I am writing to you from inside one of Boston’s many mega-tall snowbanks.

snowbank 4

I can not be sure how long I’ve been here, but Comcast has already come to install cable, internet and home phone services (two of which I neither need nor want, but it’s cheaper for all three so okay) therefore I can only assume it’s been a few weeks. I don’t even know how they found me, but according to the technician, I was the 3rd snow bank appointment that morning.

As he was leaving I tried to follow him out, but he said I couldn’t leave until HQ called to test my new landline. So here I remain, but I have to admit it’s not that bad now that I have wifi.

You see, a few weeks (months?) ago I was walking down the street minding my own business when a snowplow came out of nowhere and buried me in what I now affectionately refer to as my winter snow palace.

How am I surviving you ask? Well, luckily I always carry snacks in my purse so hunger hasn’t been a problem. Additionally, there is plenty of water around, which I’ve always thought of as something you drink when you’re out of wine, but it’s actually quite refreshing in it’s own right.

What have I been up to? Well, for starters I joined twitter. I published a couple things to Medium on snowbank real estate. And I caught up on my correspondence.


In snowbank neighborhood news, I think I have a new neighbor based on the sounds of shivering and chattering teeth I’ve been hearing for the last few days. (These walls are so thin #IglooProblems.) Luckily I spent my childhood building up a tolerance to ridiculously cold indoor temperatures because my mother “runs hot.” I nary remember a day the thermostat was over 56, so I feel right at home in here.

I look forward to my release with the impending spring melt, but I have to admit it’s been a nice staycation of sorts. Anyways, I gotta run. Not literally of course, but the pizza delivery guy seems to have finally burrowed into the right snowbank.


How have you been surviving snowmageddonpacalypse ’15?

New Englanders — lets take a poll — does this make us stronger or want to move south? (The latter…)


34 Thoughts on “Snowbank Nation

  1. It makes us stronger!…It separates the weak and meek from the strong and resilient…Oh who am I kidding….Go South, Run for your life, save your emotional well being, Hell isn’t hot, it’s living in 100 inches of snow!!!!

  2. kathy c on February 25, 2015 at 9:05 am said:

    you’re back!!! it’s been SO COLD up here; like minus 40 with windchill. that’s ain’t right.

    i think boston should just change its name to “canada”. stay warm!

    • LOL! I’m now officially referring to Boston as “Canada” — although minus 40 is effing frigid. We’ve gotten down to minus 20-something, so compared to that I cant complain. Oh speaking of crazy things in canada — whats up with that tunnel they found in toronto?

  3. It sounds like heaven to me! Inside that nice little snow mound you can run around naked and be as politically incorrect as you want. Go ahead — say ANYTHING. Anything you want! Go for it!

  4. Well hello there! Glad you got internet set up and all that. Seriously though, who has a home phone anymore? Bundles, meh. We’ve had a snow storm or an ice storm or a snow/ice storm every few days down here with the next one coming tonight. I’m over it. I don’t care if it is 110 this summer. Just no more ice.
    Chris recently posted…CrossFit TerminologyMy Profile

  5. I seriously dislike ice and so for once I am quite grateful to reside in Denver. It’s been a fairly mild winter here so far. Sure, we’ve had a few snowstorms here and there, but they are usually sandwiched between beautiful sunny days of 60 degree temps. Unfortunately, my luck is about to take a turn for the worse as we are expected to get about 8 inches of snow tomorrow. I suppose that would seem more like a like-dusting to you now. I feel for you, but it sounds like you are making the most of it. Stay warm, and don’t lose any toes! Till, Spring.
    Shelly recently posted…No Ifs, Ands or Buts! Why You Should Do the 2015 CrossFit OpenMy Profile

    • Oh my sister lives out there and she was saying how you got snow last weekend and everybody was so excited (“we’re a state of skiers, Charlotte”) I get it, but still I’m soo jealous of your 60 degrees!!

