Omg you guys, I’m so excited about today’s smoothie that I’m just going to skip over the intro entirely and welcome back to the blog my dear friend and smoothie maker extraordinaire, Bevan!!



Bevan is back y’all. And she comes bearing gifts. The gift of a delicious smoothie and pictures of her new kitten, Randall. (In the words of Bevan, “he’s not a kit-nine, he’s a kit-TEN”)

Yay for Randall! I’ve recently started calling him ‘the Great Ran-DALLy’ like he is a magician or an illusionist or a WWE wrestler.

The Almond Kitten Smoothie 

(No kitten helper necessary, but suggested)

  • 1 handful of frozen kale
  • 1/2 a pear
  • handful of blueberries
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1 scoop of green vibrance
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter


  • 2 frozen shots of wheatgrass
  • 1 splash of bees pollen to top it off


And just like that- a creamy, dairy-free smoothie chock full of super-foods you will LOVE! So cheers to your kitten, and if you don’t have a kitten you can cheers to Randall.

norm kittens

Happy Friday all!

Anything big planned this weekend?

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither? Both? (I’m a bit more of a dog person, but Randall might make me a convert :) )

Do you have a pet? What’s his/her name??

Happy Friday!!

You guys, I am so sleepy today. I must have had too much fun over the last week :)

Like, forget the CAPS LOCK key, I’m using the NAPS LOCK key. Forget laptops, I’m typing this on my naptop. Forget Google Maps, I need Google Naps.


I could go on, but I’ll spare you. Also, I cant stop yawning as I write this because the above gif is making me yawn. Is it making you yawn? Quick, lets scroll down.)

So, what should we talk about today? Food? It is Foodstuff Friday after all, so food seems like a good choice…

But, nah, I’m more in the mood to talk about cocktails :)

My cocktails today are going to focus on champagne/prosecco. I just love a little bubbly in my cocktails especially in the summer. It’s very refreshing, don’t you think? And these aren’t just frou-frou oh let me take a little sip with my pinky in the air type of champagne cocktails either- perhaps you prefer gin? or whiskey? I have cocktails for you too, sailor.

First up, the classic with a twist: Pink Grapefruit Mimosa. It’s a delicious change of pace from the usual orange juice. (I actually tried this for the first time at Christine’s house while she was holding a brunch. It’s so yum.)

Next up, perhaps you’re in the mood for something that tastes a little more like a pine tree? Cool, the Southside Royale has you covered…

This one uses GIN:

And next, maybe you consider yourself a liquor connoisseur of sorts and prefer to stick to the darker libations. No problem, the Cork County Bubbles Cocktail can handle that…

This one uses WHISKEY:

And lastly, nothing screams summer to me like a Mojito, so cue the Champagne Mojito

This one uses RUM:

And if you truly don’t like the bubbles, how about an Old Spanish:



So there you go, a little something for everyone.

Happy cocktailing!


What are you doing this weekend?

Are you a cocktail fan, or do you tend to stick to wine/ beer/ non-alcoholic drinks?

Did you know it’s National Donut Day? Whats you favorite kind of donut? (I realize this blog’s values are out of whack when I mention National Donut Day and not National Running Day, which was Wednesday. Oh well.)

It’s Friday!! Fii-hiiii-hiiii-nally. (Ha actually what am I talking about- it was only a 4-day week. I’m not even that tired. )

So, what are you getting into this weekend?

My mama is flying in for my birthday and we’re going to dinner with my great aunt and Eric and my best bud, Christine (who, by the way, after putting up with me nagging her for MONTHS about starting her own blog, finally did it yesterday!! Stop by and say hello!  She is the best cook ever, hosts the best parties, travels to the coolest places, and she is a riot- essentially perfect blog fodder)

Now, on to today’s topic: FOOD!

So, I love minimal ingredient concoctions. I love Larabars for their use of what- like 3 or 4 ingredients- tops? It blows my mind how they mix cashews and dates and suddenly they taste exactly like cookie dough. How? It makes no sense! Wild stuff.

