fine, because Larry David is hilarious.

    Or maybe my inner athlete is my dog, Iggy. He’s strong and athletic, but extremely spastic and uncoordinated. In a nutshell, that would be me. :-)
    Catherine @ foodiecology recently posted…Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie + Smoothie WeekMy Profile

    • Oh same for me– it took me a couple months to work up the courage to try barre and now 2 years later i can’t live without it! (Hmm… I should think about that more often…)

  16. I was going to say you and I would make the perfect couple at the gym, but then I thought, ACTUALLY NOT because….. If we have the same gym personality, all we are going to do is complain and whine – ahhh ha ha aha ha!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Identity Crisis Cake DoughnutsMy Profile

  17. I am a Larry David all the way. I actually now that I think about it, Larry David is a bit too upbeat and positive for my Inner Athlete. Think Larry David crossed with Debbie Downer from SNL, with a pinch of Deputy Dog from old cartoons. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Forget #30 Days Of Gratitude, We’re Doing #29 Days Of ComplainingMy Profile

  18. I’ll have to have a talk with my inner athlete tonight because we’ve never actually had a conversation. I just can’t get on board with the crossfit stuff…please don’t get nasty like most people that do it.
    Brittany recently posted…Running Thoughts – Take TwoMy Profile

  19. Ha! My favorite is “what if your barre clothes don’t cut it.” That’s me. I would be so out of place in CrossFit! I try a lot of new things but I definitely get intimidated by workouts where there are a lot of men and big weights!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…My Pregnancy JourneyMy Profile

  20. My inner athlete is like Larry David ONLY in that I often doubt myself before I try something new. I always think that I’ll fail and then (surprise!) everything goes well once I get over the nerves and that “first workout”.
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted…metta movement chicago: #100miles100smilesMy Profile

  21. 😆 I’ve learned that I canNOT have any sort of liquid near my mouth while reading your posts or they run a serious risk of ending up all over my computer screen. You need a book or a talk show.

    I want to say my inner athlete would be Flash, buuuuut I’m going to be more realistic and go with David instead… I actually think I’ve had a similar CrossFit conversation before 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – november 2014 .My Profile

  22. This is my inner athlete….the little dog:

    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…We can tone on Wednesdays too……My Profile

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