  6. F THE SNOW!!!!! JUST F IT!!!!!!! Move to Cali, I don’t care if there is an over population thing going on right now, you deserve some delicious weather 😉
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Protein-Packed Crunchy Love BitesMy Profile

  7. I’m with Gigi. Eff this. You should move South. Well, I say that, but we’re expecting 6-8 inches down here tonight, which is basically enough to shut down all of Southeastern VA. It’s already been announced that work will be closed until Monday, so yay 4 day weekend for me!
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  9. Where have you beeeen?!?! You totally disappeared on me and I was getting worried! Also… we have really nasty winters up here and I’m always secretly thinking how bad*ss they make us. No flying south for this girl 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. secret ingredient chocolate smoothie .My Profile

    • Ahh lol I know I know I’m the worst with going MIA- never. again. Promise this time :) And girrrrl i feel more badass just from reading your northern-pride comment, I take back my own answer, and second yours 😀

  10. Your winter has sucked!!! Glad that you have WIFI – that makes things a bit better:)
    Hope you are surviving!!!
    Kim recently posted…TrailHeads – Not Just for Running Trails!!!My Profile

  11. No. WAY.

    She’s back. I’d text you now in excitement but don’t want to wake u because I’m a gentleman. I will do it tomorrow morning.

    Make a snow cone. Google it. add vodka.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…NEDA- The only thing that was ever ugly about me, was you.My Profile

  12. Thank you for returning to my life. I have missed you! I think you should take the technique of that crazy dude who created a tunnel through the snow and bikes through it. I have dealt with 4 snowpocalypses in the past 6 years.
    At this point, I think that I bring them. Like in Frozen.

    • Hahaha “like in Frozen.” All the yesses to that — I’m starting to think the same thing about myself — if we ever lived in the same place they would need to coin a new crazy name to describe the snowpocalypse we would bring

  13. Welcome back or should I say Congratulations on your new home. I’m glad you finally got wifi; really, it’s a must these days, certainly if you ever expect to entertain. Speaking of, should I bring ice skates or will you have a pair ready for me when I come visit.

    I’m pretending the cold doesn’t exists, although I did find myself hugging a space heater yesterday evening. What? It gets lonely here at night.

    • Lol thank you, thank you, yes do BYOS (bring your own skates) because I went on a de-cluttering spree and threw out everything in the snowbank I hadn’t worn in a year.

      I like this living in denial thing you’re doing with winter. Must try.

  14. You’re BACK!!!!! Wait … This isn’t some cruel early April Fools’ and the snow bank will swallow you again for months after this post, right?? I’m so happy to ‘see’ you again. I seriously considered mailing every other blogger to ask if they’d heard of you when my last mails remained unanswered and your blog deserted. Or better yet : snowed in. Don’t leave again, okay?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Not disordered enough? [NEDA week]My Profile

    • Lol hello again friend!! Provided no other snowplows swallow me up I should be back for good — I’m thinking 1/post a week for the foreseeable future — hopefully up it to 2 again at some point. Hope you’re well!! :)

  15. I can’t believe how much snow Boston has gotten! I never remember having this much snow when I was a kid!

  16. Welcome Back-AGAIN- Lady!!!
    So, don’t hate me, but we had a half inch of snow and work closed down – schools closed down – the Governor declared a state of emergency – and they took the show Nashville off the air so we could stay abreast of the snow storm that dropped a half inch where I am and about 4 inches north of me.
    Shashi at RunninSrilankan recently posted…Honey-Lemon Chicken with Wasabi-Avocado Cream Sauce & Vanilla Infused RiceMy Profile

    • Lol thanks lady!! And I don’t hate you guys, instead I want to JOIN you guys!! We got 4 inches the other day and I don’t think anyone noticed but the people in charge of measuring such things. I need to start flying south for the winter :)

  17. I thought you had truly been lost in the blog world! I visited Boston for work last month and was blown away by the drifts. And this from someone who grew up in Iowa and spent time living in Vermont and Colorado. But don’t move south. …you’d lose all of your seasons.
    AmberLynn Pappas recently posted…Throw Backs and Search TermsMy Profile

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