Attention please:

emergency broadcast system

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to bring you breaking news that Charlotte has a whopping case of Writer’s Block.

She tries to form sentences:

  • Attempt 1: Protein bars are…
  • Attempt 2: Have you ever noticed when you’re 90% through your workout and…
  • Attempt 3: Whats the deal with…

But inevitably falls short. Upon attempting to write an even mildly amusing post she…

please stand by

…she realizes all attempts are futile until her Writer’s Block is cured and the muse returns.

The public is advised to be on high alert. The amazing Meghan also posted about her Writer’s Block all of 24 hours ago, leading imaginary internet doctors to speculate it could be spreading.

If you or somebody you love is suffering from:

  • Inability to come up with ideas worth their weight in salt
  • Resignation to the fact that “nothing good is going up on the blog tomorrow”
  • Lack of focus, attention to detail and an answer to the question “what exactly do you bring to the table?”

Then you may already be infected with Writer’s Block. If this is the case, you are highly encouraged to get outdoors, do something new, or read a book.

If symptoms do not dissipate soon, email Charlotte and you can commiserate together.


We now return to your regularly scheduled questioning:

What do you do when you can’t write?

Whats worse– posting something bad or not posting anything at all?

From where do you draw your inspiration?


First up, I’d like to thank you all for weighing in yesterday on post length.  I really appreciate everybody’s opinions on that topic!!

Next up, let’s talk about motivation.

Motivation is a tricky beast.

Motivation, much like the Disney Beast- who was a mean beast and then a nice beast and then a human enchanted to look like a beast- is one tricky beast.


Sometimes your brain is just agog with ideas and energy and you’re all:

“Woohoo it’s time for my run! Run run run. I love to run. I love a little cardio. A little car-di-OHH YEAH I’m on fire today! And I have like 8 ideas for blog posts, what to choose, what to choose. Oh wait what’s that, Brain? Something awesome? Make that 9.”

And then other times it’s like:

“Ehh, I have no idea what I’m going to blog about today, maybe how much I love my pillow. And yes, I’m happy right here on the couch with said pillow and no, I have no plans to put on pants.”

Monica covers both extremes in a convenient minute and a half:

Luckily, most of the time, most of us are somewhere in the middle.

But whether we’re talking about the motivation that gets you out the door and gets your feet moving quickly one after the other for miles and miles or whether we’re talking about the kind of motivation it takes to write a blog post, sometimes you just don’t feeeeeel like it. In those moments, you just have to show up. Because showing up is 80% the entire battle.

Like, all it takes is that choice to make an appearance. You may find that once you’re there (wherever “there” may be) and you start doing it (whatever “it” may be) that you actually feel great. It  might turn out to be one of your best workouts.

But sometimes it turns out you were right to be weary, and it sucks. But even if that’s the case and it’s painful and you hate it the whole time, infinity times out of infinity, you’re going to feel better afterwards than you did prior.

Sometimes the only way I get myself to Bar Method is promising myself I can leave half way through. To date that has never once happened. Once I’m there, I get into it. The same goes for blog posts. When I have no motivation, I tell myself that if I just open a new draft I can write  “no towels, need sleepy” (from Tommy Boy) over and over again. But, inevitably, I begin to type sentences, and add pictures.

Also from Tommy Boy

(Also from Tommy Boy)

Some good, some not so good.

Finally, the best of both worlds:

An awesome pillow that makes me want to leave my bed. I need this.

Do you ever find that sometimes your best workouts/ blog posts happen on days you did NOT want to exercise/write?

Do you want that pillow too?

What are you doing for the 4th??

It’s Friday!!!

And normally at this blog Friday means it’s time to talk about FOOD. But I feel like doing something a little different today. And since it’s my blog and I make the rules, that’s whats going to happen.

my blog my rules

Rather than my usual Foodstuff Friday post I’ve decided to do an inspirational blog round up instead. Now, for the record, I could LITERALLY include just about all of the blogs that I read.


(Because I only read awesome blogs.)