Needless to say, I always perk up when bloggers post about 2-ingredient or 3-ingredient creations. It seems so easy, so healthy, so wonderful and I’m always like “whaaat how did you get ice cream out of nothing but a banana and peanut butter?!” Like, how do you take pecans and flax seeds, mix them together with honey and BAM! something that tastes like peach cobbler? I don’t get it! But ever since I started this blog I’ve been wanting to experiment with minimal ingredient recipes and post something awesome like a 3-ingredient cobbler or a 2-ingredient baklava or something equally impressive.

But alas life has gotten in the way. Up until now.

You know how they say “God works in mysterious ways”? In other words, you might just get what you wish for, but it’s delivered in a way you weren’t necessarily expecting nor wanting?

Well, my dears, today I finally get to do my post on 2- to 4-ingredient creations. Here you go:

First up: 4-ingredient* late lunch**


Ingredients: original flavored froyo, mangoes, mochi, coconut

Procedure: Combine original froyo with mangoes, mochi and coconut. You don’t even have to stir. And definitely don’t let it sit. Eat immediately. (And eat quickly) It helps if you’re running late to a dermatologist appointment which is all the way across town and you’re shoveling it into your mouth in 90 degree heat.

Next up: 2-ingredient* dinner***

mint froyo1

Ingredients: mint froyo, chocolate sprinkles

Procedure: Combine mint froyo and chocolate sprinkles in a cup. Eat it. (Fast) It helps if by dinner time it’s still 95 degrees in the shade, and after your dermatologist appointment ran late by 2 hours and then you ran a bunch of errands, you find yourself too hungry to wait until you get home to eat.


You guys, not to toot my horn, but I think I’m getting prett-ayyy good at this healthy recipe blogging stuff.

*Note: In no way does the combination of ingredients combine to form a completely different food.

**Note: I know I’m doing it wrong.

***Disclaimer: Neither I, nor any medical professionals, nor anyone in their right mind, recommend consuming this much froyo in one day.

SO, what do you have planned this weekend??

Whats the most froyo you’ve had in one day?

What are your favorite toppings?

True or False: the toppings are the best part.


It’s FRIDAY!!!

I was looking for something funny to insert above but I got distracted by how shiny this pic is. It’s so sparkly. I love it.

ANYWAYS my dears, it’s Friday. I am off work today for an amazing 4-day, yup not 3 but 4-day, weekend (don’t hate) and I’m in a fantastic mood about it.

So lets get right down to the subject at hand shall we- it’s smoothie time!! You may remember last week’s Downtown Mr Brown Smoothie. Well, meet his fancier cousin: the Uptown Dr Brown Smoothie.

Last week:                                   This week:

smoothie     smoothie egt

As you can see, they are both brown and they look amazingly similar to one another.

But the one on the right is ‘Uptown’ because it’s ingredients are quite a bit more decadent than it’s ‘Downtown’ relative. And it has been upgraded from ‘Mr’ to ‘Dr’ because Eric (who has his PhD) created this one entirely on his own. (Yup, smart, handsome, and good in the kitchen, swoon :) )

Me and Eric!  Halloween '12.We never remember to take pictures unless we look ridiculous. This is actually one of our best looks.

Me and Eric!
Halloween ’12. We never remember to take pictures unless we look ridiculous. This is actually one of our best looks.

NOTE: Other names for today’s smoothie include: The OranguTAN, the Wacky Khaki, and the Crazy Beigey.

Ingredients (good for 2 portions):

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 basket of strawberries
  • 2 scoops of chocolate or chocolate-coconut whey protein powder
  • 1 scoop of peanut butter
  • 2.5 cups of water OR coconut milk

Blend all that stuff together until smooth and you’ll have the tastiest cold concoction ever!

Alright, there you have it! Short-ish post today because I have already checked out mentally and I invite you to do the same.

What’s the first nonsensical word that pops into your head? Tell me in the comments! (“fugly” is mine)

Or if your head is still in the game and you have no time for nonsense til 5pm today then tell me your favorite SAT word (mine is “mellifluous”)

Have a happy and safe memorial day, y’all!!!