But I’m only highlighting three today. These three have recently featured posts that have just really stuck with me over the course of this week:


(Technically there are 2 posts):

Sara’s Post: On Failure

Natalie’s Post: From 13.1 to 26.2

If you’re looking for some inspiration or some renewed motivation for your workouts (or just in life in general) read these posts. Sara and Natalie talk about how running is not all PR’s and runner’s highs. You can train and train and still get a face full of disappointment on race day. Or you can do a run that you’ve done hundreds of times but suddenly be unable to finish without walking. But rather than letting the “I suck” voice get too loud, quiet it with a: “Well, I may not have achieved ___, but I did achieve ___, and I’m going to do better next time.” In other words, forgive your awesome self and move on to the next challenge even hungrier than you were before.

Work In Sweats Mama:

Nicole’s post: Help End Child Hunger

Ending child hunger sounds like a tall order, but Nicole has a way of rallying you so that you seriously feel like it’s possible. That’s some really good rallying!! I love this post because it not only brings awareness to the cause, but she includes ways you can actually help. And she’s not talking about child hunger in third world countries, she’s talking about the 1 in 3 kids in these United States who aren’t getting proper nutrition. Millions of kids who depend on school lunches during the year go without meals during the summer.  Go read, you’ll want to help.

Seize The Latte:

Lillian recently posted about some pretty traumatic news. But that’s not the inspirational post I’m referring to, although it deserves to be here too.  However, I’m referring to the post she wrote a few days after receiving this terrible news.

Lillian’s post: The Health Benefits of Gratitude

It is SO easy to curl up into a ball, curse the world and completely lose your faith sometimes. But rather than taking that route, Lillian decided to strengthen her faith and be thankful for everything that she does have. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further my friend.


Alright, that is it for me.  Today it’s about giving the aforementioned blogs the spotlight and credit they deserve for being great.


Have a spectacular weekend!! And happy Father’s Day to all the dads!!

What are you doing this weekend?

Anyone currently lacking motivation? What do you do when that happens?

What’s your favorite thing to read for a little inspiration?



It’s Thursday! Are you psyched? I’m psyched. And I’m going to celebrate with cake. Lots and lots of cake :)


Because my leftover birthday cake is in my fridge, but it should be in my belly.

Anyways, it’s Great 8 List time! Which is kinda like Peanut Butter Jelly Time, but without the baseball bat.

Today’s Great 8 List is one that I think we are all guilty of from time to time: EXCUSES. “Excuses are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink. ” – someone brilliant.

However, I’ve used them all at one point or another to get out of a workout. Remember high school gym class??


I must have told my gym teachers every single excuse in the book, and some that were too ridiculous to even put in the book.

For example, remember the swimming unit?? (Or were you lucky enough to attend a high school without a pool?) Well, I hated the swim unit with a strong passion and would claim that I had my period for the duration of all 6 weeks that unit lasted. I therefore never had to get into the water with all those crazy boys in my class who would splash around and act like water hooligans. I also did everything in my power to avoid the volleyball unit (at 5’0, there’s not much to like about this sport) and I would forge notes from my mother saying that I did not have to participate due to my being allergic to humiliation.

I would also claim that I forgot my gym clothes at home, but that one could backfire because sometimes my gym teacher would hand me something from the locker room’s lost & found bin.


Anyways, just because I’ve outgrown high school gym class doesn’t mean I’ve outgrown excuses. On the contrary! I’ve just gotten better at them.

Top 8 Ways to Sabotage Your Workout Plan 

Excuse #8: “I didn’t go to the gym on Monday, so there’s really no point in going now that it’s mid-week… I might as well just wait until next Monday.”

Excuse #7: “It’s too rainy/ hot/ cold/ windy/ humid outside.”

Excuse #6: “I feel fat, I think it’s best to just stay home and eat today.”

cake today

Excuse #5: Logically and persuasively talk yourself out of it.

Excuse #4: “I’m out of socks, I can’t be expected to be active without socks.” (If Tabitha Parker-Broderick can rock one sock everywhere, so can you)

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Her Daughters To School

The Broderick Twins Walk Home From School

Excuse #3. “I dont feel like leaving my house.”


Excuse #2: “I dont feel like leaving my bed.”


Excuse #1: “I’ll go tomorrow.”



The end.

I find that going to Bar Method first thing in the morning works best for me because I just get up and go. I’m too sleepy to come up with excuses at 5:30am. And I can’t oversleep because they charge you $15 for not showing up. I’m too miserly to throw 15 whole US Dollars out the window for a few more minutes of shut eye.

Are you prone to making up excuses to get out of exercise?

How do you combat that?

Did you ever forge notes to get out of gym class?